BDO Puerto Rico

Mentor Idea Review

Puerto Rico Summer 2012 Semester

Can you pitch your idea in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEO? How viable is the idea itself? Can the founder present the idea in a meaningful and articulate way? Has the founder done the research necessary to understand the market and prove that the idea is valid?

Review your idea with Mentors.
2012-07-11, 06:30 PM


David Macknet
Dr. David T. Macknet, Macknet and Associates

Dr. David T. Macknet, PhD, has a BA in British and American Literature, a MS in Information Systems, a Master of Letters in Analytic Philosophy, and PhD in Humanities Computing. He's been involved in software development for around 15 years in Silicon Valley, speciali...

Thomas Farb
Cofounder, EVP of Corporate Development & CFO, Atherio, Inc. (IT Services in US, UK & India)

Thomas Forest Farb has over two decades of experience as a an entrepreneur, a corporate senior executive, investor, board member and founder of over ten companies in technology and life science areas in Massachusetts, California, Puerto Rico and China. Tom is current...

Urayoan Camacho
CEO, GSL-DNE-Bioesign

Urayoan Camacho - CEO of Genesoft Labs-Bioesign and CTO of Dynamic Network Enterprises located in VA USA. Persoonal qualifications- USMC Veteran with Honorable Discharge, BS in Computer Science Experience with Dept of Defense. Over 10 years of Entreprenurial Experience, S...

Manny Morales
Founder, Grasslark

Manny Morales is an internet veteran, having started his first interactive firm in 1997, and sold it to Puerto Rico's leading bank in 2003. He conceived and led the development of Ticketpop, a widely deployed kiosk and web-based event ticket purchasing platform. Now a Sen...

Francisco Uriarte
Principal, ESP Group

Francisco J. Uriarte, PE, AVA, CMAA. Principal, ESP Group; CFO, Commercial Equipment Finance, Inc.; Advisor, Puerto Rico Medical Defense Insurance Company. Formerly Co-Founder, President & CEO of Supermercados Maximo, Inc. (SuperMax); Executive Director, Grupo Guayaca...

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