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Last Chance to Help Bring the Founder Institute to San Jose, Costa Rica

Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-08-15

The Founder Institute, the World's Largest Startup Accelerator, is in the final stage of testing for the opening of its newest chapter in San Jose for the Spring of 2014.  

The testing phase ends 2014-08-17, so if you'd like to help bring this great program to San Jose, please fill out this form today and then spread the word.

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising entrepreneurs “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. Plus, aspiring founders are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can begin building a business around their ideas without putting their livelihood at risk.

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 92 cities and 50 countries, the Founder Institute has helped launch over 1,563 companies, which have created over 15,000+ new jobs. The company's mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide.

In order to complete the testing phase in San Jose, the Founder Institute is hosting free startup events this week; 

Leading the Founder Institute’s efforts in San Jose are Ignacio Castro, Vivian Arias, and Randall Trejos. Ignacio Castro is a passionate entrepreneur and tech executive who is living abroad but working hard to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Costa Rica. Vivian Arias is a member of the founding team of Yo Emprendedor, and is actively involved in the startup ecosystem as a lead organizer of events like Startup Weekend, Bootcamps and others. Randall Trejos is an entrepreneur and business development consultant -- someone that has walked the path of starting businesses from scratch, a combination of street smarts and book smarts.

Other successful entrepreneurs who have pledged their support to mentor founders in a San Jose Founder Institute program include:

  • Adrian Garcia: Co-Founder, Carao Ventures
  • Alejandro Vega: CEO, Huli
  • Alejandro Brenes: Founder and CEO, Enertiva Costa Rica
  • Allan Boruchowicz: Founder & Partner, Carao Ventures
  • André Hess: IT Project Manager, Aeropost
  • Arnoldo Madrigal: Presidente, Brainware S.A.
  • Bruno Campos: Partner, Pupila Estudio
  • Carlos Gallegos: Managing Partner - Advisory Services, EY (Ernst & Young)
  • Carlos Mora De La Orden: CEO, Mora de la Orden & Co.
  • Caya (Jose) Cayasso: CEO, Slidebean
  • Diego May: CEO, Junar
  • Federico Zoufaly: Co-Founder, Mobilize.Net
  • Gerardo E Porras: Director, GEP Coaching and Business Co. www.gep.cr
  • Jorge Rivera: CEO, Clandestina Hub Creativo
  • Jose Coto: Managing Director, Prodigious
  • Manfred Perez: Founder, Metodus
  • Omar Mora: Founder, Blackberry & Cross
  • Óscar Retana: Director, Gridshield
  • Otto Rivera: Director Ejecutivo, Cámara de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (CAMTIC)
  • Pablo Elizondo: Founder / CEO, SmartSoft
  • Paul Fervoy: Co-founder, InterNexo
  • Paula Guevara: Creative Consultant, Independent
  • Rafael Azofeifa: Founder / CEO, NÓVAQ
  • Rogelio Umaña: Lead Facilitator & Founder, Astrolabe
  • Ryan Frazee: Director of Marketing / Former entrepreneur, INCAE Business School

    • And many more to be announced.

Help bring the Founder Institute to San Jose and fill out an Interest Form today.

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