SimpleReach Raises $9M in Funding, Featured on TechCrunch

Posted by Shannon Toole on 2014-07-22

Edward Kim and his company SimpleReach recently secured $9 million in Series A funding, as described in a TechCrunch article by Anthony Ha titled SimpleReach Raises $9M To Measure Content Marketing and Native Ads.

SimpleReach, a company that allows marketers to determine the effectiveness of their content, is a Graduate of the New York Founder Institute. 

The company says,

[SimpleReach] can not only tell customers how well their content is doing on publisher websites and on social media, but also predict which articles will take off.

SimpleReach then allows marketers to promote those articles through ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outbrain, Nativo, StumbleUpon and TripleLift.”

Previously, Kim believed that he might have been “a little early to the market,” attempting to analyze content while most companies were simply focused on generating content. Now, Kim “argue[s] that SimpleReach’s measurement and distributions tools are clearly necessary.” Kim, acknowledging the increased prevalence of content marketing, aims to bring it to the same level as online advertising.

Kim additionally emphasizes that his startup is distinct from analytics companies, describing them as “somewhat unineresting” companies that “build a one-to-one relationship” around data.

“In other words, they take your data and show it to you in a new way,” explains Ha in the article.

If you can position your company to go and build a data marketplace, which is many-to-many… then you become a layer [in the ecosystem], and it’s harder to displace you.

That’s really where our focus is and where we see our opportunity. And that’s part of the reason we were able to raise the round that we did." - Edward Kim, Co-Founder & CEO of SimpleReach

For more information on SimpleReach, visit their official website.

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