Should You Hire Millennials?

Posted by Shannon Toole on 2014-07-30

 There is no "one right way" to build a company. 

As a result, entrepreneurs seeking guidance will always be given contradictory advice on how to build their business, from both "experts" and the uninformed alike. Ultimately, it is up to the entrepreneur to evaluate the opinions they receive and pursue the path they feel is best for them. 

The Startup Lean presents two differing viewpoints on key entrepreneurial topics for you to decide which way you lean.

This week's topic focuses on millenials in the workforce:

This Week's Topic:
Do millennials make good employees?

 "[The Millennial generation] brings fresh thinking to the table and is courageous enough to pioneer new paradigms. [...] You want to hire candidates who take initiative, seize opportunities and take calculated risks in order to fuel your business growth strategy? [...] These are all classic traits of entrepreneurs – and of Generation Y!"

- Martina Mangelsdorf (Founder, GAIA Insights)
Why Hire Gen Y Talent

 Millennials have come of age in the era of the quantified self. [...] What millennials are most famous for besides narcissism is its effect: entitlement. If you want to sell seminars to middle managers, make them about how to deal with young employees who e-mail the CEO directly and beg off projects they find boring.”  

- Joel Stein  (Writer, TIME Magazine)
Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation

Which Way Do You Lean?

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