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The Deloitte Founder Fellowship is awarded to the most extraordinary Deloitte Employee applicant from the Deloitte Australia Community, giving them the opportunity to enroll in the Sydney Founder Institute for free. The recipients will be recognized as somebody with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur.

The Sydney Founder Institute is excited to partner with an organization that shares our goal of fostering a strong local startup ecosystem: Deloitte Australia, the brand under which thousands of professionals across a network of member firms collaborate to provide audit, economics, financial advisory, human capital, tax and technology services. Through the Deloitte Founder Fellowship, everyone from the Deloitte Australia community is invited to apply to the Sydney Founder Institute for free, and the best overall applicant from the community will receive a Fellowship to participate in the program for free as well (valued at $1,375 for startup founders, and $6,000 for corporate founders).

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Deloitte Founder Fellowship for the Sydney Autumn 2012 Semester, you must complete your application and admissions test by February 28, 2016 using this link.

Grant: The recipients of the Deloitte Founder Fellowship will be awarded within 3 days after the deadline.

Click here to apply for the Deloitte Founder Fellowship.


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Vision and Values

Sydney Autumn 2012 Semester

What are you passionate about? What is your vision? How do you translate your passion and vision into a business idea? How do you brainstorm ideas? What are the tools for evaluating your ideas? What are the makings of a good idea versus a bad idea? Should you pursue multiple ideas at once, and when should you focus on one?

Develop your vision and ideas.
2012-08-21, 06:30 PM


Peter Cooper
Founder, iCentral.Co

Passionate advocate for the Sydney Startup ecosystem. Founder of iCentral.Co, Sydstart, The Start Society, Cooper & Co and more. Cofounder. Angel investor. Experienced innovator and investor in financial technology (ASX, Macquarie Bank, Rothschild, Standard Chartered Bank...

Paul Chan
CEO, pureprofile

Paul is CEO of pureprofile, a consumer web service that enables individuals to build their own profile. Paul has raised capital from some of the largest institutions, developed a proprietary technology platform to run pureprofile and built an impressive company cultu...

Sebastien Eckersley Maslin
CEO, BlueChilli

Sebastien runs BlueChilli - a "Venture Technology" company that builds and invests in digital start-ups by providing technology rather than cash. Through BlueChilli, Eckersley-Maslin is currently launching a new online business every month and is opening incubators in Syd...

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