Startup ecosystems can be fragmented, competitive, and hidden to newcomers, which is detrimental for community growth. The Startup Ecosystem Canvas seeks to provide entrepreneurs with a clear list of resources for every stage of their startup journey, and outline a basic framework for communities to map their ecosystem.

With applications for the Montreal Founder Institute coming to a close, we are excited to release the Montreal Startup Ecosystem Canvas, which is currently in Draft v1 below! It was developed by the Montreal Founder Institute and local leader Sergio Escobar.

More input is needed, so please leave your comments on this collaborative Google document, and it will be considered for the next update.

You can also learn more about the Startup Ecosystem Canvas project

Image of Start up ecosystem:Montreal

Learn more about the Startup Ecosystem Canvas here, and leave us your thoughts on the Montreal Canvas on this collaborative Google document, or on Twitter using the hashtag #ecosystemcanvas. This is a perpetual work in progress, and it will be updated frequently, so we want your feedback!

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