Can Your Passion Withstand Time?

Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-07-26

The Founder LaunchPad gives aspiring entrepreneurs exclusive tips and tricks through video clips from the Founder Institute's worldwide network of 4,400+ mentors. For more Founder LaunchPads, visit our Startup Founder 101 YouTube Channel.

In this week's Founder LaunchPad, Marcos Polanco, Co-Director of the Puerto Rico Founder Institute, explains the importance of launching a startup that is deeply rooted in who you are. He challenges his audience to visualize themselves during their last days on earth. What have you created? What do you REFUSE to leave behind?

According to Marcos; 

When you look inside yourself and say, "This is how I want the world to change, this is how I want me to change, this is how I want it to be at the end', then you have recreated the world." 


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(Man with hour glass floating on his hand, via Shutterstock)

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