Our Invitation to Entrepreneurs and Startup Organizations Worldwide

As we enter a new decade and a post-COVID-19 reality, our society faces unprecedented devolutions in the form of rising inequality, environmental degradation, and imbalanced economic growth. There is, however, cause for optimism. Never before has the awesome potential of socially conscious innovation been so clear, and never have public sentiment, entrepreneurial vision, and investment seemed so united behind making a positive impact in the world.

In 2015, the UN released 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a unilateral effort to outline and define some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. These SDGs also took the form of an urgent call to action for governments, large businesses, and organizations to align efforts towards “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” 

As members of the entrepreneurial community, it is past time to assume our share of this burden, to play our role in this decisive moment. We do so understanding that we cannot rely solely on governments and established organizations to act without our support. We rise to the challenge also with the conviction that the biggest problems of humanity CAN and MUST be solved by entrepreneurs, the thinkers comprising the most effective catalyst for change in our global economy. 

Henceforth, we support entrepreneurs that focus their creativity and will on building “Impact Companies” that address SDGs including eradicating extreme poverty, ending world hunger, and achieving gender equality. 

To help them be successful, we sign-on to support actionable metrics that guide entrepreneurs of all kinds on their quests to create Impact Companies that address UN SDGs, and have created a definition for “Impact Companies” that includes:

  1. The mission to align with one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  2. The offering directly influences a measurement of impact, an Impact Key Performance Indicator (iKPI).

  3. iKPIs publicly displayed and updated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

Now, facing perhaps the biggest test to humankind and the future of the planet, it will be up to entrepreneurs to work together with governments and large companies to create Impact Companies to solve humanity’s most pressing issues.

Commit to Building Impactful Businesses

Startup organizations, investors, accelerators, governments, universities, and more are committing to build impactful companies, and establishing a standard definition. 

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Contribute Feedback

It is widely accepted that establishing actionable and measurable KPIs ("Key Performance Indicators") is an effective way for managers to align corporate strategy, culture, and day to day decision-making towards achieving strategic goals. 

Aligning the various parts of a business to be focused on impact is no different. 

As such, in the shared google document below we have begun to define a series iKPIs ("Impact Key Performance Indicators"), each categorized within each of the UN SDG "sub-goals".  We have solicited feedback from over 100 startup leaders across the globe, but this is still a work in progress.

Please review the below document, and leave your comments in the open Google Doc at https://fndri.com/declaration.


If you would prefer to not leave public feedback, you can also email us at impact@fi.co.

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