The Prodigy

The Prodigy is gifted with an inherent business sense and an unbeatable instinct. Prodigies let their natural intellect and social skills guide them through the hardship of the startup world, never letting the adversity of launching and running a successful business get the better of them.

Entrepreneurial Traits

High Fluid Intelligence

A Prodigy has a knack for solving problems on the fly and overcoming unexpected challenges.

High Agreeableness

Considerate, kind, and generous, a Prodigy is always interested in the needs of others.

High Emotional Stability

Prodigies can handle themselves in arduous situations without letting hardship bring them down.

About the Entrepreneur DNA Assessment

The Founder Institute , the world’s most challenging step-by-step program to start an impactful and enduring company, has a vision to launch enduring technology companies that create over one million startup jobs worldwide. In order to reach this scale, for the last 13 years we have worked with leading social scientists to develop an objective test that predicts the likelihood that someone can become a successful tech entrepreneur - regardless of their idea, locale, or demographic. Our research has been featured in The New York Times , CNN , Forbes , and more. To date, over 20,000 people have applied, and the Founder Institute has graduated over 6,000 technology companies across 6 continents. Through evaluation of performance both in the program and in the real world, along with frequent calibration, the assessment has proven to be over 85% accurate in predicting entrepreneurial success. Learn about Entrepreneur DNA here .

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