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Engajer wins the Founder Showcase People’s Choice Award

Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2013-03-29

The Founder Showcase is Silicon Valley’s premier seed-startup event, gathering top technology founders, investors, and press to hear talks from leading startup experts, and help launch promising companies to greatness.

At this week's 13th Founder Showcase event, engajer collected the most audience votes from the Demo Pit area, earning the Founder Showcase People's Choice Award. 

engajer, based in Mountain View, California, is a sophisticated online platform that communicates rich content in a personal, easily digestible way. By displaying short bite-sized video bursts in an interactive manner, viewers can “choose their own adventure” to quickly zero in on the content that interests them most. Their solution is particularly ideal for companies and marketers looking to create engaging, interactive, and personalized content for their sales leads or audiences. 

Try out their product here to learn more.


engajer was one of 25 competing companies in the Founder Showcase Demo Pit area, and collected audience votes based on the quality of their pitch, product, and overall presence at the event.


“engajer is very proud to have won the People's Choice Award given the caliber of the other presenting companies,” says engager's Founder and CEO, Michael Castellano. "The Founder Showcase was an awesome event: great companies, high-caliber investors and really engaging keynotes. If you are an entrepreneur, I highly recommend pitching or demoing at one of their next events."


To learn more about engajer, visit http://engajer.com


The next Founder Showcase is scheduled to take place in July of 2013. If you are interested in applying to pitch on  stage or show off your product in our demo table pit, click here to learn more.

Engajer wins the Founder Showcase People’s Choice Award

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