Product Development

Washington DC Autumn 2012 Semester

How do you get from an idea to an offering? What are strategies to identify and prioritize features? How do you take a product definition and turn it into a development plan? What should comprise a minimum viable product? What are effective strategies to build your first offering? What are common mistakes that you should avoid when planning and building an offering?

Plan and start building your offering.

2012-12-20, 06:30 PM


Naresh Verma

Thom Kozik
CEO, Fix Challenges, Inc.

Thom brings 25+ years experience in the Internet and software industries, with particular focus on Gaming. Previous big firms include Atari, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Bigpoint, and Ashton-Tate. Five startups to my credit, two with good exits (MindShare, All-Seeing Eye); two oth...

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