Grad Profile: @KeyRocket trains users to learn keyboard shortcuts to maximize time

Posted by Emma Tzeng on 2012-10-04

Grad Profiles highlight the personal and professional stories of Founder Institute Graduates from across the globe.

This profile on KeyRocket, a Graduate of the Berlin Founder Institute, was written by Emma Tzeng. Founded in 2010 by Jan Mechtel and Matthias Mayrock, KeyRocket makes learning keyboard shortcuts simple and fun. 




As technology bolsters efficiency and makes the world an incrementally busier, more productivity-driven place, one mantra rings truer than ever: time is money.

Germany-based startup Veodin runs under this very assumption, which is why they’ve rolled out KeyRocket, a tool that trains users to learn shortcut commands with ease.

According to the company website, “KeyRocket makes learning keyboard shortcuts simple and fun.” It does this by tracking users’ mouse clicks and movements within a supported program and suggesting alternate keyboard shortcuts in a notification window. Essentially, KeyRocket uses repetition to help users pick up new habits to bolster productivity levels.

Founded in 2010 by Jan Mechtel and Matthias Mayrock, KeyRocket currently supports Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office programs. In addition, the team recently rolled out a version for Gmail, available in the Chrome Web Store.

To date, KeyRocket offers over 1,600 shortcuts for Windows-only Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. In the future, the startup hopes to expand its service to Photoshop, Visual Studio, SAP, and other software development programs, with a focus on the Microsoft platform. 

“Right now we try to bring users and software closer together by teaching the users,” Mechtel explains in a GigaOM story. “Eventually [we] want to bring the two together by changing the software, [such as] adding a shortcut that didn’t exist.”

KeyRocket currently offers its product for personal, commercial, and enterprise use, with different price points for each. Personal users can download KeyRocket free of charge, while commercial and enterprise users pay monthly fees per user for extra features such as unlimited telephone and email support. 

According to KeyRocket, initial tests show a productivity increase of over one percent for regular users. This translates into about 48 hours of saved time per year. Is that doesn’t spell efficiency, then it’s hard to say what does.


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