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Outsourcing, Partners and Suppliers

Spring 2010 Denver Area Semester

What should you outsource, and what do you need to do in-house? What is the core competency of your team, and what should it to be? What vendors do you need? How do you select the best vendors for your business on the best terms? How do you evaluate the economics? What are some horror stories to avoid?

Select key vendors.
2010-07-20, 05:30 PM


Adam Swiecki
Founder, Swiecki Enterprises

Adam Swiecki founded Swiecki Enterprises in 2003 after serving as an Army Officer and financier. Focused on the action sport market, he has built leading ecommerce businesses in surf (, skate (, and snow ( The quintes...

Dan Daugherty
Founder & CEO,

Dan Daugherty is CEO and Founder of, a rental solutions company, and, a home automation platform for the rental industry. His experience includes four years with Google during which time he spent in various management positions including running...

Vince Jones
President & CEO, eBags

Vince joined eBags in January 2009 as President and CEO. Prior to joining eBags, he was Vice President of Operations and Finance at Sharpcast where he led all operations for the maker of the award-winning SugarSync online storage, syncing and file sharing service. Prior t...

Mike Stemple
Mike Stemple - Founder, Inspirer (Denver FI) , Inspirer

Mike is founder of Inspirer where he helps entrepreneurs transition from amateur to full-time professional thru a series of online courses, ebooks, public speaking events, workshops and physical products. Mike is also Founder of Bonsai Networks which is solving the pro...

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