Mentor Idea Review

Hanoi Summer 2014 Semester

Are you pursuing a viable business idea? Can you present the idea in a compelling way? Have you done sufficient research on the idea? Is there a viable market? What about about the business is likely to fail? How can the business be improved? Are you a good fit to build this business over the next three, five and ten years?

Present your idea for feedback.

2014-08-14, 06:30 PM


Tuan Pham
Founder & CEO, TOPICA Edtech Group

Dr. Tuan M. PHAM is Founder and Chairman of TOPICA, a dominant provider of high quality online degrees; and was Co-Founder and Chairman of, a leading online dating social network that he sold to media group YAN TV. TOPICA operates Founder Institute Vietnam, and Pha...

Adrian Stewart
Entrepreneur-in-Residence , Galaxy Ventures

Born in Malaysia. Grew Up in Singapore. And now living in Thailand. I am an ASEAN person - I can speak English, Malay, Thai, Chinese (Mandarin). I spent the last 20 years in the fast growing environments of Internet and Mobile Communications industry. Much of this was ...

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