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Residence Programs

2013-02-23: by Adeo Ressi

Founder Institute programs from Graduates and Mentors to get more involved.

FI Residence Programs

Do you want to dive into the startup ecosystem? Are you looking to learn about the newest business ideas and meet the next generation of startup Founders?

The Founder Institute has a Mentor in Residence and Entrepreneur in Resident program. Read about hundreds of companies. Meet investors. Go to many free events. Attend sessions. Join the global startup revolution.

Participation in these programs is invitation only.


Mentor in Residence

For Any 8.0 or greater rated Mentor, the Founder Institute offers a three month renewable term up to twelve months as a Mentor in Residence.

…here's what we are looking for...

…what to expect from us...


Entrepreneur in Residence

For any Graduate or program participant that is looking for a new opportunity and desires to improve their startup experience, the Founder Institute offers a six month term up to twelve months as a Entrepreneur in Residence.

…here's what we are looking for...

…what to expect from us…


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