BDO Puerto Rico

Cofounders, Hiring and Firing

Puerto Rico Summer 2012 Semester

What talent do you need in the beginning to be successful? How do you recruit the first team members with extremely limited resources? How do you conduct a thorough interviewing process? How do you compensate? How do you set expectations, measure results and remove or fire under-performing resources? Do you need a cofounder? Do you need to have engineering in-house?

Recruit your first team members.
2012-08-01, 06:30 PM


Angel L Perez
Vice President, Rock Solid Technologies Puerto Rico

Angel Pérez is a principal shareholder and VP for Rock Solid Technologies Puerto Rico. RST has multiple government focused software products such as Respond (a citizen management system) and STAFF-M (an HR solution for municipalities). Recently named Microsoft Worldwide...

Marcos Polanco
Founder, Clearshore

Marcos Polanco is the Founding CEO of the Clearshore, and is currently serving as a Kauffman Fellow at Expansive Ventures. Marcos started his career performing database research at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, and went on to become Founding CEO of Imana, Inc. in San Fran...

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