Branding and Marketing

Bangalore Summer 2014 Semester

How do you establish yourself as an expert in your field? What tools are used to follow important news and narratives? How do you identify and create industry narratives of your own? How do you identify and connect with influencers and journalists? What infrastructure do you need to be influential? How do you create content that attracts readers and commentary? How do you grow your influence in a market over time?

Establish market credibility.

2014-08-27, 06:30 PM


Joshua Rozario
Principal Consultant, The Joshua Rozario Company

Joshua Rozario currently serves as the Principal Consultant at The Joshua Rozario Company, a firm committed to Build, Educate and Promote Personal Branding-the Authentic Way! He also serves as the Co-Founder of Creatives That Work, a boutique Creative Agency based in Bang...

Rajesh Setty
Serial Entrepreneur and Author. co-founder and President, WittyParrot

Rajesh "Raj" Setty is co-founder and president of WittyParrot ( He is a business alchemist and serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. Raj serves on the boards of multiple startup companies both in US and in India. Raj currently chairs a calendar...

Syed Shujauddin
Co-Founder & Director Operations, Koan Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Syed Shujauddin, co-founder at KoanDigital Solutions Pvt Ltd, a social media branding agency based out of Bangalore and serving national brands in India. In my previous assignment, i was the President, Academic Solutions Group at Likwid Krystal, an education services com...

Subhbrata Ghosh
Founder President & CEO, Celsius100

Shubhbrata Ghosh or SG as he is popularly known is Founder President and CEO of Celsius100 where the mission is * Driving innovation in product development and branding * Purposing business and brands for small and medium enterprises. * Business and Marketing Strategy...

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