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Product Development

Munich Autumn 2014 Semester

How do you plan to build a product or offering from the beginning? What are techniques to build a product roadmap? How do you specify what to build? How do you organize resources to build a product? What are strategies to estimate time and costs? What do you track to measure success? How often do you need to see milestones achieved? What are common mistakes when building product? How do you keep product progress ongoing when you have many competing priorities?

Plan to build your offering.

2015-01-19, 06:30 PM


Stephan Wiesener
Co-Founder, CTO/CPO

Stephan co-founded two significant Internet companies: HouseTrip (www.housetrip.com) in London and conject (www.conject.com) in Munich. He is a CTO and Product Director with more than 15 years experience in e-commerce, social media and Internet. Stephan is a passionate fo...

Aaron Eden
CEO, Co-Founder, Webglimmer Internet Solutions

Aaron Eden is the director of Gangplank Tucson, co-founder & CEO of Webglimmer Internet Solutions. For more than 20 years, Aaron has utilized his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and customer empathy to launch multiple successful businesses in industries ranging f...

Rob Johnson
Co-Founder, Maker Academy

Rob Johnson is the Co-Founder of MakersAcademy.com, an intensive program to teach non-programmers everything they need to know to get an entry-level programming position in a world-class technology company. He has also spent some time in the military, has been building st...

Oleg Lola
CEO & Founder, Mobildev

Oleg is a business manager and a mobile developer, has a nine-year experience in the IT sphere. he founded Mobildev in 2009 which he now runs from Atlanta, USA. Oleg regularly speaks at notable international IT conferences like CeBIT, Droidcon, HTML5DevConf, Mobile App Eu...

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