Microsoft BizSpark has thrown support behind the Institute as our first charter sponsor. Microsoft has an excellent, Founder-centeric offering:

  • Founders will have access to the full suite of Microsoft products for development purposes,
  • Founders will gain access to the BizSpark network for investor, vendor, and advisor contacts,
  • Five Founders will be BizSpark Fellows, receiving a scholarship to the institute,
  • Microsoft will make facilities available for Summer 2009 sessions.

The Founders Fund is looking for strong teams who believe their companies can transform an industry or create a new one. Successful founders not only articulate their vision with passion, but build a roster with expertise in engineering, product design, and business development. We want to meet both new entrepreneurs with fresh vision and seasoned veterans who've learned from experience. We value innovation and inspiration, but also the attention to detail and hard work needed to operate a company that will realize its value for employees and shareholders.

Charles River Ventures has a clear investment focus: seek out visionary entrepreneurs, and give them the support they need to build great companies from the ground up. Since 1970, Charles River Ventures has helped startups turn ideas into real businesses. Companies like Cascade, CIENA, ChipCom, NetGenesis, Parametric Technology, Sonus, Speechworks, Stratus Computer, Sybase, Vignette and dozens more have realized stunning success with the backing and support of CRV.

See some other partners here.

Exit Strategies

Summer 2009 Bay Area Semester

How to prepare for an exit long before it happens. How to keep your start-up in the sights of both partners and buyers. How to build enterprise value every day. Don’t get caught off guard with an opportunity. Learn about what VCs expect when considering exit strategies. Exit strategy options and their timeline. Networking and getting your name out there long before you are considering an exit. How to leverage your resources when necessary. How do you sell your company for a lot of money. The role of lawyers and investment bankers. ABS (Always Be Selling).

Build a value generation plan

2009-07-28, 06:30 PM


David Higley
Managing Partner, Bond Lane Partners
Peter Pham
CEO, BillShrink
Russ Fradin
Chairman & CEO, Dynamic Signal

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