Grad Profile: @Embarke helps users manage multiple communication channels

Posted by Emma Tzeng on 2012-10-23

Grad Profiles highlight the personal and professional stories of Founder Institute Graduates from across the globe.

This profile on Embarke, a graduate of the San Diego Founder Institute, was written by Emma Tzeng. Founded in 2011 by Al Bsharah and Bryan Hall, Embarke helps businesses and individuals streamline their online and mobile communications. 



In recent years, social networks and new communication channels have cropped up and spread so quickly that it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with them all. In the not-so-distant past, texting and emailing were sufficient forms of online and mobile communication. Nowadays, however, “being connected” often also entails maintaining a Facebook profile, tweeting regularly, checking in on foursquare, and keeping up to speed with a handful of other social outlets.

Amidst all the noise surrounding social media and other mobile forms of communication, startup Embarke wants to help businesses and individuals manage their communications by offering a set of APIs to help aggregate multiple online and mobile communication modes. For instance, with Embarke, a user can initiate a single group conversation with other users on Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS, all through one platform.

Essentially, Embarke works like a distribution center that connects all social networks for easier, faster communication.

Founded in 2011 by Al Bsharah and Bryan Hall, who met at the San Diego Founder Institute, Embarke was one of the 10 startups inducted into Microsoft’s Accelerator program earlier this month. 

“The value we’re providing really boils down to increasing that engagement,” Bsharah explained in an interview in Xconomy. “Our customers may just want to communicate with their users better, or they might want to provide our messaging application for consumers.”

Over the past several months, Hall and Bsharah have devoted efforts and time to testing the product through user feedback and making tweaks along the way. At the suggestion of their users, Embarke recently begun focusing heavily on improving their API to allow for person-to-person communications over different Internet channels.

As Embarke works to bridge the divide among all the social networks available on the market, its team also grows along with its mission: the startup currently employs three developers and offers its services to customers in private beta.


Learn more about Embarke: 

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