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Do you want feedback on your startup idea, straight from Silicon Valley experts? 

Fill out the form below for an opportunity to receive feedback on your idea on the next 'Idea Review' episode of the Founder Insights podcast.

To get the most useful feedback, be sure to review the Founder Institute's "Startup Madlibs" format.

What is the Washington DC Founder Institute?

The Founder Institute is the world’s most challenging and effective step-by-step program to build a startup. This is not a free “business training” or “startup bootcamp” workshop that accepts everyone and provides high-level startup education and encouragement -- rather, FI is an extremely rigorous, real-world program for talented people that are motivated, open to honest and critical feedback, and ready to perform the hard work needed to build an enduring company.  

Graduates of the Founder Institute have created some of the world's fastest growing companies, and have raised $950M+. 

To learn more about the Founder Institute curriculum, requirements, and process, visit FI.co/overview

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