TravelerCar Raises 750k Euros in Funding, Featured on E-commerce Mag

Posted by Shannon Toole on 2014-08-09

Ahmed Mhiri and his company TravelerCar recently raised 750 000 euros in funding from Network Finances, as featured in a recent E-commerce Mag article by Laura Fortes titled lève 750 000 euros.

TravelerCar and its Founder Ahmed Mhiri are Graduates of the Paris Founder Institute.

The concept behind TravelerCar is twofold; while travelers save money on long-term airport parking, they are also able to make a profit by renting their vehicles to other travelers. In addition, the car tenants can save up to 50% by renting through

To make a car available for rent, the owner simply checks in on-site and reserves a parking space. TravelerCar not only provides a unique marketplace the rentals, but also takes care of insurance and security checks for all vehicles registered through the system.

Having proven profitable in Paris thus far, TravelerCar received 750 000 euros from Network Finances with the objective of continuing to develop in other cities throughout France and Europe. The company, in support of eco-friendly collaborative consumption, additionally seeks to add new services dedicated to long-term travelers as well as those driving smaller vehicles.

For more information on TravelerCar, visit TravelerCar’s official website.

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