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Marketing and Sales

Spring 2010 Denver Area Semester

Who are your customers? What audience are you trying to reach? How do you tell the story of your company? How do you create the right messages? What are the best tactics for your outreach: publicity, guerrilla marketing, advertising? How much should you spend on outreach? How do you measure success?

Create a message that resonates.
2010-07-27, 05:30 PM


Matt Frary

Matt Frary is CEO and Founder of, an Internet Marketing and Sales Agency focused on large brands such as,, and many more. Matt is a also a Founder of one of the top 30 online Ad Networks in the US called, an...

Sandra Hanna
Co-Founder and CEO, The Smart Cookies

As co-founder and one of five faces of the brand known throughout North America as The Smart Cookies, Sandra plays a pivotal role in the development and execution of a PR strategy that has resulted in appearances form the five financial mavens on Oprah, The Today Show, CN...

Brian Levin
Chairman of the Herd, Performance Enhancing Meat Snacks

Brian is “Chairman of the Herd” of the Performance Enhancing Meat Snacks Company, and the jerk behind Perky Jerky Brian is a serial entrepreneur who started and sold 2 technology companies before he found his destiny to bring perky jerky to the world. Mr. Levin was ...

Mike Stemple
Mike Stemple - Founder, Inspirer (Denver FI) , Inspirer

Mike is founder of Inspirer where he helps entrepreneurs transition from amateur to full-time professional thru a series of online courses, ebooks, public speaking events, workshops and physical products. Mike is also Founder of Bonsai Networks which is solving the pro...

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