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McCarter & English
McCarter & English, LLP is a firm of approximately 400 lawyers with offices in Boston, Hartford, Stamford, New York, Newark, East Brunswick, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Washington, DC. In continuous business for more than 170 years, we are among the oldest and largest law firms in America.

Vet-Tech is America's Veteran Startup Accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley. With over 100 veteran led startups in its community, Vet-Tech's top 20 portfolio companies have raised over $10 Million in funding and have been accepted into world class programs like Tech Stars and Founder Institute.



The CONNECTPreneur Fellowship is awarded to the most extraordinary applicant from the  CONNECTPreneur Community, giving them the opportunity to enroll in the Washington DC Founder Institute for free. The recipient will be recognized as somebody with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur.

The Washington DC Founder Institute is excited to partner with an organization that shares our goal of fostering a strong local startup ecosystem: CONNECTPreneur, a quarterly forum of 350+ top IT entrepreneurs and investors in greater Washington DC region. Through the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship, everyone from the CONNECTPreneur community is invited to apply to the Washington DC Founder Institute for free, and the best overall applicant from the community will receive a Fellowship to participate in the program for free as well ($1,650 value).

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship for the Washington DC Winter 2018 Semester, you must complete your application and admissions test by April 3, 2016, using this link.

Grant: The recipient of the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship will be awarded within 5 days after the deadline.

Click here to apply for the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship.

Source Select
Global Fulfillment
Is it time to think of Global Logistics and Fulfillment capabilities for your product? SourceSelect helps you focus all your attention on Marketing and Product development. We will do the rest. Save money on freight costs and fulfill orders to 180+ countries across the globe. #payasyougrow

SourceSelect is a 3PL in the Silicon Valley that helps startup companies plan for and execute world-wide logistics and order fulfillment capabilities. #AskUsHow

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As the old saying goes, Once you hit bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. For Daan Weddepohl, this was especially true. At a young age, Weddepohl worked in IT for numerous banks and large companies, including Phillips. In his spare time, he began building software, and began to figure out how to monetize his work. Weddepohl then started working with his roommate, who helped him monetize his product, and together they established a small company.

I think I’ve always wanted to build and create stuff. I’ve been thinking about creating devices and flying machines since I was young. And, it feels like entrepreneurship is just a way of accomplishing these dreams.

The company started selling software and while the company was not scaleable, it was according to Weddepohl the first steps to starting a business. In 2009, however, after selling his business, Weddepohl’s apartment suddenly burned down. He lost almost all his belongings in the fire. In true manner of entrepreneurship, Weddepohl began to turn an unfortunate event and started to build from it.

I lost all my stuff and I needed to ask for help because I didn’t have anything. At first I really hated it because I really like to be independent, but then I discovered that asking for help really strengthened the relationship between me and the people that I asked. I discovered that people really love helping out and playing a role in another person’s life and being of value. And I also learned that you don’t need stuff - you just need good people around you.

Inspired by the event, Weddepohl created Peerby, an Apple and Android app that allows people to borrow things from their neighbors within 30 minutes. After realizing that he had an idea for a sharing system that he could turn into a startup, he looked into joining the Founder Institute chapter in Amsterdam. Looking to learn the necessary tools to make him into a successful entrepreneur make his business scaleable, and make a profit from his idea for Peerby, Weddepohl applied, was accepted into the program and the rest is history.

The Founder Institute really helped me to understand how to build a scalable software company and be an entrepreneur. I had some basic experience of running my first company but the Founder Institute really taught me how to have a Silicon Valley mindset, to THINK BIG, and how to build a platform that can scale globally.

After graduating from the Founder Institute, Peerby was selected to take part in the Rockstart Accelerator program as well as Techstars London. Having secured $2.1M in funding, Peerby is looking into product development as well as expansion with a particular focus on the United States. Peerby is now in eight cities in the US and growing.

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