Outsourcing, Partners and Suppliers

Denver Summer 2012 Semester

What should you outsource, and what do you need to do in-house? How to segment the vendors that you need? What vendors do you need right when you start, and what vendors will you need as you grow? How do you recruit and select the important vendors? What are tips and tricks to manage vendors in order to ensure a consistent level of quality? How do you fire and replace under-performing vendors? What are common mistakes made when dealing with vendors?

Develop a process to select key vendors.
2012-07-30, 06:30 PM


Erik Mitisek
Co-Founder, NextGreatPlace, Inc.

I am Erik Mitisek, a Co-Founder of NextGreatPlace - a Denver based travel company. Previously, I was the CEO of Claremont Information Systems, prior to that an early employee at Exclusive Resorts and before that, the first employee at a venture backed music company calle...

Mark Roebke
Founder, FretLabs

Founder of FretLabs, creating mobile solutions for playing and learning music Previously Director of Product Innovation for The Active Network Founder and CIO of RTP, LLC; acquired in 2011 by The Active Network. Prior software development for Microsoft Filed and awarde...

Michael Clark
Michael Clark - Co-founder, SafetyWeb.com (Denver FI), Photobucket

Michael is the CTO of Photobucket.com. He is responsible for all aspects of technical operations and software development for Photobucket and all of its web and mobile services. He returned to Photobucket in 2012 after having built the startup SafetyWeb.com which was a c...

Scott Yates
Co-Founder, CEO, BlogMutt

Scott attends to the business side of Blogmutt, and has done so at two other companies. The first time was with MyTrafficNews, a company that sold to Traffic.com in 2006. He then worked on LegislativeDatabase and returned cash to the initial investors and that company con...

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