Great Startup Mentors Confirmed for the Singapore Founder Institute

Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-07-15

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs participate in weekly training and feedback sessions that are led by Founder Institute Mentors. 

Our Mentors provide the passion, experience, and support that helps our Founders launch meaningful and enduring companies.

Rather than bringing in consultants and academics who teach theory, we bring in experienced Founders and CEOs to give our companies the most relevant and valuable advice. In a confidential setting, they share horror stories, best practices, and realistic feedback to help our Founders avoid "rookie mistakes" and be successful.   

In the upcoming Singapore Summer 2014 Semester, we have secured a truly exceptional roster of Founder Institute Mentors, including many from out of town.

See the full list below;

  • Ann Burgraff - Rowell: Advisor / Mentor , National University of Singapore / Singapore HUB
  • Arnout Mostert: Partner, AccelerAsia
  • Bill Ashlock: Principal
  • Casper Peh: Head of Operations, Wildfire Asia
  • Chun Dong Chau: Partner, Crystal Horse Investments
  • Daniel Leong: Co-founder, LawCanvas
  • Dennis Goh: Director, International Digital Media Operations, Singtel
  • Didier Vermeiren: Founder, SmartCheckups
  • Eric Tachibana: Director, Bank of America- Merrill Lynch
  • Hugh Mason: CEO, Pte Ltd
  • Igor Volynskiy: Consultant
  • Jeffrey Paine: Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
  • Joel Fu: Strategy Director, sgCarMart
  • Jon Sugihara: Head of Product, RedMart
  • Julian Low
  • Kaitlin Solimine: Cofounder, Hippo Reads
  • Kris Childress: CEO, NanoThree
  • Kristine Lauria: MD, Mission Street Media
  • Kuan Hua Hsu: Principal, Gree Ventures
  • Kyaw Lin Oo
  • Larry Chua: CEO, TripCribs
  • Michael Cheng: Software Engineer, Neo Innovation
  • Mikhail Choo: Founder & CEO
  • Padmini Pandya: Strategic Business Planning & M&A, SapientNitro
  • Rishi Gupta: CEO, Minematic
  • Saemin Ahn: Managing Partner, Rakuten Ventures
  • Sam Witteveen: Founder, Family Play
  • Samuel Seow: MD, Samuel Seow Law Corporation
  • Scott Bales: Chief Mobile Officer, Movenbank
  • Tseng Ching Tse: CEO, VaultDragon Pte Ltd
  • Usman Sheikh: CEO, Identifi Pte Ltd

  • And many more to be announced. 
                                     We hope you will join us in Singapore and launch a company in 2014.

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