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The Founder Institute began with a belief that there are talented people everywhere that can be empowered to make an impact on the world, regardless of location, education, race, gender, or language. As such, we wholeheartedly stand beside those protesting for positive change, fairness, compassion, and opportunity for all.

We have taken the past few weeks to think deliberately about how we, as an organization, can begin to respond meaningfully, to improve our support for racially underrepresented founders, and do so on a sustainable, long term basis.

We expect to announce further measures of support soon, but in the short term our Silicon Valley management team knows we can provide value for the Black American entrepreneurial community through direct and honest feedback, the type for which Founder Institute global programs are so well known.

Therefore, to help Black American Entrepreneurs make progress at the pre-seed stage, we will be offering Open Office Hours for the foreseeable future. We look forward to speaking with you!