Mentor Idea Review

Paris Autumn 2014 Semester

Are you pursuing a viable business idea? Can you present the idea in a compelling way? Have you done sufficient research on the idea? Is there a viable market? What about about the business is likely to fail? How can the business be improved? Are you a good fit to build this business over the next three, five and ten years?

Present your idea for feedback.

2014-11-04, 06:30 PM


Maximilien Oursel
Partner, Pléiade Venture

Maximilien OURSEL has been Venture Capitalist since 1999 at Seeft and Pléiade Venture. He has invested in such successful companies as Adomos, Fimasys,, or smartTrade. Before that he was an Analyst for a financial IT Asset Management firm and a Corp...

Aline Hemmo
Consultant, Pilsoft

Aline Hemmo works as a consultant at Pilsoft, which she founded in 1997. She is also an admission officer in a top-ranked international MBA program, and a graduate of EPF Ecole d'Ingénieurs and HEC School of Management.

Cédric Naintré
Founder, Range-Moi

Founder at Range-Moi. The company allows people living in London and Paris to multiply storage space in their apartments using a smartphone to order boxes, fill them with their seasonal belongings, store them away or recall them without leaving home. Co-founder of the thi...

Marc Sudreau

An Officer at Cap Digital, Marc is very active in the Paris startup ecosystem, detecting high-potential startups and helping them prepare to raise capital. With a Masters in Business from EDHEC and a MPhil in Business from Sorbonne, Marc brings his experience of 6 years...

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