Learn About Tech Innovation at SYNC 2014 San Francisco

Posted by Shannon Toole on 2014-06-13

Join our friends at PingWest as they host a special event about tech innovation: SYNC 2014 San Francisco: Sexy & unSexy Innovation.

SYNC is the flagship series of summits and meetups by PingWest. Aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs who are looking to sync ideas and products over platforms and geographic boundaries, these conferences focus on the knowledge and networks essential for building leaner, smarter, and more disruptive startups.

The theme of the event is "Sexy & unSexy Innovation" and will be held on June 20. Attendees will learn about how both the “sexy” (consumer facing)  and “unsexy” (enterprise based) sides of innovation interact and lead to technological progress. The event also includes a special segment, entitled “China Towards”, that focuses on preparing future innovators to embrace the next 1 billion users from China.

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Featured speakers include:

  • Andrew Ng, Co-founder at Couresera
  • Michael Buckwald, Co-founder & CEO at LeapMotion
  • Sonny Vu, Co-founder & CEO at Misfit Wearable
  • Dave McClure. Founding Partner at 500 Startups


SEXY & unSEXY Innovation (9:00AM-12:30PM)

8:00am-9:00am     Registeration & Breakfast

9:00am-9:10am     Opening remark

9:10am-9:30am     Keynote: a city to be promised land for innovators

9:30am-10:00am   Fireside chat: The mystery of AI and deep learning

  • Speaker: Dr. Andrew Ng, Co-founder at Coursera, Director at Standford AI Labs 
  • Moderator: Thomas Luo, Co-founder & Managing Editor at PingWest

10:00am-10:40am  Panel discussion: Sharing economy: Community and  technology

  • Speakers: Emily Castor, Director of community relation at Lyft; Ian Logan, Engineer Manager at Airbnb; Raj Kapoor, Founder at Fitmob;
  • Moderator: Ryan Lawler, Writer at TechCrunch

10:40am-11:00am  Fireside chat: Designed to be wearable

  • Speaker: Sonny Vu, Co-founder & CEO at Misfit Wearable

11:00am-11:40am  Panel discussion:  Internet of things, get connected

  • Speakers:  David Firedman, Founder & CEO at Ayla Networks; Gelad Meiri, CEO at Neura                                  

11:40am-12:10pm  Fireside chat: A powerful expansion of your hands and minds

  • Speaker: Michael Buckwald, Co-founder & CEO at Leap Motion
  • Moderator: Thomas Luo, Co-founder & Managing Editor at PingWest

12:10pm-12:30pm  Fireside chat: Sexy or unsexy investment in early stages

  • Speaker: Dave McClure, Founding Partner at 500 Startups

12:30pm-2:00pm    Lunch

China Towards (2:00PM-5:30PM)

2:00pm-2:20pm Opening Remark & Speech by ISC (Internet Society of China)

2:20pm-2:40pm Fireside chat: The long term greedy of going global

  • Speaker: Soujanya Bhumkar, Co-founder & CEO at Cooliris

2:40pm-2:55pm Keynote: Zero to billion installs: Get ready for China app market

  • Speaker: Edith Yeung, VP at Dolphin Browsers

2:55pm-3:10pm Keynote: The payment system on China's largest social network

  • Speaker: Jim Lai, Gerneral Manager at TenPay of Tencent.

3:10pm-3:40pm Panel discussion: Why Shenzhen matters for hardware startups?

3:40pm-3:45pm Break

3:45pm-4:00pm Keynote: Going mobile: evolution of China's top online trip giant

  • Speaker: Eric Ye, Chief Technology Officer at Ctrip

4:00pm-4:20pm Fireside chat: Watch out valley, China is coming.

  • Speakers: Hongjiang Zhang, CEO at Kingsoft; Fu Sheng, CEO at KSMobile

4:20pm-5:00pm Showcase: How do Silicon Valley companies survive in China?

  •  Speakers: Amy Gu, General Manager of Evernote China; Henry Li, Head of product at LinkedIn China.

5:00pm-5:30pm Panel discussion: VC is a truly local business, but how to invest cross-border in US and China.

5:30pm Closing remark 

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