Denver Fall 2015 (Exploratory)

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The Founder Institute is currently testing the demand for opening a new program in Denver. To move forward, a sufficient number of people need to apply using the interest form below by the Launch Deadline on 2015-10-18.

What is the Founder Institute?

The Founder Institute is a global entrepreneur training and startup launch program based in Silicon Valley, but with operations across 100 cities and six continents. Through our proven, part-time program, aspiring entrepreneurs can launch a technology company through a structured, step-by-step process, and with feedback from top entrepreneurs. Some of the world's fastest growing startups have used the Founder Institute to validate their idea, develop their plans, refine their product, build an advisory board, prepare for seed funding, and more.

To learn more, check our About Page.

Who Should Apply?

Anybody who is passionate about building a technology company is welcome to apply: idea or no idea, full-time job or unemployed, young or old, male or female, experienced in business or straight out of school.

What to Expect?

If you complete the Interest Form below before the Launch Deadline on 2015-10-18, you don't have to pay the application fee ($50 value), and you also will be eligible to receive the prestigious "Launch Fellowship" if the semester launches (a distinction awarded to the top overall applicant, giving them a free course fee). 

However, completing the Interest Form below does not guarantee a semester in your locale, nor your acceptance to it. Like any good startup testing an MVP, the Founder Institute tests demand in a market before devoting its full resources towards that market. 

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Denver Fall 2015 (Exploratory)

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