Meet our Newest Founder Showcase Hall of Famers

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-04-04

Earlier this week we were honored to announce that Founder Showcase contestants have now raised over $130 million.

As a follow up to that news, today we are excited to introduce the six newest inductees to the Founder Showcase Hall of Fame. After presenting on the Founder Showcase stage, these companies went on to achieve significant business milestones. Nothing makes the Founder Showcase team happier than to see past contestants performing in the real world!

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Without further ado, we welcome our newest Hall of Fame inductees...

After competing in the 13th Founder Showcase, the curated date service was acquired by OKCupidLabs, where the founding team now works on Delightful. Datepress is also a Graduate of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute.

The runner up of the 13th Showcase, the email marketing company was accepted into TechStars Seattle, and then closed a $1.25 million seed round.  Embarke is also a Graduate of the San Diego Founder Institute. 

After competing in the 11th Founder Showcase, the storage-as-a-service platform was acquired for 7 figures within a few months. Gridblaze is also a Singapore FI Graduate.

The mobile app-builder followed up the 12th Showcase by getting accepted into the RevTech Labs Accelerator, and winning several competitions. Users have now created over 16,000 apps. iGenApps is also a Puerto Rico FI Graduate

After competing in the 13th Showcase, the on-demand research platform was accepted into 500 Startups and has seen impressive user and revenue growth. They are also a Silicon Valley FI Graduate. 

The marketplace for writers & publishers followed up the 12th Showcase by closing a small seed round, and securing top author, VC and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki as an advisor. is a Seattle Founder Institute Graduate.


See the full list of Founder Showcase Hall of Famers here.

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