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Focus: A Key to Startup Success, with Patrick Lee (Founding CEO of Rotten Tomatoes) + VIP Networking

Learn about community led growth + meet FI Alumni from across the globe

Aug 18, 2022
07:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Online Event
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The VIP Networking Summit is a private event where enrolled founders and alumni of the Founder Institute can learn from top mentors and network with entrepreneur peers from across the globe. This event will kickoff with a short talk on why Focus is key to startup success + an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") with Patrick Lee, Managing Partner at PKO Investments & founding CEO of Rotten Tomatoes. Then there will be a fun, interactive networking session where you can join group video chats based on topics to connect with others in the FI network.
Please note: this VIP event is restricted to Enrolled Founders, Alumni & Mentors of the Founder Institute. Applied Founders are eligible to attend upon enrollment.

About the Guest Speaker:
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at PKO Investments, a syndicate that invests in startups at the intersection of tech and entertainment. The syndicate has invested into 44 companies since March 2021 and has raised over $33M for those companies across 410+ active investors.

Patrick is also a co-founder and the founding CEO of Rotten Tomatoes (, a leading entertainment website focused on movie reviews and news and consistently one of the top 1,000 most trafficked sites in the world. The company was sold to IGN Entertainment June 2004, and is currently owned by Fandango.

Patrick Lee is a veteran entrepreneur, who has started six startups across three countries (US, China, Hong Kong): 5 targeting consumers, 4 in the intersection of technology and entertainment. Four companies raised outside funding, and 3 exited. He is also an Advisor to companies including Analogue, Casetify, ChargeSPOT, Dataherald, Immortal Studios, Instaread, Kiwibot, Leo AR, Morty, Oishii, Tales, and more.
Who should Attend?
  • Anyone who wants feedback from a leading global Startup Mentor.
  • Anyone who has a pre-seed company or a startup idea
  • Anyone who wants to learn about entrepreneurship
What is the Agenda?
  • Introduction
  • Talk + Q&A with FI Mentor 
  • Conclusion and Networking 
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This event is reserved for Enrolled Founders, Alumni, and Mentors of the Founder Institute accelerator

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