Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is the premier legal advisor to technology, life sciences, and other growth enterprises worldwide. We represent companies at every stage of development, from entrepreneurial start-ups to multibillion-dollar global corporations, as well as the venture firms, private equity firms, and investment banks that finance and advise them. The firm's broad range of services and practice areas are focused on addressing the principal challenges faced by the management, boards of directors, shareholders, and in-house counsel of our clients.

Ravix Group provides seasoned consulting expertise to outsource the finance, accounting and human resources functions for early-stage and middle market companies.

Startup Blueprint is the only program designed to fuel profitability for your startup by providing free payment processing and advice. Connecting through top tier incubators, accelerators and VCs, they activate the optimum revenue model for your business. Benefits include a free transaction volume up to $1.5 million USD* ($50,000 USD of PayPal fees waived for 18 months). For Braintree, free transaction volume up to $100,000 USD (braintree fees waived for 18 months).

FounderDating is a network of talented entrepreneurs helping one another start and grow companies. All too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skills sets to your own. With FounderDating you find world-class people with complimentary skill-sets, expert areas and knowledge.

Vet-Tech is the nation's leading startup accelerator for military veterans. With a national network of over 60 veteran led startups in its portfolio, Vet-Tech provides veteran entrepreneurs with expert mentorship, access to funding and helps establish corporate partnerships,

Silicon Valley with Adeo Ressi

The Founder Institute carefully recruits 20-40 Mentors per semester, and we typically only accept Mentors that have built or led technology businesses.  

Our Mentors lead the weekly training sessions, and their mandate is to help our participants by sharing their experience, outlining the latest tactics, and providing critical feedback. In addition, through the Founder Institute's Shared Liquidity Pool, Mentors are strongly incentivized to help our companies after Graduation, and many have become formal advisors to our Graduate companies. 

All Mentors

  1. A. Erhat Nalbant (Istanbul), Cofounder, Founder Institute Istanbul, Sabanci University SUCool Accelerator
  2. Aape Pohjavirta (Helsinki), Founder, Leader,
  3. Aaron Ross (Los Angeles), Author, Predictable Revenue
  4. Aaron Price (New York), cofounder,
  5. Aaron Eden (Munich), CEO, Co-Founder, Webglimmer Internet Solutions
  6. Aaron Kong (Singapore), Partner, SG Story
  7. Aaron Abram (Los Angeles), Founder , Osurv
  8. Aaron Everhart (Hanoi), Business Director, Landor
  9. Aaron Rothenberg (Tel Aviv), Managing Partner, Hitech Strategies Ltd.
  10. Aaron Patzer (Silicon Valley), Founder and CEO, & Fountain
  11. Abhishek Srivastava (Hyderabad), Investment Professional, Ventureast Tenet
  12. Ace Bhattacharjya (Boston), Founder and CEO,
  13. Achmad Zaky (Jakarta), CEO, Bukalapak
  14. Ada Van Der Veer Vergeer (Amsterdam), FI Mentor
  15. Adam Hościło (Warsaw), Co-founder, Twisted Logic
  16. Adam Benson (Sydney), Director, Recognition PR
  17. Adam Siegel (Chicago), Founder, Inkling
  18. Adam Long (Sydney), Strategist, Step Change Marketing
  19. Adam Riggs (Paris), President/CFO,
  20. Adam Besvinick (New York), Venture Capitalist, Deep Fork Capital
  21. Adam Swiecki (Denver), Founder, Swiecki Enterprises
  22. Adam Yap (Perth), COO,
  23. Adam Law (Perth), Principal, Adam Law Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  24. Adan Avelar (Mexico City), CEO, Clicker360
  25. Adel Beznine (Tunis), CEO, Boost Accelerator
  26. Adeo Ressi (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  27. Adeyemi Ajao (Madrid), CO-Founder & CO-CEO,
  28. Adi Sideman (New York), Founder & CEO, YouNow
  29. Adib Saikali (Toronto), Co-Founder & CTO, IncMind
  30. Adil Moosajee (Karachi), Owner, Ego
  31. Aditya Nath (Chicago), CEO, Nexvu APM
  32. Adnan Masood (Karachi), Founder & CEO,
  33. Adnan Fasih (Karachi), Co-Founder & CEO, Cleanry
  34. Adolfo Cruz-Luthmer (San Jose), CEO, Proximity Costa Rica
  35. Adrian Stewart (Bangkok), Founder,
  36. Adrian Li (Jakarta), Founder, Managing Partner, Convergence Ventures
  37. Adrian Stewart (Hanoi), Partner, Galaxy Ventures Co., Ltd
  38. Adrian Suherman (Jakarta), Managing Director, DealKeren, a LivingSocial Company
  39. Adrian Stone (Melbourne), CEO, AngelCube
  40. Adrian Garcia (San Jose), Co-Founder, Carao Ventures
  41. Adrian Vanzyl (Bangkok), CEO, Runway Incubator
  42. Adriana Gascoigne (Singapore), CEO, Girls in Tech
  43. Afaque Riaz Ahmed (Karachi), Founder and Chairman (BoG), Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE)
  44. Afonso Taínha (Lisbon), Founder, Parcelmix
  45. Agnieszka Skala (Warsaw), PhD; CEO, WUT; SPINschool
  46. Agustín Pallotti (Santiago), Director, Lupa Corporation
  47. Ahimanikya Satapathy (Bangalore), Founder & CEO, DocEngage
  48. Ahmad Moalla (Berlin), Founder & Managing Director, Teambay
  49. Ahmed Mhiri (Paris), CEO, TravelerCar
  50. Ahsan Mateen (Karachi), Managing Director,
  51. Ai Ching Goh (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder,
  52. Aisoon Sucharitkul (Bangkok), strategy director, brand union
  53. Ajay Goel (Bangalore), Managing Partner, Crestlight Venture Productions LLC
  54. Ajay Sravanapudi (Washington DC), CTO, Videology
  55. Ajay Goel (Chicago), Founder and CEO, JangoMail
  56. Akani Rodriguez (Mexico City), Associate Director, The Abraaj Group
  57. Aki Järvilehto (Helsinki), Executive Vice President, Remedy Entertainment
  58. Aki Taha (Singapore), Founder, Persona
  59. Akihiro Ideguchi (Kansai), Representative Partner, Achieve Growth Consulting
  60. Al Bsharah (San Diego), Al Bsharah - CEO & Co Founder, Email Copilot / Embarke (San Diego FI) , Email Copilot
  61. Al Noshirvani (Washington DC), CEO, Motionsoft
  62. Alain Raynaud (Silicon Valley), CEO, FairSoftware
  63. Alain Meller (Paris), Founder, NovaXone
  64. Alain Revah (Paris), Founder and Managing Partner, Internet Ventures
  65. Alain Garnier (Paris), CEO & Co-Founder, Jamespot
  66. Alain Baritault (Paris), Alain Baritault - CoFounder (Paris FI), Cités Numériques
  67. Alan Jones (Sydney), Chief Growth Hacker, BlueChilli
  68. Alan Cole (San Diego), Alan Cole - COO, TakeLessons (San Diego FI), TakeLessons
  69. Alan Chiu (Singapore), FI Mentor
  70. Alan Downie (Melbourne), CEO, Marcopod (Bugherd)
  71. Alan Colmenares (Bogotá), Executive VP, TAPPSI
  72. Alan Arnott (Sydney), Technology Lawyer, Arnott Technology Lawyers
  73. Albert Chow (San Diego), CFO & SVP Operations , PrimaCinema
  74. Albert Balcells (New York), SVP Software Engineering, Next Jump
  75. Alberto Tawil (Mexico City), Co-founder, Open Intelligence
  76. Alberto Sanz (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, neventum
  77. Alberto Escarlate (New York), CEO , FileChat
  78. Alberto Alonso Regalado (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Grupo VALÍA
  79. Alberto Knapp Bjeren (Madrid), CEO, The Cocktail
  80. Alberto Gómez Toribio (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Coinffeine
  81. Alec Lynch (Sydney), Managing Director, DesignCrowd
  82. Alejandro Rivas Micoud (Silicon Valley), CEO, Userlytics Corporation
  83. Alejandro Gonzalez (Bogotá), CEO and Studio Director, Brainz
  84. Alejandro Recio (Bogotá), CEO, ARSolutions
  85. Alejandro Barros (Santiago), International Consultant, e.nable
  86. Alejandro Palazuelos Botín (Madrid), Presidente, AD Ventures
  87. Alejandro Vega (San Jose), Alejandro Vega - CEO, Huli (San Jose FI), Huli
  88. Alejandro Brenes (San Jose), Founder and CEO, Enertiva Costa Rica
  89. Aleksandar Vukasinovic (New York), CEO, Emozia
  90. Alemsah Ozturk (Istanbul), CEO, 41-29
  91. Alessio Alionço (Curitiba), CEO, Pipefy
  92. Alex Tworowsky (Melbourne), CEO, Canary
  93. Alex Chen (Hong Kong), CEO, EZTable
  94. Alex Campbell (Chicago), Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Vibes
  95. Alex Nemeroff (Montreal), Co-Founder, Head of Design & UX, Dynamo
  96. Alex Marquez (Singapore), Founder, Propeller Fish
  97. Alex Rampell (Silicon Valley), CEO, TrialPay
  98. Alex Bratton (Chicago), CEO & Founder, Lextech Global Services
  99. Alex Covic (Zagreb), FI Mentor
  100. Alex Eleftheriadis (Athens), Co-Founder, Vidyo
  101. Alex Sok (Charlotte), Co-Founder/CEO, Elluva
  102. Alex Navarro (Barcelona), Co-founder & International Development Director, Groupalia
  103. Alex Kostyrya (Moscow), CEO, Deliverator
  104. Alex Berger (Paris), Founder & President , ENTJOY SAS, THE OLIGARCHS PRODUCTIONS sarl, MM&I
  105. Alex Bard (San Diego), Founder & CEO, Assistly
  106. Alex Deighton (Los Angeles), Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor,
  107. Alex Haggerty (Melbourne), FI Mentor
  108. Alex Lightman (Los Angeles), Alex Lightman - Chairman, Witkit (Kuala Lumpur FI) , Witkit
  109. Alex Cammarano (San Francisco), Co-Founder and CEO, Daylighted
  110. Alexander Shamis (Moscow), CEO, Printio
  111. Alexander Le (Sydney), CEO, Horwood Associates
  112. Alexander Piutti (Berlin), ceo & founder, GameGenetics / POPMOG
  113. Alexander Garcia Tobar (Silicon Valley), Principal, AGT Group, Inc
  114. Alexander Finn (Saint Petersburg), VP of Software Development, Solu Machines
  115. Alexander Naslednikov (Moscow), CEO, GBooking
  116. Alexander Bruehl (Berlin), Investor and Mentor, bm advisors
  117. Alexander Torrenegra (Bogotá), Co-founder and CEO, VoiceBunny and Torrenegra Labs
  118. Alexander Yanykhbash (Moscow), Presentation Trainer,
  119. Alexander Piutti (Berlin), CEO & Founder, GameGenetics
  120. Alexander Ribbink (Amsterdam), Partner, Prime Ventures
  121. Alexander Castro (Seattle), Founder & CEO, Delve Networks
  122. Alexander Rink (Toronto), CEO, 360pi
  123. Alexander Lasslop (Munich), Co-Founder, MyDays / Venturate
  124. Alexander Chang (Istanbul), FI Mentor
  125. Alexandr Lyskovskiy (Saint Petersburg), CEO, Alawar
  126. Alexandra Mitsokali (Athens), Senior Associate, V&P Law Firm
  127. Alexandra Wilson (New York), Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer, Gilt Groupe
  128. Alexandra Pottier (Paris), partner, Brunswick Société D'Avocats
  129. Alexandre Wayenberg (Hong Kong), Founder & CEO, Capsule
  130. Alexandre Steiner (Paris), Managing Partner, OiO Ventures
  131. Alexandre Veiga (Sao Paolo), Coordenador de Empreendedorismo FIAP, FIAP
  132. Alexandre Barbosa (Lisbon), Managing Partner, Faber
  133. Alexandre Taillefer (Montreal), Managing partner, XPND Capital
  134. Alexandre Debaecker (Paris), CEO, Consoleo
  135. Alexandros Roustas (Athens), General Manager, IQbility (Quest Group)
  136. Alexei Erchak (Boston), Founder, Luminus Devices
  137. Alexei Sidnev (Moscow), CEO, Senior Group
  138. Alexey Chernyak (Moscow), CEO,
  139. Alexey Koren (Saint Petersburg), Founder, Excursia Inc
  140. Alexey Stepanenkov (Saint Petersburg), ТОП-менеджер, Embria
  141. Alfonso Cortina (Mexico City), CEO,
  142. Alfred Boediman (Jakarta), CEO of Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia, Samsung Electronics
  143. Alfred Kobayashi (Lima), CEO,
  144. Alfred Tolle (Berlin), CEO,
  145. Alfredo Artiles Larralde (Andalucia), Co-Founder & CTO, SocialBro
  146. Alfredo Osorio (Santiago), Founder,
  147. Ali Nawab (Toronto), Founder and CEO, Kiwi Wearables
  148. Ali Parandeh Zandpour (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Urbytus
  149. Ali Karabey (Istanbul), Managing Director, 212ltd Venture Capital Fund
  150. Alicia Roisman Ismach (Tel Aviv), Co-Founder & EVP BD, SeerGate
  151. Aline Hemmo (Paris), Consultant, Pilsoft
  152. Allan Davis (Bogotá), Managing Partner,
  153. Allan Jarry (Santiago), Founder, NEOS
  154. Allan Tan (Manila), CEO/President, Ideyatech, Inc.
  155. Allan Boruchowicz (San Jose), Founder & Partner, Carao Ventures
  156. Allen Nance (Atlanta), CEO and President, WhatCounts
  157. Allen Miner (Kansai), Chairman & CEO,
  158. Allen Lau (Toronto), CEO and co-founder, Wattpad
  159. Allon Raiz (Johannesburg), Founder and CEO, Raizcorp
  160. Allon Mason (Tel Aviv), CEO,
  161. Alon Atsmon (Tel Aviv), CEO, iOnRoad
  162. Alphonse Voigt (Curitiba), CEO, EBANX
  163. Alvaro Portugal (Santiago), Founder and Sales Manager, Blue Company
  164. Alvin Khodabaks (Amsterdam), Partner, Clifford Chance LLP
  165. Alvin Yap (Singapore), CEO, TheMobileGamer Pte Ltd
  166. Alvin Graylin (Shanghai), CEO,
  167. Alyssa Ransbury (Dhaka), Manager, Business Development,
  168. Alyssa Richard (Toronto), Founder,
  169. Amanda Suefong (Sydney), CEO, NEON PULSE PTY LTD
  170. Amber Mac (Toronto), President, Konnekt
  171. Amin Nordin (Singapore), Stealth Founder,
  172. Amine Ben Hamadou (Tunis), General Manager, Management Business and Consulting
  173. Amir Nissen (Melbourne), GM, AngelCube
  174. Amir Eldad (Boston), Founder, Aternity
  175. Amit Agrawal (New Delhi), Founder, Whiz Kidz Media Pvt Ltd
  176. Amit Chatterjee (Hong Kong), Senior Digital Producer,
  177. Amit Grover (New Delhi), Co-Founder,
  178. Amit Anand (Singapore), Managing Partner, Verve Ventures
  179. Amit Prasad (Hyderabad), Founder, MD & CEO, SatNav Technologies
  180. Amol Sarva (New York), ceo, knotable
  181. Amol Sarva (New York), CEO, Peek
  182. Amure Pinho (Santiago), CEO, CrossFy
  183. Ana Penovic (Zagreb), co-founder, Jasno&Glasno
  184. Ana Luisa Orbegoso (Lima), Directora de Innovación,
  185. Ana Maria Sandoval (Bogotá), Gerente Comercial, PagosOnline /BuscaPé
  186. Anastasia Lyustina (Moscow), CEO & Founder, LeClick
  187. Anatoli Makarevich (Moscow), Founder, Gistroll; Educa
  188. Andaç Türkmen (Istanbul), Technical Co-founder,
  189. Andi Boediman (Jakarta), Director, Ideosource Venture Capital
  190. Andi Zain (Jakarta), Director, ideabox
  191. Andraz Tori (Zagreb), Founder and CTO, Zemanta, Inc.
  192. Andre Dan (Paris), Speaker & Coach,
  193. André Dan (Tel Aviv), CEO, Challengy
  194. André Hess (San Jose), IT Project Manager, Aeropost
  195. Andrea Genovese (Rome), Co-founder, Roma Startup
  196. Andrea Di Camillo (Rome), Managing Partner, Principia Sgr
  197. Andrea Livotto (Hong Kong), Director, Clarity Labs
  198. Andreas Weigend (Singapore), Founder,
  199. Andreas Hoerr (Munich), Co-Founder, Venturate
  200. Andrei Komarovski (Saint Petersburg), Director, Founders Institute Saint-Petersburg
  201. Andrés García Carranza (Madrid), President, Konecta Marketing
  202. Andres Bianciotto (Mexico City), CEO, Next.LA
  203. Andrés Abarzúa (Santiago), Gerente de Innovación, BBVA Chile
  204. Andres Osula (Tallinn), Board Member, Tsolutions
  205. Andres Barreto (Mexico City), General Partner, Firstrock Capital
  206. Andres Blank (New York), COO & Co-Founder, Pixable
  207. Andrés Rivero (Santiago), Fundador, Inversiones Ridu
  208. Andrés Areitio (Madrid), Co-Founder & CEO,
  209. Andrés Felipe Umaña Chaux (Bogotá), Asociado Senior, Brigard & Urrutia
  210. Andrew Ibbotson (Atlanta), CEO, Digital Assent
  211. Andrew Filev (Silicon Valley), Founder&CEO, Wrike
  212. Andrew D'Souza (Toronto), Entrepreneur ,
  213. Andrew Duff (Johannesburg), Founder, Duff Attorneys
  214. Andrew Weinreich (New York), CEO, MeetMoi
  215. Andrew Beinbrink (San Diego), CEO, SportsForce
  216. Andrew Rogers (Sydney), Managing Director, Anchor
  217. Andrew Ellerton (Perth), Tech Lead and Software Engineer,
  218. Andrew Hall (Perth), CEO , The Local Grocer
  219. Andrew Bermudez (Orange County), CEO, Digsy
  220. Andrew Julian (Melbourne), Co-Founder, Digital Crossroads
  221. Andrew Campbell (Sydney), Co-founder, goCatch
  222. Andrew Chan (Hong Kong), Co-Founder, Aftership
  223. Andrew Goldner (San Francisco), Co-Founder & CEO,
  224. Andrew Lee (Silicon Valley), CEO, Esper
  225. Andrey Mima (Saint Petersburg), Co-founder, Qbaka
  226. Andrey Kazakov (Moscow), CEO, AppScotch, Inc.
  227. Andrey Kupriahin (Saint Petersburg), CEO, United Fun Traders
  228. Andrey Malakhov (Moscow), Co-founder, Edasla
  229. Andrey Jeglov (Saint Petersburg), CMO, CoffeeLab
  230. Andrey Gershfeld (Saint Petersburg), Executive investment manager, ABRT Fund
  231. Andrus Oks (Tallinn), Investment Manager, SmartCap
  232. Andy Lamb (Perth), Co-Founder and Director,
  233. Andy Welsh (Sydney), CIO, Booking Boss
  234. Andy Sjarif (Jakarta), CEO, Sitti
  235. Andy Ann (Hong Kong), CEO, NDN GROUP
  236. Andy Liu (Seattle), CEO, BuddyTV
  237. Andy Louis-Charles (Washington DC), Vice President, Business Development,
  238. Andy Morris (New York), Co-Founder, Morris + King Company
  239. Andy Abramson (Los Angeles), CEO, Comunicano, Inc
  240. Andy Jobs (Jakarta), Marketing & Sales Director, Nexmedia
  241. Andy Aley (Seattle), Attorney, GSB Law
  242. Andy Goldstein (Munich), Executive Director, LMU Entrepreneurship Center
  243. Andy Kurtz (Greenville), CEO, Pro-Active Technology & Vigilix
  244. Ángel Cavada Castellanos (Andalucia), Director de Inversiones, BusinessInFact
  245. Angel Bañuelos (Guadalajara), CEO, MasFusión - MadeinSocial
  246. Angel L Perez (San Juan), Vice President, Rock Solid Technologies Puerto Rico
  247. Angelique Mannella (Montreal), Founder & CEO, Decode Global
  248. Anh Pham Duc (Ho Chi Minh City), CEO,
  249. Anil Jwalanna (Bangalore), Founder & CEO, WittyParrot
  250. Anita Ghazi Rahman (Dhaka), Founder & Partner, The Legal Circle
  251. Anjali Pillai (Bangalore), Head of Entrepreneurial Engagements, Microsoft Ventures India
  252. Anke Corbin (Denver), Anke Corbin - Founder, CEO (Denver FI), Globig
  253. Anke Corbin (Saint Petersburg), SVP Sales & Marketing, Splick-It
  254. Ann Burgraff - Rowell (Singapore), Advisor / Mentor , National University of Singapore / Singapore HUB
  255. Anna Kuchuganova (Saint Petersburg), Сhief product officer, MailBurn
  256. Anna Locke (Greenville), President & Owner, A.T. LOCKE
  257. Annabelle Angarita (Bogotá), Associate,
  258. Anoj Willy (Orange County), Director Product Development, Trace3
  259. Anouk Jacob (Paris), GM, Ballou PR
  260. Anselm Waterfield (Sydney), Partner, AGT Group
  261. Anshuman Bapna (Bangalore), CEO,
  262. Anthony Bizos (Johannesburg), Executive DIrector, Tyme Capital
  263. Anthony Coundouris (Singapore), MD, Futurebooks Pte Ltd
  264. Anthony Glenning (Melbourne), FI Mentor
  265. Anthony Courtat (Paris), Director, Ballou PR
  266. Anthony Mazzarella (Los Angeles), CEO, PatentVest, Inc
  267. Anthony Douglas (Lisbon), CEO, CP
  268. Antoine Perouze (Mexico City), Founder & CEO, DADA ROOM
  269. Anton Skornyakov (Berlin), Agile & lean startup coach,
  270. Anton Pinyol (Barcelona), Founding Partner, Firma
  271. Anton Gladkov (Saint Petersburg), Founder,
  272. Anton Monk (San Diego), Co-Founder/ VP of Technology , Entropic Communications
  273. Anton Outkine (Moscow), Partner,
  274. Anton Malkov (Moscow), CEO,
  275. Anton Dy Buncio (Chicago), Founder,
  276. Anton Frolov (Saint Petersburg), Product Manager, Yandex.Money
  277. Antonio Sala Martí (Barcelona), Socio Fundador y Consejero Delegado, Barcelona Bussines Angels
  278. Antonio Quirarte (Mexico City), Founder,
  279. Antonio Garcia (Santiago), Cofounder, Co-Work
  280. Antonio Ferreira (Lisbon), CEO, Lunacloud
  281. Antonio Faillace (Bogotá), Founder, AuthorsGlobe
  282. Antonio F. (Lisbon), FI Mentor
  283. Antonio Rami (Barcelona), Co-Founder & COO, Kantox
  284. Antonio Tangarife (San Juan), Co-Founder, Puerto Rico Ventures
  285. Antonio Leonforte (Rome), Co-founder & CEO,
  286. Antonio Pio De Roda (Manila), Co-founder, 1000 Angels
  287. Antonio Carlos Soares da Costa Junior (Sao Paolo), Co-founder & CEO,
  288. Antonis Markopoulos (Athens), Managing Director, Oceania Region,
  289. Antonius Taufan (Jakarta), Founder,
  290. Antonny Liem (Jakarta), CEO, Merah Putih Inc.
  291. Antti Perli (Tallinn), Member of the Board, SmartCap
  292. Anu Acharya (Hyderabad), CEO,
  293. Anurag Gupta (New Delhi), MD, India, SVG Media
  294. Anurag Bist (Orange County), Founder, Ashmar
  295. Apar Kothari (New York), Founder & CEO, MyNines, Inc.
  296. Apostolos Apostolakis (Athens), Advisor and co-founder,
  297. April Dunford (Toronto), Former COO, Tulip Retail
  298. Aran Hamilton (Toronto), President & Co-Founder, Vantage Analytics
  299. Arden Agopyan (Istanbul), Founder & CEO, CloudArena
  300. Ari Juliano Gema (Jakarta), Deputy Chairman for IPR Facilitation and Regulation, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif
  301. Ari Bencuya (Istanbul), Startup Consultant and Web Analytics Enthusiast,
  302. Ari Klinger (Sydney), Partner, Right Click Capital
  303. Ari Wurmann (Santiago), CEO and Founder, Glupper
  304. Ariadi Anaya (Jakarta), Client Partner & Country Manager Indonesia, Pedersen & Partners
  305. Arianna Bassoli (Rome), Founder, Frestyl
  306. Arie Shen (Orange County), Vice President,
  307. Ariel Arrieta (Santiago), Cofounder & CEO, Nextperience Labs
  308. Ariel Gringaus (Santiago), CEO, Colegium
  309. Ariel Garten (Toronto), CEO, InteraXon
  310. Ariel Pelerman (Santiago), Commercial Director,
  311. Arkadiusz Hajduk (Warsaw), CEO, Transparent Data
  312. Arkadiy Hotin (Saint Petersburg), Founder, Arcadia
  313. Arkady Moreynis (Moscow), Founder, Darkside VC
  314. Arman Eshraghi (Washington DC), Founder & Chairman, LogiXML
  315. Arnaud Bonzom (Kuala Lumpur), Director - Special Projects, 500 Startups
  316. Arnaud Rijkeboer (Lima), Founder/CEO, DTP Groovy Web Solutions (
  317. Arnoldo Madrigal (San Jose), Presidente, Brainware S.A.
  318. Arnon Kohavi (Santiago), Founder,
  319. Arnout Mostert (Singapore), Partner, AccelerAsia
  320. Art Roldan (Chicago), Former CEO & Chairman, ISD Corporation
  321. Artemy Malkov (Moscow), CEO, Flexis
  322. Artie Lopez (Manila), Co-Founder, CallMe Technologies
  323. Arto Tolonen (Helsinki), Co-founder, CTO,
  324. Arturo Coral (Lima), CEO, kunFOOD
  325. Arup Maity (Manila), Arup Maity - President, BlastAsia & Xamun Inc. (Manila FI), BlastAsia & Xamun Inc.
  326. Arzumy Md Yusof (Kuala Lumpur), CTO,
  327. Asad Karim (Islamabad), CEO, Tele Taleem
  328. Ash Maurya (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, Spark59
  329. Ashish Rangnekar (Chicago), CEO & Co-founder, BenchPrep
  330. Ashish Mistry (Atlanta), CEO, KontrolFreek
  331. Ashley Leach (Melbourne), Managing Director, PoE: Points of Engagement
  332. Ashton Bishop (Sydney), Head of Strategy, Step Change Marketing
  333. Ashwin Anandani (Hong Kong), Partner and Managing Director, On-Off Design & Technology
  334. Ashwin Ramasamy (Singapore), Founder & CEO, ContractIQ
  335. Asiyah Sharifi (Kabul), Partner, Afghanistan Legal Services
  336. Asmat Ullah (Kabul), CEO, Xala Technologies
  337. Asoka Veeravagu (New York), Vice President, New Business Development , Jarden Consumer Solutions
  338. Assaf Shamia (Munich), Head of Entrepreneurship Education, Strascheg Center for entrepreneurship (SCE)
  339. Aston Goad (Jakarta), Foreign Advisor, Ivan Almaida Baely & Firmansyah Law Firm (“IAB&F”)
  340. Atif Noori (San Francisco), CEO and Founder, Emberlight
  341. Atıl Erken (Istanbul), General Partner, Collective Spark
  342. Atul Patel (Orange County), Founder, OneScreen
  343. Audrey Soussan (Paris), Principal, Ventech
  344. Audry Larocque (Montreal), CEO, iPerceptions
  345. Augusto Coppola (Rome), Director, LVenture Group / LUISS ENLABS
  346. Avery Lyford (Silicon Valley), Chief Customer Officer, InfoStretch
  347. Avi Cavale (Seattle), Shippable, CEO
  348. Avi Yashchin (New York), Interim CEO, NYC Data Science Academy
  349. Avner Schneur (Boston), Founder, Emptoris
  350. Axel Hesse (Berlin), CEO,
  351. Axel Serena (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Alva House
  352. Aycan Avci (Istanbul), CEO, Aya Consulting
  353. Aymard De Scorbiac (Paris), Secrétaire Général BU Entrepreneurs & PME, Mazars
  354. Azad Virk (Orange County), Corporate Attorney, Stradling
  355. Azhar Rizvi (Karachi), Member, Global Advisory Board, Global MIT Enterprise Forum
  356. Azrul Rahim (Kuala Lumpur), Founder & CEO, Slashes & Dots Sdn Bhd
  357. Balaji Chakravarthi (Bangalore), Founder & Editor,
  358. Balder Tol (Sydney), Manager, Tank Stream Labs
  359. Balu Masti (Bangalore), Vice President - Global Biz Dev and Eng., Vigyanlabs Innovations
  360. Ban Eu Tan (Kuala Lumpur), co-founders,
  361. Barbara Wilby (New York), Founder,
  362. Barbary Brunner (Denver), Principal, Promoveo Partners
  363. Barış Yaman (Istanbul), CEO / Co-founder, Galata Labs
  364. Barnaby Dorfman (Seattle), Founder, Foodista, Inc
  365. Barry Thompson (Silicon Valley), CEO, Tervela
  366. Barry Silbert (New York), CEO, SecondMarket
  367. Bart Decrem (Brussels), Founder & CEO, Tapulous
  368. Bart Becks (Brussels), Co-Founder and CEO , SonicAngel
  369. Bart Carlson (Chicago), CEO, Napersoft
  370. Bart Jellema (Sydney), Founder, ZeroMail
  371. Bart Verkoeijen (Hong Kong), Web Developer, Quantifeed
  372. Bart Greenberg (Orange County), Partner,
  373. Bart Jan Van Genderen (Amsterdam), CEO, CMI
  374. Basak Taspinar Degim (Istanbul), Founder & CEO,
  375. Batara Eto (Singapore), CEO, Etolabo Corporation
  376. Bayram Annakov (Moscow), CEO, App in the air
  377. Beatriz Helena Ramos (New York), Founder , DancingDiablo,
  378. Beerud Sheth (Jakarta), CEO, Teamchat
  379. Ben Straley (Seattle), Founder & CEO , Meteor Solutions
  380. Ben Soebiakto (Jakarta), CEO, Octovate Group
  381. Ben Larson (Silicon Valley), Director, Founder Institute, San Francisco Bay Area
  382. Ben Zifkin (Toronto), CEO, Hubba
  383. Ben Yoskovitz (Toronto), VP Product, VarageSale
  384. Ben Webster (Melbourne), CEO,
  385. Benedikt Lehnert (Berlin), CMO, 6Wunderkinder
  386. Benjamin Ranck (Sydney), CTO, Jetabroad
  387. Benjamin Chong (Sydney), Partner, Right Click Capital
  388. Benjamin Du Haÿs (Montreal), Founder & CEO, Mobeewave
  389. Benjamin Rohé (Berlin), Founder, MAS Angel Fund
  390. Benjamin Joffe (Singapore), Founder & CEO, Plus Eight Star
  391. Benjamin Young (Washington DC), CEO, Nexercise
  392. Benjamin Thym (Berlin), CEO, barcoo
  393. Benoit Bazzocchi (Paris), Fondateur et CEO,
  394. Berislav Lopac (Zagreb), Co-founder, CRANE
  395. Bernadette Hyland (Washington DC), Founder & CEO, Zepheira
  396. Bernadine Bröcker (London), CEO and Founder,
  397. Bernard Lorig (Paris), Founders & CEO, Incubeo
  398. Bernard Olivier Becker (Paris), Partner,
  399. Bernardo Herzer (Los Angeles), CEO / Founder, LEHR Inc.
  400. Bernardo Cordero (Mexico City), Managing Director, Linio
  401. Bernardo Piquet (Sao Paolo), Gestão de Ativos de Propriedade Intelectual, Nex CoWorking
  402. Bert Van Wassenhove (Brussels), Founder, THINK with people
  403. Bert Nijmeijer (Amsterdam), CEO, Technology Circle Twente
  404. Berthold Von Freyberg (Munich), Partner & Co-Owner, Target Partners
  405. Bertrand Diard (Paris), CEO, Talend
  406. Beth Thouin (Montreal), Startup Marketing Expert, Thunkr Consulting
  407. Betsy Hauser (Atlanta), Founder, Tech Talent South
  408. Bhavin Shah (Silicon Valley), CEO, Refresh, Inc.
  409. Bill Messing (Seattle), CEO, RIPL Corp.
  410. Bill Ashlock (Singapore), Principal,
  411. Bill Hunt (Silicon Valley), CTO, IncentAlign
  412. Bill Schafer (Washington DC), CEO, Digital DME
  413. Bill Forbes (San Francisco), Director of Application Development, Taller Technologies
  414. Bill Draper (Washington DC), Founder/CEO/CTO, Dovetail Systems, Inc
  415. Bill Wade (Washington DC), Founder & CEO,
  416. Billy Boen (Jakarta), CEO, Young on Top
  417. Binh Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), Co-Founder, Klout
  418. Binh Pham (Hanoi), Legal Director, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  419. Binh Nguyen Thanh (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder, Coc Coc
  420. Binh Le Hai (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & Chairman, Mat Bao Group
  421. Bipin Pendyala (Hyderabad), Founder & MD , SuVitas Holistic Healthcare
  422. Birol Kabakoglu (Istanbul), Founder & CEO,
  423. Bjorn Behrendt (Sydney), Director and Co-Founder, ParcelPush
  424. Boaz Zilberman (Tel Aviv), CEO, Project-RAY (previously Founder at Fring)
  425. Bob Crimmins (Seattle), Founder, MoonTango
  426. Bob Ogdon (Denver), CEO, Swiftpage
  427. Bob Nakata (Honolulu), CEO,
  428. Bob Rosin (Silicon Valley), Bob Rosin - VP Business Development, LinkedIn (San Francisco FI) , LinkedIn
  429. Bob Dorf (San Juan), Partner, K&S Ranch
  430. Bob (Robert) Gallagher (Bangkok), Managing Director, Appsynth
  431. Bobby Liu (Hanoi), Founder, HubIT
  432. Boris Kraizel (Santiago), Socio,
  433. Borys Musielak (Warsaw), CEO, Filmaster.TV
  434. Boye Hartmann (Jakarta), Founder - CEO, Y GROUP ASIA
  435. Brad Hargreaves (New York), EIR, Tipping Point Partners
  436. Bradley Joyce (Houston), Founder, Socialyzer
  437. Bradley Kirkland (Atlanta), CEO, Stone Soup Technology, LLC
  438. Bradley Brown (Denver), Bradley Brown - CEO, InteliVideo (Denver FI) , InteliVideo
  439. Bram Cohen (Silicon Valley), Founder/Chief Scientist, BitTorrent
  440. Branden Dekenah (Perth), Director, Sangoma Consulting
  441. Brendan Robinson (Washington DC), Cofounder and CEO, Deconstruction
  442. Brendon Kensel (Orange County), Founder & President, PrimaHealth Credit
  443. Brent Halliburton (Washington DC), Brent Halliburton - VP of Products, Verve Wireless (Washington DC FI) , Verve Wireless
  444. Brenton Mix (Denver), Founder/CEO, FitGame Inc, TMG Marketing Inc
  445. Bret Harris (San Francisco), Director of Business Development, IndieGoGo
  446. Brett Greene (Seattle), CEO, New Tech Seattle
  447. Brett Holland (Chicago), Partner, Old Willow Partners
  448. Brian Nelson (Honolulu), Co-Founder,
  449. Brian Parks (Denver), GM - Denver, Galvanize
  450. Brian Elliot (New York), Founder, Friendfactor
  451. Brian Lent (Seattle), Founder, CTO, Medio
  452. Brian Church (Toronto), Country Manager, Canada, LinkedIn
  453. Brian Brown (Denver), CTO and Co-Founder, Broadnet
  454. Brian Williams (Denver), Managing Partner, Cache Creek Partners
  455. Brian Shin (Boston), Founder and CEO, Visible meaures
  456. Brian McSharry (Greenville), Chairman, Concepts to Companies
  457. Brian Menzies (Sydney), VP, Commercial Development, Vast Solar
  458. Brian Schultz (Seattle), Matchmaker, FounderDating
  459. Brian Levin (Denver), Chairman of the Herd, Performance Enhancing Meat Snacks
  460. Brian Liu (Los Angeles), Chairman & Co-Founder,
  461. Brian Reale (Bogotá), Brian Reale - Co-founder and CEO, Colosa, Inc. (Bogotá FI), Colosa, Inc.
  462. Brian Wong (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, Kiip
  463. Brian Requarth (Bogotá), CEO, Co-Founder, VivaReal, Inc
  464. Brian Dear (San Diego), Founder, Co-founder, Birdrock Digital, Nettle, Eventful, Coconut, etc.
  465. Brian M Pasalich (Zagreb), Vice President, MassMutual Financial Group-New Jersey|NYC
  466. Brice Scheschuk (Toronto), CEO, Globalive Capital
  467. Brock Pierce (Los Angeles), Vice Chairman, Affinity Media
  468. Brodie McCulloch (Perth), Managing Director, Spacecubed
  469. Brooke Allen (New York), Head, Quantitative Trading Group, Maple Securities
  470. Brooks Robinson (Atlanta), Brooks Robinson - CEO, Springbot (Atlanta FI), Springbot
  471. Bruce Dines (Denver), VP&MD, Liberty Global Ventures
  472. Bruno Mueller (Munich), Founder, AMI Capital
  473. Bruno Lowagie (Brussels), Founder / CEO, iText Group
  474. Bruno Levy (Paris), CEO,
  475. Bruno Morency (Montreal), Head of Operations, iNovia Capital
  476. Bruno Campos (San Jose), Partner, Pupila Estudio
  477. Bryan Janeczko (New York), Founder, Wicked Start
  478. Bryan Rutberg (Seattle), Partner, AG Consulting Partners
  479. Bryan Mistele (Seattle), CEO , Inrix
  480. Bryan Thatcher (New York), CEO, Fusebox Inc
  481. Bryan Starbuck (Seattle), CEO & Founder,
  482. Bryan Cassady (Brussels), Founder/Director,
  483. Bryan Pelz (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Klamr
  484. Bryan Hall (San Diego), Bryan Hall - Co-Founder & CTO, Email Copilot / Embarke (San Diego FI), Email Copilot
  485. Bryan Janeczko (New York), Chief Executive Officer, The Fresh Diet
  486. Bryan Leach (Denver), FI Mentor
  487. Bryan Vu (Singapore), Head of Strategy & Operations, APAC, Google
  488. Bubba Murarka (Silicon Valley), Partner, DFJ
  489. Budi Rahardjo (Jakarta), Founder, PT. Indo CISC
  490. Bùi Trường Sơn (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Felix
  491. Burak Yaman (Istanbul), Coordinator, Koç University Incubation Center
  492. Burckhardt Bonello (Berlin), CEO, Found Fair Ventures
  493. C.J. Acosta (San Juan), Co-founder, Datacrowd
  494. Çağdaş Berksan (Istanbul), CEO,
  495. Caglar Erol (Istanbul), CEO,
  496. Cahit Güvensoy (Istanbul), CEO,
  497. Caithrin Rintoul (Montreal), Caithrin Rintoul - Co-Founder & CEO, Provender (Montreal FI), Provender
  498. Calum Cameron (Tallinn), Managing Director, Startup Wise Guys
  499. Calvin Kizana (Jakarta), Founder and CEO, PicMix
  500. Cameron Priest (Singapore), CEO, Tradegecko
  501. Cameron Adams (Sydney), Co-founder & CPO, Canva
  502. Camila Holpert (Sao Paolo), CEO, Studio Ideas
  503. Camille Basa (Manila), Chief Steward, CrossBow Communication Services Pvt Ltd
  504. Camilo Gómez (Bogotá), CEO & Founder, SnappyGo
  505. Camilo Usuga Ortiz (Bogotá), CTO, Digital Partners Group / Multiplica Mobile
  506. Camilo Gomez (Medellín), Camilo Gomez - Founder and CEO, SnappyGo (Medellín FI),
  507. Campbell Unsworth (Melbourne), Principal, General Standards
  508. Can Serter (Istanbul), Angel Investor, Angel Investor
  509. Carey Ransom (Orange County), CMO, Payoff
  510. Carl Danneels (Brussels), CEO, Plethon
  511. Carl Mercier (Montreal), Founder/CEO, Codified
  512. Carl Coryell Martin (Singapore), Practice Manager, Singapore, Pivotal Labs
  513. Carl Petter Boehlke (Bogotá), Product and Innovation, Esmoviles
  514. Carla Tanas (Athens), Owner, EVNTZ
  515. Carlos Puigjaner (Barcelona), Founder and CEO, Organic Advanced Company
  516. Carlos Estigarribia (Rio de Janeiro), Founder, RightZero, NearBytes
  517. Carlos Vela Treviño (Mexico City), Associate, Baker & Mckenzie
  518. Carlos González Yanes (San Juan), Managing Partner, Criterion Strategic Services Group
  519. Carlos Silva (Lisbon), President, Seedrs
  520. Carlos Sirias (San Jose), CEO, Pernix
  521. Carlos Sáez (Madrid), Socio Director, Trebia Abogados
  522. Carlos Baradello (Santiago), Associate Dean, University of San Francisco
  523. Carlos Lora Calvo (Andalucia), Co-Founder, Cornerfy
  524. Carlos Gallegos (San Jose), Managing Partner - Advisory Services, EY (Ernst & Young)
  525. Carlos Ochoa (Mexico City), CEO, Chilango Ventures
  526. Carlos Mora De La Orden (San Jose), CEO, Mora de la Orden & Co.
  527. Carlos Silva (Lisbon), COO, Seedrs
  528. Carlos Blanco Vázquez (Madrid), CEO, Grupo ITnet
  529. Carlos Cobian (San Juan), Co-Founder & VP of Marketing, Wireless Idea Corp
  530. Carlos Beldarrain (Madrid), Head of Spain & Latam Digital Ventures, Unidad Editorial
  531. Carlos Hanzyl Ang (Manila), CEO and Founder, Suds Laundry
  532. Carol Gomes (Sao Paolo), Diretora de Planejamento, Touch Branding
  533. Caroline Noublanche (Paris), CEO, Prylos
  534. Carsten Korch (Lima), President/CEO,
  535. Carter Laren (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO, Inara Ventures
  536. Carter Cleveland (New York), CEO,
  537. Casper Peh (Singapore), Head of Operations, Wildfire Asia
  538. Catalina Girald (Bogotá), Founder,
  539. Catherine Kaputa (Sydney), Brand Strategist, Speaker and Author,
  540. Caya (Jose) Cayasso (San Jose), CEO, Slidebean
  541. Cecilia Vega Islas (Mexico City), CEO , Virgin Mobile Mexico
  542. Cedric Hutchings (Paris), CEO, Withings
  543. Cédric Naintré (Berlin), Founder, Range-Moi
  544. Cedric Giorgi (Paris), Head of Startup Relations, SIGFOX
  545. Celeste North (Mexico City), Country Manager, MUBI Mexico
  546. Celso Malachias (Sao Paulo), CEO, DNA Hunter Recrutamento e Seleção de Executivos & Profissionais Especializados
  547. Cem Sertoglu (Istanbul), Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital
  548. Cesar Zevallos (Lima), CEO & Founder, Asix S.A.
  549. César Salazar (Mexico City), Venture Partner, 500 Startups
  550. Chad Smalley (Bogotá), CEO, Guia Media
  551. Chaïb Martinez (Paris), CEO, Zyyne
  552. Chan Cheong Puan (Kuala Lumpur), Founder, Green Packet Berhad
  553. Charkrid Thanhachartyothin (Bangkok), Founder, Socialhappen
  554. Charle Charoenphan (Bangkok), Managing Director, HUBBA Co., Ltd.
  555. Charles Ehredt (Barcelona), Group Director - New Ventures, ODIGEO Group
  556. Charles Kwon (Seattle), Managing Director, Bridge Partners
  557. Charles Mount (Seattle), CEO,
  558. Charlie Gunningham (Perth), CEO, Business News
  559. Charlie Jackson (San Diego), Founder, Silicon Beach Software
  560. Charlie O'donnell (New York), EIR, First Round
  561. Charlie Tillett (Boston), Consulting CFO,
  562. Charlie Kim (New York), Founder & CEO, Next Jump
  563. Chas Rampenthal (Los Angeles), General Counsel,
  564. Chau Dang (Ho Chi Minh City), Cofounder and Senior Director, TOPICA Native
  565. Chaz Dheer (Sydney), Principal, Chaz Dheer Legal
  566. Chen Chow Yeoh (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder,
  567. Cheng Leong Foong (Kuala Lumpur), Owner, FOONG CHENG LEONG & CO
  568. Cheryl Yeoh (New York), CEO & Cofounder, Reclip.It
  569. Chester Ng (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder & CMO, SweetLabs
  570. Chieh Suang Khor (Hanoi), Principal, Digital Media Partners (DMP)
  571. Chin Chao (Singapore), Managing Director, Sirius Capital Management
  572. Chine Lanzmann (Paris), Presidente, Chine Lanzmann Coaching et Formations
  573. Chris Dishman (Seattle), Founder, Denali Financial Consulting
  574. Chris Arsenault (Montreal), Managing Partner, iNovia Capital
  575. Chris Young (New York), Managing Director, Revel Partners
  576. Chris Studer (San Diego), Founder & Former CEO, ScholarPoint Financial
  577. Chris Capdevila (San Diego), Founder & Former CEO, LogicalApps
  578. Chris Evdemon (Singapore), General Manager - Incubation Programs, Innovation Works
  579. Chris Farquhar (Perth), Case Manager,
  580. Chris Ye (Toronto), Co-Founder, Uken Games
  581. Chris Thomas (London), CEO, Sports Fusion Limited
  582. Chris Fay (Greenville), Owner, VP, WODgraphics & TPM
  583. Chris Birrell (Kuala Lumpur), CIO, Blue Coat Systems
  584. Chris Phenner (New York), Executive Vice President, Thumbplay, inc.
  585. Chris Harvey (Ho Chi Minh City), CEO,
  586. Chris Saad (San Francisco), Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Echo
  587. Chris Dover (Medellín), CEO/Founder, Geniusly
  588. Chris Hogg (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, 100Plus
  589. Chris Parker (Washington DC), CEO, New Horizon Wines
  590. Chris Devore (Seattle), General Partner & Co-Founder, Founders Co-op
  591. Chris Hawkins (Orange County), Founder, SignNow
  592. Chris Stahl (San Juan), Chris Stahl - President, G4i (Puerto Rico FI), G4i
  593. Chris J Snook (Denver), Chris J Snook - Managing Partner/Venture Catalyst in Residence, Launch Haus (Denver FI), Launch Haus (
  594. Christiaan Kraaijenhagen (Amsterdam), Founder and CEO, Helio Hub
  595. Christian Angele (Berlin), CEO, Imedo
  596. Christian Wolf (Berlin), Founder,
  597. Christian Blanquera (Manila), CEO, Openovate Labs
  598. Christian Polak (Tokyo), CEO,
  599. Christian Van Der Henst (Mexico City), Co-founder, Platzi
  600. Christian Rodriguez (Barcelona), CEO and Founder,
  601. Christian Schaefer (Hanoi), Managing Partner, Asia Counsel
  602. Christian Musfeldt (Berlin), Investment Manager / Legal Counsel, DuMont Venture Holding Gmbh & Co. KG
  603. Christian Magel (Sydney), Founder & CMO, amaysim Australia
  604. Christian Vollmann (Berlin), CEO, eDarling
  605. Christina Economides (Athens), Senior Associate, V&P Law Firm
  606. Christina Chen (Melbourne), Director, Surprise Attack
  607. Christine Renaud (Montreal), Founder/CEO, E-180
  608. Christoph Sollich (Berlin), Christoph Sollich - The Pitch Doctor, Startup Consultant (Warsaw FI) , Startup Consultant
  609. Christophe Cremer (Paris), President,
  610. Christophe Philemotte (Brussels), Founder, PullReview
  611. Christopher Johnson (Seattle), Founder,
  612. Christopher Harz (Los Angeles), Vice President, VirtualAgility
  613. Chuck Teubner (Washington DC), Managing Director, Newport Board Group
  614. Chun Dong Chau (Singapore), Partner, Crystal Horse Investments
  615. Cindy Gallop (Sydney), Founder, IfWeRanTheWorld
  616. Claas Van Delden (Berlin), Managing Director, SevenVentures GmbH
  617. Claire McGregor (Perth), Co-Director, Founder Institute, Perth Chapter
  618. Clara Conti (Washington DC), Consultant CEO, Aurora Technology Solutions
  619. Claude De Loupy (Paris), CEO, Syllabs
  620. Claude Rameau (Paris), President , France Angels
  621. Claude Théoret (Montreal), Founder & CEO, Nexalogy Environics
  622. Claudia Ranito (Lisbon), CEO, Medbone
  623. Claudia Fernandini (Lima), General Manager, Clarke, Modet & Co. Peru
  624. Claudia Bacco (Munich), Founder, Doberfrau
  625. Claudio Barahona (Santiago), Gerente de Negocios, Wayra Chile
  626. Claudio Hidalgo (Santiago), CEO, Inversiones Santa Josefina, investing and incubator company
  627. Claudio Gambetti (Toronto), Engineering Director, Desire2Learn
  628. Claudio Nasajon (Rio de Janeiro), Presidente, Nasajon Sistemas
  629. Clayton Narcis (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder & CTO, Alphapod
  630. Cleve Adams (San Diego), Principal,
  631. Cliff Boro (San Diego), Managing Partner , The Team Group, LLC.
  632. Clinton House (Perth), CEO & Founder,
  633. Colin Gu (Shenzhen), 联合创始人,
  634. Colin Fabig (Sydney), Chairman, LivingSocial Australia
  635. Collis Ta'eed (Melbourne), CEO, Envato
  636. Cong Tran (Hanoi), cofounder, Launch Hanoi
  637. Cong Phung Tien (Hanoi), Founder & CEO,
  638. Conrad Yiu (Sydney), Principal, Arden Point
  639. Conrad Egusa (Medellín), Founder, Brownstein & Egusa
  640. Constantine Ivanov (Moscow), CEO, 3DPrintus
  641. Corregan Brown (Atlanta), Cofounder, ProjectLocker
  642. Cory York (Toronto), CEO and co-Founder, PowerStores
  643. Cory Crosland (New York), President, Croscon
  644. Courtney Gant (San Diego), CEO & Co-Founder, Skooltopia
  645. Craig Chetty (Perth), Co-Founder, Student Edge
  646. Craig Blair (Sydney), Partner, AirTree Ventures
  647. Craig Kanarick (New York), CEO , Mouth Foods
  648. Craig Corte (Johannesburg), CEO, New Media Kagiso Media
  649. Craig Hagopian (San Diego), CEO & Founder, Chalk Media Holdings, Inc.
  650. Cristina Palacios (Mexico City), CEO, Aventones
  651. Cristina Fonseca (Lisbon), Co-Founder, TalkDesk
  652. Cristóbal Silva (Santiago), Managing Partner, FEN Ventures
  653. Cynthia Traeger (Washington DC), CEO, Pacific Siren International LLC
  654. Daan Loening (Berlin), CEO, Kinderfee
  655. Daisuke Mizuta (Kansai), CEO, REVENTIVE
  656. Daisuke Yamashita (Kansai), Co-founder / CTO, Inc.
  657. Dale David (Manila), Founder, Pickld
  658. Dale Coyner (Washington DC), Founder, Communicast
  659. Dale Fox (Los Angeles), Co-Founder and CEO, Tribogenics
  660. Daleyne Guay (Montreal), CEO, NewDeal Brewery Inc
  661. Dalmir Ogliari Jr (Curitiba), Executive Director, Business Planning & Strategy, EngagED
  662. Damir Bulic (Rijeka), Founder & CEO, Equel
  663. Dan Ushman (Chicago), Co-Founder & CMO, SingleHop, Inc.
  664. Dan Kihanya (Seattle), Venture Advisor,
  665. Dan O'Neill (San Diego), VP Engineering, Certona
  666. Dan Arkind (Silicon Valley), Dan Arkind - Founder & CEO, JobScore (San Francisco FI) , JobScore
  667. Dan Owen (Silicon Valley), Managing General Partner, HO2 Funds
  668. Dan Seidman (Brussels), Founder / CEO, Promotional Communications LLC
  669. Dan Fine (Seattle), Managing Partner, Fine Solutions
  670. Dan Porter (New York), CEO,
  671. Dan Olschwang (Boston), President & CEO, Jumptap
  672. Dan Solomon (Washington DC), Managing Director, Builder LLC.
  673. Dan Daugherty (Denver), Founder & CEO,
  674. Dan Shapiro (Seattle), Dan Shapiro - Founder, Sparkbuy (Seattle FI) , Photobucket
  675. Dan Gertsacov (Bogotá), Dan Gertsacov - CEO, Americas Region (Bogota FI) ,
  676. Dan Dato (Los Angeles), Co Founder, CrossCampus
  677. Dana Montenegro (San Juan), Chief Innovation Catalyst & Idea Engineer, SeriouslyCreative
  678. Danial Jameel (Montreal), Founder/CEO, Forbes 30under30, OOHLALA Mobile Inc.
  679. Daniel Rossi (Seattle), Chief Business Officer,
  680. Daniel Walker (Hong Kong), Founder & CEO, Dragon Law
  681. Daniel Hoepfner (Berlin), CEO, PressMatrix
  682. Daniel Leuck (Honolulu), CEO, Ikayzo, inc.
  683. Daniel O'brien (Denver), Chairman, Digitalsmiths (High Speed Access, Primestar)
  684. Daniel Obodovski (San Diego), Co-founder, Managing Partner, Diosys Technologies LLC
  685. Daniel Saccani (Silicon Valley), President, Ravix Group, Inc.
  686. Daniel Goh (Singapore), PR Manager, Blizzard Entertainment, SE Asia
  687. Daniel Undurraga (Santiago), Founder LatAm, Groupon
  688. Daniel Szuc (Hong Kong), Design Researcher, Apogee Asia Ltd
  689. Daniel Hoffer (San Juan), Co-Founder, Couchsurfing
  690. Daniel Vila Boa (Lisbon), Managing Partner & Founder, Chilltime
  691. Daniel Perez Rada (Santiago), CTO, Epistemonikos
  692. Daniel Ringrose (Sydney), Business Coach, Future Results
  693. Daniel Checchia (Curitiba), CTO, StartupLABs
  694. Daniel Daccarett (Santiago), Founder and CEO,
  695. Daniel Bergman (Curitiba), Director, VAIO, Positivo Informatica
  696. Daniel Romy Martí (Barcelona), Director de Inversiones, Media Digital Ventures
  697. Daniel Viader (Barcelona), Head of legal department, AUREN
  698. Daniel Leong (Singapore), Co-founder, LawCanvas
  699. Daniel Ibarra (Santiago), CEO, GOPLACEIT.COM
  700. Danny Oei Wirianto (Jakarta), CEO, Mindtalk
  701. Danny Adams (Sydney), Founder, GoFar
  702. Danny Yeung (Hong Kong), Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Astronaut, uBuyiBuy (acquired by Groupon)
  703. Darcy Naunton (Perth), General Partner, York Butter Factory / Adventure Capital
  704. Darin Walters (Sydney), Managing Director, Jetabroad
  705. Dario Palacio (Bogotá), CEO & FOUNDER, Digital Partners Group
  706. Darrell Knight (London), CEO, Buzzigo LLC
  707. Darren Kimura (Honolulu), Individual, Various
  708. Darren Herman (New York), Chief Digital Media Officer, kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners
  709. Darren Carter (New York), Principal, NYC SEM
  710. Darren Younger (Sydney), Director, IPscape
  711. Dash Dhakshinamoorthy (Perth), Founder, Startup Malaysia
  712. Dave Mori (Honolulu), Director of Development, University of Hawaii Cancer Center / UH Foundation
  713. Dave Sonders (Chicago), Associate Partner, gravitytank
  714. Dave Parker (Seattle), Serial Entrepreneur, VP, UP Global
  715. Dave Schappell (Seattle), Founder and CEO,
  716. Dave Sandrowitz (Washington DC), Owner & Principal Consultant, Substrate LLC
  717. Dave Condon (Manila), Founder & CEO , Axon
  718. Dave Mcclure (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO, Aslan Computing
  719. David Moeller (Atlanta), CEO, CodeGuard
  720. David Nilssen (Seattle), Co-Founder & CEO, Guidant Financial Group
  721. David Gonzalez Castro (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, RED ARBOR
  722. David Lees (Munich), CEO & Founder, StoryHome
  723. David Setzer (Greenville), CEO, Virtual Connect Technologies
  724. David Aronchick (Seattle), Founder,
  725. David Ulevitch (Silicon Valley), CEO, OpenDNS
  726. David Beatty (New York), Managing Director, Golden Seeds
  727. David Higley (Los Angeles), Managing Partner, Bond Lane Partners
  728. David Glyn Jones (Johannesburg), Founder, CFO and CIO, Opennetworks
  729. David Sacks (Silicon Valley), CEO, Yammer
  730. David Pike (Chicago), President, New York Trolley Company
  731. David Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), Cofounder, MJ Group
  732. David Fredericks (Denver), Senior Director, Oracle
  733. David Oliva (Madrid), CIO, Banco Madrid
  734. David Assael (Santiago), CEO,
  735. David Brabbins (Hong Kong), Associate Partner , Prophet
  736. David Sheng (Shanghai), 高级合伙人, 德恒律师事务所
  737. David Tomás (Barcelona), Founder and General Manager, Cyberclick
  738. David Jones (Sydney), Founder, StreetHawk
  739. David Basulto (Santiago), Founder, COO,
  740. David Catterall (Sydney), Director, InterFinancial Corporate Finance Limited
  741. David Boronat (Barcelona), Founder and CEO, Multiplica
  742. David Bonifacio (Manila), Managing Director, New Leaf Ventures
  743. David Pessis (Chicago), Co-Founder and CTO, Fippex
  744. David Blake (Curitiba), Business Development, Gust
  745. David Pence (Greenville), CEO, Acumen IT
  746. David Hung (New York), CEO & Co-Founder, Find Your Trainer
  747. David Fox (Kabul), CEO / Founder, Afghanistan Monitoring & Research
  748. David Hachez (Brussels), Founder, The After
  749. David Culver (Chicago), Co-Founder, Adventerra
  750. David Geisen (Mexico City), CEO, Dafiti Mexico
  751. David Greene (Washington DC), Vice President and Financial Advisor , Bernstein Global Wealth Management
  752. David Macknet (San Juan), Dr. David T. Macknet, Macknet and Associates
  753. David Niu (Sydney), Founder, BuddyTV
  754. David Blumenstein (New York), Founder, TEKWORKS
  755. David Michail (Los Angeles), Principle, metlawgroup
  756. David Elefant (Manila), Founder, Dayanan Business Consultancy
  757. David Yoon (Berlin), CTO,
  758. David Siegel (Sydney), Strategy Executive, Step Change Marketing
  759. David Isaacs (New York), President, Qlipso/DoubleFusion
  760. David Friedensohn (Paris), Founder, BigStar
  761. David Gerken (Orange County), COO & VP Business Development, AnyMeeting
  762. David Peters (Sydney), CEO, Emagine International
  763. David Kidder (New York), CEO, Clickable, Inc.
  764. David Teten (New York), Partner, ff Venture Capital
  765. David Wu (Silicon Valley), General Partner, Maveron Capital
  766. David Du Pont (Denver), President and CEO,
  767. David Odrich (New York), Partner, Pillsbury
  768. David Weekly (Silicon Valley), Product Manager, @ facebook
  769. David McKinney (Perth), CEO & Founder, Filter Squad
  770. David Kato (Sao Paulo), COO, iFood
  771. David Bluhm (Seattle), Founder & CEO, Z2Live
  772. David S. Rose (New York), CEO, Gust
  773. Davide De Guz (Rome), Founder and CEO, ClickMeter
  774. Davide D'atri (Rome), CEO, Soundreef
  775. Davor Tremac (Zagreb), Founder CEO,
  776. Dawid Pacha (Warsaw), FI Mentor
  777. Dax Da Silva (Montreal), Founder/CEO, LightSpeed
  778. Dean Levitt (Honolulu), Chief of Culture, Mad Mimi
  779. Dean McEvoy (Sydney), Investor / Startup Mentor,
  780. Dean Mc Call (Toronto), CEO, Appficient
  781. Dede Haskins (Washington DC), President & CEO,
  782. Deepan Anand (Bangalore), Managing Director, Leisure Entertainment Pvt Ltd
  783. Dema Tio (Singapore), CEO, Vibease
  784. Denis Dovgopoliy (Moscow), Partner, Founder, BVU Group
  785. Denis Alaev (Moscow), FI Mentor
  786. Denise Hulce (Denver), Denise Hulce - VP, Sales and Business Development (Denver FI) ,
  787. Dennis Goh (Singapore), Director, International Digital Media Operations, Singtel
  788. Denny Santoso (Jakarta), CEO, PT Jaya Sportindo
  789. Derek Gerrard (Perth), FI Mentor
  790. Derek Footer (Santiago), Managing Partner, Origo Ventures
  791. Derek Beckmann (Chicago), Managing Director, CampusBridge Solutions
  792. Derek Kwik (Hong Kong), Managing Partner, BraveSoldier Venture Capital
  793. Derrick Morton (Seattle), CEO, FlowPlay
  794. Derrick Oien (San Diego), CEO & Founder, ScoreStream
  795. Derrick Fung (Toronto), CEO, Tunezy
  796. Derrick Ko (Singapore), Product Manager, Growth, Lyft
  797. Desiree Vargas Wrigley (Chicago), Desiree Vargas Wrigley - CEO, GiveForward (Chicago FI), GiveForward
  798. Detlev Eller (Berlin), Filmmaker, Everything Beta
  799. Devinder Bawa (Washington DC), EVP,
  800. Dharmesh Shah (Boston), Founder and CTO, Hubspot
  801. Dian Kurniadi (Jakarta), Director, PT FMS
  802. Dian Siswarini (Jakarta), Director/Chief Technology, Content & New Business Officer, XL Axiata
  803. Dian Adriani Noeh Abubakar (Jakarta), Founder & CEO, Kennedy, Voice & Berliner
  804. Diana Wu David (Hong Kong), Member of the Advisory Board, NEST Hong Kong
  805. Diane Najm (Seattle), CEO/Founder, PhotoPad
  806. Dídac Lee (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Inspirit
  807. Didi Nugrahadi (Jakarta), CEO,
  808. Didier Vermeiren (Berlin), Founder, Rialto
  809. Diederik Stols (Amsterdam), Partner, Boekx Advocaten
  810. Diego May (San Jose), CEO, Junar
  811. Diego Solorzano (Mexico City), Co-Founder & CEO, Carrot
  812. Diego García (Santiago), Gerente General, TUFT Car Wash
  813. Diego Borquez (Santiago), Gerente General, Spin Consulting Group
  814. Diego Bitencourt Contezini (Curitiba), CMO, ASAAS.COM
  815. Diep Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Vice Chairman, Momo
  816. Diep Nguyen Ngoc (Hanoi), Founder & CEO,
  817. Dimitri Villard (Los Angeles), CEO, Facet Capital Partners, LLC
  818. Dimitri Popov (Kyiv), CEO, Billibox
  819. Dimitrios Manolopoulos (Athens), Associate, V&P Law Firm
  820. Dimitris Schoretsanitis (Athens), Founder, Modernizor
  821. Dino Bendekovic (Zagreb), Senior Director, William George Group - Europe
  822. Dino Ravnic (Zagreb), Co-Founder & CEO, GIS Cloud
  823. Diogo Guerra (Lisbon), Senior Vice President of Product Development, Feedzai
  824. Diogo Teles (Lisbon), Head of Product, Faber Ventures
  825. Diogo Chalbert (Lisbon), Board, Capital Criativo
  826. Divya Gugnani (New York), CEO, Send the Trend/Behind the Burner
  827. Djarot Subiantoro (Jakarta), President Director,
  828. Dmitry Platonov (Saint Petersburg), Vice President Intellectual Property, Yota Devices
  829. Dmitry Goldov (Moscow), CEO, GetIntent
  830. Dmitry Repin (Moscow), CEO, Digital October
  831. Dmitry Firskin (Moscow), Associate, AltaIR VC
  832. Dmitry Dubograev (Saint Petersburg), Managing Partner,
  833. Dmitry Maslennikov (Moscow), CEO, MetaBeta
  834. Dmitry Kirillov (Moscow), Partner,
  835. Do Tuan Anh (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Appota
  836. Dolly Singh (Los Angeles), CEO & Founder, Thesis Couture
  837. Don Bora (Chicago), Principal Technology/Owner and Co-Founder, Eight Bit Studios
  838. Don Britton (Washington DC), CEO & Founder, Network Alliance
  839. Donald Wihardja (Jakarta), Partner, Convergence Ventures
  840. Donald Soo ドナルド•ソー (Tokyo), Former CEO,
  841. Donavan Kealoha (Honolulu), Sr. Associate, Startup Capital Ventures
  842. Dong Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), Vice Director for Product and Marketing, FPT Telecom
  843. Donna Antebi (Los Angeles), CEO,
  844. Donna Abraham (Tel Aviv), Corporate Storyteller, Boyer Communications Group
  845. Doug Brenhouse (Boston), Cofounder, COO & CFO, MetaCarta (Nokia)
  846. Doug Levin (Boston), Founder, Black Duck
  847. Doug Brown (Seattle), CEO, All Star Directories
  848. Douglas Khoo (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder,
  849. Douglas Kim (Greenville), Chairman, Innovision Entrepreneur Awards
  850. Dov Bigio (Sao Paulo), Gerente de Produtos, Locaweb
  851. Drazen Nikolic (Rijeka), Founder, Adrenalin Think Thank
  852. Drew Massey (Denver), Chief Maniac, maniaTV
  853. Duc Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), CEO, FPT Ventures
  854. Duc Trieu Tran (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, CMC InfoSec
  855. Duc Tran (Hanoi), General Partner, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  856. Duncan Mccall (Denver), Co-Founder & CEO, Place IQ
  857. Dung Le Chi (Hanoi), Director, CMC Fund
  858. Dung Nguyen Manh (Hanoi), General Director, CyberAgent Ventures Vietnam
  859. Dustin RJ Masancay (Manila), Associate Director, IdeaSpace
  860. Duy Huynh (Ho Chi Minh City), CEO, Mat Bao Media
  861. Earl Valencia (Manila), CEO and CoFounder, IdeaSpace Foundation
  862. Ed Broenniman (Washington DC), Managing Director and Founder, Piedmont Group, LLC
  863. Ed Harrell (Washington DC), Managing Partner, Harrell Capital Partners LLC
  864. Ed Powers (Denver), Principal, Service Excellence Partners
  865. Eddie Hartman (Silicon Valley), co-Founder, LegalZoom
  866. Edgar Ugalde (San Jose), CO-FOUNDER & CSM, CR Consulting Services
  867. Edgar Parada (Mexico City), Business Development Manager, BlackBerry
  868. Edi Taslim (Jakarta), Director of Digital, Kompas Gramedia
  869. Edi Budimilic (Zagreb), CEO, Exevio Ltd.
  870. Edi Pyrek (Warsaw), Consultant,
  871. Edmund Pendleton (Washington DC), President/CEO , New Old House Company
  872. Edouard Morhange (Paris), CEO,
  873. Edriss Raha (Kabul), President, MetaMarketing
  874. Eduardo Vilar (Madrid), Founder & CEO, äctucast
  875. Eduardo Pacheco (Curitiba), Partner, Pacheco & Advogados Associados
  876. Eduardo Emanuelli (San Juan), Angel Investor, (Investment Network)
  877. Eduardo Wei (Curitiba), director, sul ! internet
  878. Edvarcl Heng (Singapore), Senior Manager, Social Media,
  879. Edward Roberto (Denver), CEO,
  880. Edwin Tay (Kuala Lumpur), CEO, easyuni Sdn Bhd
  881. Edwin Wang (Kuala Lumpur), Founder,
  882. Edwin Wang (Kuala Lumpur), Founder, Signature Snack Sdn Bhd
  883. Eero Tohver (Tallinn), CEO, Uptime
  884. Efraim Pettersson (Tel Aviv), CEO, eKita
  885. Egor Rudi (Moscow), CEO,
  886. Eileen Guo (Kabul), Founder, Impassion Afghanistan
  887. Eka Ginting (Jakarta), Founder & CEO,
  888. Ekim Kaya (Istanbul), CEO & Cofounder, Botego
  889. Ekta Bahl (Hyderabad), Partner, Tatva Legal, Hyderabad
  890. Elbruz Yilmaz (Istanbul), Investment Manager, 3TS Capital Partners
  891. Elena Gómez Del Pozuelo (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, La Cigueña del bebé and
  892. Eli Schwartz (Singapore), Director of Marketing, APAC, SurveyMonkey
  893. Elinton Bobrik (Sao Paulo), CMO, Netpoints fidelidade s.a.
  894. Elizabeth Marchant (Sydney), Director, Write Away Communication + Events
  895. Elnor Rozenrot (Tel Aviv), Co-founder and CEO, PingJam
  896. Emerson Albino (Curitiba), Partner, Marins Bertoldi Advogados Associados
  897. Emerson Spartz (Chicago), CEO, Spartz Media
  898. Emerson Valiao (San Francisco), Founder and CEO, FlipCause
  899. Emil Kendziorra (Berlin), CEO, Medlanes GmbH
  900. Emilio Plana Hidalgo (Madrid), Vice General Manager and CEO,
  901. Emilio Davis (Santiago), CTO, Khipu
  902. Emily Battista (New York), Head of Operations & Product Development, Hamptons Lane
  903. Emily Carrion (Seattle), Co-Founder, Couplefire
  904. Emily Forbes (London), Co-Founder, Seenit
  905. Emma Cruz (Mexico City), Directora, Angel Ventures México
  906. Emmanuel Merali (Tel Aviv), Co-founder & CTO, Mobli
  907. Emrah Yalaz (Istanbul), Cofounder, Surfio
  908. Enon Landenberg (Tel Aviv), President & CEO, Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc.
  909. Enrico Ibana (Manila), CEO, Infobuilder
  910. Enrique López de Ceballos (Madrid), Partner, ONTIER
  911. Enrique Barreira (Santiago), C.E.O., DaDNeoS (DaD for Latam Region)
  912. Enrique Hormigo (Madrid), CEO & CoFounder, Fanstastic
  913. Enrique Godreau III (Seattle), Co-Founder, Voyager Capital
  914. Enrique García (Santiago), Director, Acento en la Cé
  915. Eoin Townsend (New York), Chief Product Officer, Collective
  916. Eran Savir (Tel Aviv), CEO, Co-Founder, SeatID (and co-founder & board member at Kampyle)
  917. Erdem Ovacik (Istanbul), Cofounder, Donkey Republic
  918. Erez Ben Ezra (Tel Aviv), Investor, Internet companies
  919. Eric Malawer (Washington DC), CEO, DeepMile Networks
  920. Eric Koefoot (Washington DC), Co-founder, Ascend Sales Partner
  921. Eric Wechselblatt (Washington DC), Partner, Holland & Knight
  922. Eric Koh (Singapore), CTO, JobsCentral Pte Ltd
  923. Eric Broughton (Chicago), CEO, eSupply Systems, LLC
  924. Eric Teruel Casajuana (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Finixer
  925. Eric Tachibana (Singapore), Director, Bank of America- Merrill Lynch
  926. Eric Duffy (New York), CEO, Pathgather
  927. Eric Laughlin (Denver), Founder & CEO, Robotly (
  928. Eric Edelstein (Johannesburg), Serial startup junkie, Zunguz, global sunset investments
  929. Eric Scherer (Paris), Director of Future Media, France Television
  930. Eric Salomon (Paris), Founder, Salomon & Cie
  931. Eric Pulier (Los Angeles), CEO and Founder, ServiceMesh, Inc
  932. Eric Ayala (Santiago), Partner, Fortify Ventures
  933. Eric Remer (Denver), Founder CEO, PaySimple
  934. Eric Frost (Sydney), FI Mentor
  935. Eric Moret (Paris), Technologist, Palo Alto Networks
  936. Eric Kalfon (Paris), MD, Strategic Value Partners
  937. Eric Bergasa (Madrid), Operations Partner, Tagua Capital
  938. Eric Ries (Silicon Valley), Speaker, The Lean Startup
  939. Eric Kuhn (New York), Founder & CEO, FoundersCard
  940. Eric Northam (Mexico City), CEO, Easy Broker
  941. Erick Iriarte (Lima), Socio Principal y Jefe del Area de Derecho y Nuevas Tecnologias,
  942. Erick Schonfeld (New York), Co-Editor, TechCrunch
  943. Erik Mitisek (Denver), Co-Founder, NextGreatPlace, Inc.
  944. Erik Cavalcante (Sao Paulo), Partner, VoxCapital
  945. Erik Meijer (Jakarta), Director & EVP Marketing & Sales, Garuda Indonesia
  946. Ersan Ozer (Istanbul), Founder, Youlike
  947. Ertan Atay (Istanbul), CEO, LojiPlatform
  948. Esteban Mancuso (Bogotá), Managing Partner, Velum Ventures SAS
  949. Ethan Song (Montreal), Co-Founder & CEO, Frank & Oak
  950. Eugene Liogkiy (Saint Petersburg), Founderq,
  951. Eugene Lee (Silicon Valley), CEO, Socialtext
  952. Eugene Gordeev (Moscow), Managing Partner, Russian Ventures
  953. Eugene Shteyn (Santiago), Director, Ambature
  954. Eugene Barulin (Saint Petersburg), CEO,
  955. Eugenia Barchenko (Saint Petersburg), Top Adviser, Ingria
  956. Eugenio Torres (San Juan), Capital Member, Ferraiuoli LLC
  957. Eugenio Perea (Mexico City), CEO, PagoFacil
  958. Eva Missling (Berlin), Founder, 12 Designer
  959. Eva Lau (Toronto), co-Founder, Two Small Fish Ventures
  960. Evan Leong (Honolulu), Venture Partner, Enerdigm Capital
  961. Evan Nisselson (New York), CEO, LDV Labs
  962. Evan Rifkin (Los Angeles), CEO,
  963. Evanna Hu (Kabul), CEO and Co-Founder, g.Maarifa
  964. Evert Jaap Lugt (Brussels), CEO, Nimbuzz
  965. Evgeny Ginzburg (Moscow), Co-founder, MetaBeta
  966. Evren Ucok (Istanbul), Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital
  967. Fabian Geyrhalter (Los Angeles), Fabian Geyrhalter - Founder and Principal, Finien (San Francisco FI), Finien
  968. Fabian Carlos Guhl (Berlin), Founder, Ampion
  969. Fabrice Gould (Los Angeles), Founder & CEO, Diggen
  970. Fabrizio Capobianco (Rome), President and Chairman of the Board, Funambol
  971. Facundo Turconi (Lima), CEO / Founder,
  972. Fadzarudin Anuar (Kuala Lumpur), Founder & CEO, Fashion Valet
  973. Fahad Hassan (Washington DC), Founder/CEO, Always Prepped
  974. Fahim Mashroor (Dhaka), CEO, Ltd.
  975. Faisal Sherjan (Islamabad), Co-Founder, Patari, BookMe
  976. Fani Rizava (Athens), Senior Graphic Designer, MSCOMM SA
  977. Farez Zekri (Tunis), Principal Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Tunisia
  978. Farhad Timuri (Kabul), Managing Director, Infrontier LTD
  979. Farhana Rahman (Dhaka), CEO & Chairperson, Upload Yourself Systems
  980. Farshid Ghyasi (Kabul), Founder & CEO, Netlinks
  981. Farzal Dojki (Karachi), Founder & CEO, Next Generation Innovation
  982. Fatih Isbecer (Istanbul), CEO, Pozitron
  983. Federico Casas Alatriste (Mexico City), Co-founder, INTNGBL
  984. Federico Folcia (Singapore), CEO & Co-founder,
  985. Federico Ortega (Medellín), Sr. Product Manager, Globant
  986. Fedor Krivov (Saint Petersburg), CEO, Lead Zeppelin
  987. Fee Beyer (Berlin), Head of Program Management, hub:raum
  988. Felipe Atala (Santiago), Owner, Movix
  989. Felipe Matos (Curitiba), Founder, Startup Farm
  990. Felipe Novak (Sao Paolo), Sócio, Negromonte & Prado
  991. Felipe Spinola (Mexico City), Senior Art Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
  992. Felix Pantlen (Berlin), FI Mentor
  993. Felix Staeritz (Berlin), Co-CEO, Crowdfox GmbH
  994. Felix Reinshagen (Munich), Co-Founder, Navvis GmbH
  995. Felix Huber (Berlin), Head of DACH and Nordics, Stripe
  996. Ferhan Patel (Montreal), CCO / Director Risk & Compliance, PAYZA
  997. Fernanda Tissot (Curitiba), Advogada, Baril Advogados Associados
  998. Fernando De La Rosa (Barcelona), Founder, Foxize Schol
  999. Fernando Lloveras (San Juan), Executive Director, Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico
  1000. Fernando Zallo (Barcelona), CEO, ESADE BAN
  1001. Fernando Pinillos (Madrid), Socio y CEO, Ediciones Globaliza
  1002. Fernando Bresslau (Curitiba), Diretor de Planejamento, Aceleratech
  1003. Ferran Jornet (Barcelona), Executive Director,
  1004. Filip Miłoszewski (Warsaw), Co-founder, Board Member, Listonic
  1005. Filip Maertens (Brussels), Founder, Argus Labs
  1006. Filip Coertjens (Berlin), Founder, Frametales
  1007. Filip Tack (Brussels), Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer, Nomadesk
  1008. Filipa Bastos (Lisbon), Partner, Grupo Your
  1009. Firat Isbecer (Istanbul), Managing Partner, Pozitron
  1010. Firoz Patel (Montreal), Founder & Executive Vice President, PAYZA
  1011. Flávia Thomaz Soccol (Curitiba), BAHR, SOCCOL & ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS
  1012. Flavio Pripas (Sao Paolo), CEO, Bitinvest
  1013. Florence Servan Schreiber (Paris), Directrice Générale Optimiste, Essentia Conseils
  1014. Florence Ang (Singapore), MD, Red Dawn PR
  1015. Florian Kosak (Berlin), Founder & CEO, tab ticketbroker gmbh, 50HOURS
  1016. Florian Resatsch (Berlin), CEO, friendticker
  1017. Floris Van Alkemade (Amsterdam), Managing Partner, Solid Ventures
  1018. Folke Lemaitre (Brussels), Co-Founder & CEO, Engagor
  1019. Fotis Draganidis (Athens), General Manager, Microsoft Innovation Center Greece
  1020. Francesc Riverola (Barcelona), Founder & President, FOREXSTREET
  1021. Francesc Font (Barcelona), Co-Fundador y Director General, Nubelo
  1022. Francesc Saldaña (Barcelona), Founder & CEO,
  1023. Francesco Fullone (Rome), CEO, Ideato
  1024. Francis Patrick Cuartero (Manila), CEO, Pylon Partners, Inc.
  1025. Francisca Varela (Santiago), CEO and Co Founder, Comunicatext
  1026. Francisco Sandoval (Santiago), CEO, Betazeta Networks
  1027. Francisco Millarch (Curitiba), Founder and CEO,
  1028. Francisco Uriarte (San Juan), Principal, ESP Group
  1029. Francisco Garcia (Bogotá), Co-Founder and CTO, Datatraffic SAS
  1030. Francisco Sierra (Barcelona), Country Manager Spain, Zencap
  1031. Francisco Masjuan (Santiago), CEO, LeanTrain
  1032. Franck Le Ouay (Paris), Chief Scientist, Criteo
  1033. François Poirier (Montreal), Founder & CEO, MakerBloks
  1034. François Deltour (Paris), CEO, Effiliation
  1035. Francois Mazoudier (Paris), Francois Mazoudier - Managing Partner, Tech Leaders Capital (Paris FI) , Tech Leaders Capital
  1036. Francois Lavaste (Paris), CEO & President, NETASQ
  1037. Francois Charles Sirois (Montreal), CEO, Telesystem
  1038. Frank Traylor (Denver), Principal, Zero Creek
  1039. Frank Erschen (Toronto), Co-Founder, Powernoodle
  1040. Frank Mastronuzzi (Los Angeles), CEO & Founder, OneGoodCrush
  1041. Frank Greer (Greenville), CEO, Zipit Wireless
  1042. Frank Peters (San Diego), Founder & Host, Frank Peters Show
  1043. Frank Gessner (Berlin), Entrepreneur and Investor, Avala Capital
  1044. Frank Maene (Brussels), Managing Partner, Volta Ventures
  1045. Frank Levinson (Singapore), Founder & MD, Small World Group
  1046. Frank Bekkers (Brussels), CEO, Mobile Vikings
  1047. Frans Nauta (Amsterdam), FI Mentor
  1048. Fraser Taylor (Sydney), CMO, Various
  1049. Fred Joyal (Los Angeles), Fred Joyal - CEO & Co-Founder, Futuredontics (Los Angeles FI) , Futuredontics
  1050. Fred Arruda (Rio de Janeiro), Dir, Business Operations, EMC Brasil R&D Center
  1051. Frederic Llordachs I Marques (Barcelona), Co-founder, partner & Global Business Development Manager, Doctoralia
  1052. Frederic Baille (Paris), CEO, Linutop
  1053. Fujiyo Ishiguro (Tokyo), CEO, Netyear Group Corp.
  1054. Fumiaki Koizumi (Tokyo), CEO, Fumiaki Koizumi & Associates
  1055. Fung Fuk Lestario (Jakarta), FI Mentor
  1056. Furqan Nazeeri (Boston), Founder/President/CEO, Viridus, inc.
  1057. Furuzonfar Zehni (Hong Kong), Regional Director, Jefferson Group
  1058. G Jay Yong (Kuala Lumpur), CEO,
  1059. G.D. (Ram) Ramkumar (Silicon Valley), Chief Architect for Visual Search,
  1060. Ga Vin Lee (Perth), Principal, Model Answer Commercial Analytics
  1061. Gabe Zichermann (New York), Author, Speaker, Advisor, Gamification Co
  1062. Gabriel Yang (Bangkok), Account Director, Embrya
  1063. Gabriel Gurovich (Santiago), Managing Partner, The Food Links
  1064. Gabriel Cid (Santiago), CEO, Upgrade3D
  1065. Gabriel Charles (Mexico City), Managing Director, Wayra Mexico
  1066. Gabriel Yoran (Berlin), Founder, Managing Director, Steganos Software GmbH
  1067. Gagan Biyani (Silicon Valley), Gagan Biyani - CoFounder, Fresh (San Francisco FI) , Fresh
  1068. Gagandeep Singh Sapra (New Delhi), Co-Founder, Sproutbox
  1069. Gal Nachum (Tel Aviv), Founder & CEO, RingYa
  1070. Gap Kim (Singapore), Regional Agency Business Manager, Google Asia Pacific
  1071. Gareth Ochse (Johannesburg), Founder,
  1072. Garrett Camp (Silicon Valley), CEO, Stumbleupon
  1073. Garry Visontay (Sydney), General Partner, Sydney Seed Fund
  1074. Gary To (Hong Kong), Founder & General Manager, Koziness (acquired by Food Panda)
  1075. Gary Gaessler (Denver), Gary Gaessler - Co-Founder & Market Builder, Cloud Elements (Chicago FI),
  1076. Gary Whitehill (New York), Founder, Numerous
  1077. Gary Tramer (Melbourne), Co-Founder, WebReception
  1078. Gary Ng (Sydney), CEO, E-Web Marketing
  1079. Gary Urteaga (Lima), Co-Founder, HOLOSENS /
  1080. Gary Rayner (San Diego), Founder & CEO, LifeProof
  1081. Gary Planthaber Planthaber (Tallinn), FI Mentor
  1082. Gavin Symanowitz (Johannesburg), Founder CEO,
  1083. Geldolph Heyning (Amsterdam), Managing Director,
  1084. Gena Cook (Seattle), Founder & CEO , Navigating Cancer
  1085. Genichi Imamura (Kansai), Owner, Questetra, Inc.
  1086. Geoff Hibble (Perth), Co-Founder, CNS Vital Signs
  1087. Geoff Wasserman (Greenville), CEO, ShowCase Marketing & Black Box Magazine
  1088. Geoff Garrett (Johannesburg), CEO, SalesRehab Pty Ltd
  1089. Geoffrey Lewis (New York), Principal, Founders Fund
  1090. George Levin (Moscow), CEO and Founder,
  1091. George Mashini (Atlanta), CEO, Catavolt
  1092. George Deeb (Chicago), Managing Partner, Red Rocket Venture Partners
  1093. George Pappas (Washington DC), EVP Sales & Marketing, Presidium
  1094. George Roche (Washington DC), Founder,
  1095. George Vargas Garcia (Bogotá), Gerente - Capital de Inversion & Fondos, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional
  1096. Gerard Olivé (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, BeFactory and BeRepublic
  1097. Gerard Murfitt (Medellín), Founder, Venture Counsel Partners
  1098. Gerardo López Santa Ana (Mexico City), CEO, Bonnus
  1099. Gerardo E Porras (San Jose), Director, GEP Coaching and Business Co.
  1100. Germán Valle Infante (Mexico City), Gemán Valle, vONGos
  1101. Germán Martinez (Lima), CEO, Lucuma Labs
  1102. Gert Findel (Santiago), CTO,
  1103. Gian Carlo Di Tommaso (Montreal), VP Finance & Operations, Luxury Retreats
  1104. Giancarlo Gonzalez (San Juan), CEO, MAX Web Group
  1105. Gianluca Granero (Rome), Co-founder, Memopal
  1106. Giannis Zaoudis (Athens), Co-Founder, Pollfish
  1107. Gil Hirsch (Tel Aviv), CEO,
  1108. Gill Ruidant (Brussels), Founder & CEO, 2Houses
  1109. Gilles Rouvier (Paris), Managing Partner,
  1110. Gilles Klein (Paris), Journalist, Blogger, Chief Editor,
  1111. Gina Bianchini (Silicon Valley), Cofounder, Ning
  1112. Gina Chiang (Singapore), Global Accounts Lead, Google, Inc.
  1113. Gioia Messinger (San Diego), Gioia Messinger - Founder and Chairman, Avaak, Inc. (San Diego/Orange County FI), LinkedObjects, Inc.
  1114. Giovanni Collazo (San Juan), Co-founder, Blimp LLC
  1115. Girish Krishnamoorthy (Bangalore), Vice President, TCS
  1116. Girish Rowjee (Bangalore), CEO, Greytip Software
  1117. Giselle Bisson (Silicon Valley), CEO, Visibility Shift
  1118. Giuliano Stiglitz (Santiago), CEO, Orange Advertising Americas
  1119. Giuseppe D'antonio (Rome), Ceo, CircleMe (Cascaad)
  1120. Gladys Mariotto (Curitiba), CEO, Já entendi
  1121. Gleb Nikulin (Moscow), Co-founder, TopDelivery
  1122. Gleb Budman (Silicon Valley), Co-founder and CEO, Backblaze
  1123. Glen Hellman (Washington DC), Glen Hellman - Business Strategist, Driven Forward, LLC (Baltimore FI) , Driven Forward, LLC
  1124. Glenn Kelman (Seattle), CEO, Redfin
  1125. Glenn Bartlett (Sydney), Strategy Director, Step Change Marketing
  1126. Gonçalo Saudade Silva (Lisbon), FI Mentor
  1127. Gonzalo Begazo (Lima), Executive Vice President, Aje Group
  1128. Gonzalo Illesca (Santiago), Cofounder, HumanUP
  1129. Gonzalo Del Pozo (Madrid), Founder,
  1130. Gonzalo Ortíz (Madrid), Founder, Ediciones Globaliza
  1131. Gonzalo Abascal (Mexico City), CEO, Linko
  1132. Goran Zekovic (Zagreb), Head of the Enterprise Europe Network , BICRO - Business Innovation Agency of Croatia
  1133. Goran Duskic (Rijeka), Co-founder, Exevio Ltd.
  1134. Gordana Popovic (Zagreb), CMO, co-founder, Myrio Inc.
  1135. Gordon Willoughby (London), Director Consumables, Amazon
  1136. Govindarajan VR (Bangalore), Director, Perfios
  1137. Grachik Adzhamyan (Moscow), CEO, Budist / Wakie
  1138. Graeme Perkins (Manila), Director, Pouch
  1139. Graham Lawlor (New York), Founder, Ultra Light Startups
  1140. Grant Creighton (San Diego), CEO & Founder, LooperLink
  1141. Greg Riebe (Perth), Director, Entrepreneurs In Residence
  1142. Greg Banas (Warsaw), Head of Investment management, Hubraum Krakow
  1143. Greg Hallinan (San Diego), EVP, eDriving
  1144. Greg Isenberg (Amsterdam), Digital Marketer and Angel Investor,
  1145. Greg Bernarda (Hong Kong), Founder, Greg Bernarda Strategy Design
  1146. Greg Barton (Santiago), ceo,
  1147. Gregg Spiridellis (Los Angeles), CEO, JibJab
  1148. Gregor Schmid (Berlin), Partner, Taylor Wessing
  1149. Grzegorz Albrecht (Warsaw), Strategic Executive Advisor, D-RAFT
  1150. Guido Becher (Bogotá), CEO, Netactica
  1151. Guilherme Junqueira (Sao Paolo), Gerente Executivo, Associação Brasileira de Startups
  1152. Guilherme Lopes (Lisbon), CEO & Founder, ClinkPic
  1153. Guillaume Desclée (Brussels), Founder & COO , Mymicroinvest
  1154. Guillaume Balas (Santiago), Co-Founder,
  1155. Guillaume Verhaeghe (Brussels), Founder, Djengo
  1156. Guillermo Söhnlein (Atlanta), Founder & CEO, Fortivo Holdings LLC
  1157. Guillermo Garza (Mexico City), Cofounder, Startup Mexico
  1158. Guita Gopalan (Manila), Lean StartUp Coach, Lean Startup Philippines
  1159. Gulay Ozkan (Istanbul), Founder, GEDS Business
  1160. Gustavo Zaiantchick (Sao Paolo), CEO, Scup
  1161. Guy Pearson (Sydney), Founder, Interactive Accounting, Practice Ignition, DMRUS
  1162. Hakan Bas (Istanbul), CEO, Lidyana
  1163. Hamidul Mishbah (Dhaka), A B M Hamidul Mishbah, Old Bailey Chambers | Bangladesh Copyright & IP Forum
  1164. Hanan Khader (Kabul), CEO,
  1165. Handy Chang (Jakarta), CEO, IndoTrading
  1166. Hannes Kleist (Berlin), Co-Founder, stanwood
  1167. Hans Kullberg (New York), Founder & CEO, EconoCast
  1168. Hans Kullberg (Lima), CEO & Founder, EconoCast
  1169. Hans Christian Boehlke (Bogotá), Commercial Director,
  1170. Hans Fabian Wittleben (Medellín), Founder, Linkofertas
  1171. Hanson Toh (Kuala Lumpur), Internet bricklayer and Entrepreneur.,
  1172. Harold Lucero (Sydney), CEO, Lucsan
  1173. Haroon Mirza (Toronto), Entrepreneur in Residence,
  1174. Haroon Mokhtarzada (Kabul), Founder & CEO,
  1175. Harpreet Singh Grover (New Delhi), Co-Founder & CEO,
  1176. Harry Gozlan (Paris), Executive Chairman, smartTrade Technologies
  1177. Haruhiko Kakigi (Tokyo), Founder & General Manager,
  1178. Harun Guner (Istanbul), Cofounder, Butigo
  1179. Hasnain Akhtar (Karachi), Founder & CEO , Aerocar (Pvt.) Ltd and ExactMED
  1180. Heather Harde (Silicon Valley), Former CEO, TechCrunch
  1181. Heather Gold (Sydney),
  1182. Heather Payne (Toronto), CEO, HackerYou
  1183. Heather Anne Carson (Toronto), Co-Founder, Repable
  1184. Héctor Obregón (Mexico City), Managing Partner, Mobiik
  1185. Hector Sepulveda (Santiago), CEO, OMB
  1186. Hector Sepulveda Reyes Retana (Mexico City), CEO, Intangible | Nazca Ventures Mexico
  1187. Heidi Kakko (Tallinn), Managing Director, EstBAN
  1188. Heiko Rauch (Silicon Valley), Heiko Rauch - Co-Founder of UFOstart (Berlin FI),
  1189. Heiko Hubertz (Berlin), Founder & CEO, Bigpoint
  1190. Hendrik Halbe (Amsterdam), Co-founder and Managing Partner , Halbe&koenraads
  1191. Hendrik Chasse (Karachi), Head of Sellers,
  1192. HenrI Duong (Los Angeles), COO , Sidebench
  1193. Henrik Aavik (Tallinn), Sales Executive, Applaud
  1194. Henry Goh (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder & COO, Macro Kiosk Berhad
  1195. Henry Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Managing General Partner, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  1196. Henry Albrecht (Seattle), Founder & CEO , Limeade
  1197. Hercules Fisherman (Berlin), CXO, Co-Founder, Mentor, Constant Commerce, 3DScanbot,Lectrio, Bathtub,
  1198. Hermawan Kartajaya (Jakarta), Founder & President, MarkPlus, Inc
  1199. Hernando Guzman (Mexico City), Managing Partner, XB Ventures
  1200. Hersh Haladker (Hyderabad), Founder, instillmotion consulting pvt. ltd.
  1201. Hervé Gonay (Paris), CEO, Get+
  1202. Hicham Ratnani (Montreal), Co-Founder & COO/CFO, Frank & Oak
  1203. Hideki Fujita (Silicon Valley), Founder, SEGNEL Ventures Pte. Ltd.
  1204. Hideki Takita (Tokyo), CEO, Bliss Cline Co.,Ltd.
  1205. Hiep Do (Hanoi), Co-CEO, WePro
  1206. Hieu Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Co-Founder & Business Director, Kyna
  1207. Hieu Nguyen Ngoc (Hanoi), CEO, Skynet Technology Incubator
  1208. Hillel Cooperman (Seattle), Founder, Jackson Fish Market
  1209. Hiroshi Oka (Kansai), Japan Office Manager & Incubation Manager, IMJ Investment Partners
  1210. Hiroyasu Koma (Kansai), CEO, Green Lord Motors
  1211. Hitoshi Tanii (Kansai), Chief Executive Officer,
  1212. Hoang Nguyen Minh (Hanoi), Lawyer, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  1213. Hoang Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, S3
  1214. Holger Dieterich (Berlin), Product Manager, Freelancer
  1215. Holger G. Weiss (Berlin), CEO, Aupeo
  1216. Holly Liu (Silicon Valley), CoFounder, Chief of Staff, Kabam
  1217. Hong Minh Le (Hanoi), CEO & CHAIRMAN, VNG CORPORATION
  1218. Hong Thanh Nguyen Khoa (Ho Chi Minh City), Co-Founder & COO, Emerald - Linked by Isobar
  1219. Hooi Yen Chin (Singapore), Founder, Polaris Law Corporation
  1220. Howard Freidman (Washington DC), COO, ACN Commercial
  1221. Hrvoje Prpic (Zagreb), Investor and Advisor, CRANE
  1222. Hsu Ken Ooi (San Francisco), Co-Founder,
  1223. Huan Dinh Anh (Ho Chi Minh City), Cofounder, Thegioididong
  1224. Hubert Tworkowski (Warsaw), Head of Sales, Sotrender
  1225. Hugh Mason (Singapore), CEO, Pte Ltd
  1226. Humberto Lobos (Santiago), Co-Founder & CTO, Movidreams S.A.
  1227. Humphrey Laubscher (Melbourne), Innovation Manager, Nab Labs
  1228. Hung Dinh (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Joomlart
  1229. Huy Bui (Hanoi), CFO, NhomMua
  1230. Hyun Wook Cho (Singapore), Country Manager, Qoo10 Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia
  1231. Ian Lerner (San Diego), CEO & Co-Founder, X-Digital Systems Inc.
  1232. Ian Collins (Toronto), Founder and CEO, Crowdcare
  1233. Ian Gardiner (Sydney), Startup business development, Amazon Web Services
  1234. Ian Hopkinson (Melbourne), CEO, Mad Scientist Digital
  1235. Ian Jeffrey (Montreal), VP Product Marketing Marketing, PasswordBox
  1236. Ian Chua (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder & CEO, Hermo
  1237. Ian Haet (Bogotá), CEO and Co-Founder, Startup Stock Exchange
  1238. Ian Mc Carthy (Silicon Valley), COO, BrightSky Labs
  1239. Ignacio Canals (Santiago), CEO and Founder, Lemontech
  1240. Ignacio Roda Segrelles (Barcelona), Founder,
  1241. Ignacio Soto Pérez (Madrid), Managing Director, Vértice 360
  1242. Ignacio Ramírez Rico (Madrid), Founder & CEO, SaveMeeting
  1243. Igor Volynskiy (Singapore), Consultant,
  1244. Igor Rozhdestvenskiy (Saint Petersburg), CEO, Ingria
  1245. Ikkei Matsuda (Kansai), CEO, SARR,LLC
  1246. Ikuo Hiraishi (Kansai), President & CEO, SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.
  1247. Ikuo Hiraishi (Tokyo), CEO, SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.
  1248. Ilan Goldman (Rio de Janeiro), CEO, Pix Software
  1249. Ilya Chernetski (Saint Petersburg), Product Executive,
  1250. Ilya Sidorov (Moscow), CEO, Adeptima
  1251. Ilya Antipov (Saint Petersburg), Co-Founder, Biomedical Modeling LLC
  1252. Ilya Gelfenbeyn (Moscow), CEO,
  1253. Ilya Kurylev (Moscow), CEO, Gamification Now!
  1254. Ilya Korolev (Moscow), Investments manager, IIDF
  1255. In Hsieh (Sao Paulo), Empreendedor especialista em Ecommerce,
  1256. Iñaki Ecenarro (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Trovit
  1257. Indi June (Melbourne), Founder,
  1258. Indrek Kelder (Tallinn), Investment Manager, SmartCap
  1259. Inka Mero (Helsinki), Co-Founder & Chairman, KoppiCatch
  1260. Inna Efimchik (Saint Petersburg), Partner, White Summers Caffee & James LLP
  1261. Irina Rymshina (Lima), Director, Women@TheFrontier Peru
  1262. Iris Charabi Berggren (Silicon Valley), Leadership Coach, IRIS cb
  1263. Irv Shapiro (Chicago), CEO/CTO and Head Coach, Ifbyphone, Inc.
  1264. Isaac Souweine (Montreal), Technology Product and Marketing Expert, Thunkr Consulting
  1265. Isaac Barnes (Washington DC), FI Mentor
  1266. Isaak Dury (Perth), FI Mentor
  1267. Isis Nair (Perth), Director, Fremantle Foundation
  1268. Ismael Briasco (Santiago), CEO, PsicoFXP
  1269. Ismael Akiyama (Curitiba), CEO, Akiyama Solucoes Tecnologicas
  1270. Ismael Nzouetom (Paris), CEO, I-DISPO
  1271. Israel Keys (Manila), FI Mentor
  1272. Ivan Kochetov (Moscow), CEO, RZLTT Accelerator
  1273. Ivan Brezak Brkan (Rijeka), Editor in Chief, Netokracija
  1274. Iván Vera (Santiago), Co-Founder & CEO, INNSPIRAL
  1275. Ivan Mikhailov (Saint Petersburg), Product, Yota
  1276. Ives Laurent (Mexico City), KokorIO
  1277. Ivica Kruhek (Rijeka), Co-Founder & CEO, Marker
  1278. Ivo Spigel (Zagreb), Co-Founder & Board Member, Perpetuum Mobile
  1279. Izak Jenie (Jakarta), Izak Jenie - Founder, PT MMS (Jakarta FI) , PT MMS
  1280. Izhar Armony (Boston), General Partner, Charles River Ventures
  1281. J Ramachandran (Hyderabad), CEO , Gramener
  1282. Jacob Smith (Washington DC), FI Mentor
  1283. Jacobo Álvarez (Barcelona), Founder , Hop Space
  1284. Jacquelyn Kung (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder, ClearCare
  1285. Jacques Benain (Curitiba), Diretor de Novos Negocios, Positivo Informatica
  1286. Jad Meouchy (Los Angeles), CEO & Co-Founder,
  1287. Jafeth Rodriguez (Sydney), Chairman, RecruitAdvantage
  1288. Jaime García Cantero (Madrid), Independet Analyst,
  1289. Jain Arinjay (New Delhi), Former Director, KPMG - Energise Accelerator
  1290. Jake Nickell (Denver), Founder, Threadless
  1291. Jakub Domeracki (Warsaw), CEO, Idea Box S.A.
  1292. Jakub Łączkowski (Warsaw), CEO,
  1293. James Vuong (Hanoi), Vice President, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  1294. James Wakefield (Sydney), Managing Director & Co-Founder, Institchu
  1295. James Chan (Singapore), Founder & CEO, Silicon Straits
  1296. James Hong (Silicon Valley), Co-founder, HOT or NOT
  1297. James Kerr (Honolulu), Founder & CEO , SuperGeeks
  1298. James Graham (Perth), Co-Founder, Quickboats
  1299. James Breeze (Sydney), CEO, Objective Digital
  1300. James Gatto (New York), Social Media and Games Team Leader, Sheppard Mullin
  1301. James Chin Moody (Sydney), CEO, Sendle
  1302. James Tan (Kuala Lumpur), Managing Partner, QuestVC
  1303. James Tuckerman (Melbourne), Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Anthill Magazine
  1304. Jamie Cid (New Delhi), Social Media Expert,
  1305. Jamie Scarborough (Toronto), Co-Founder, Sales Talent Agency
  1306. Jamie Lyford (Perth), Director & Founder, Elevation Legal
  1307. Jan Zając (Warsaw), CEO, Sotrender
  1308. Jan Coppens (Brussels), Incubation & Entrepreneurship, iMinds
  1309. Jan Callebaut (Brussels), CEO, Why5Research
  1310. Jan Kennedy (Munich), CEO / Founder, Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (
  1311. Jan Erik Nyrövaara (Saint Petersburg), Jan Erik Nyrövaara (Saint Petersburg FI),
  1312. Jan-Cayo Fiebig (Dhaka), Co-Founder, CodersTrust
  1313. Jana Scharfschwerdt (Berlin), CEO,
  1314. Jane Smorodnikova (Saint Petersburg), CEO,
  1315. Janet Van Pelt (Washington DC), CEO,
  1316. Janet Brown (New York), CEO, Cinetic Rights Management/ FilmBuff
  1317. Janis Machala (Seattle), Corporate Director, Paladin Partners
  1318. Janne Järvenoja (Helsinki), Director, Regional Legal Lead - Nordics, ASG & NL, IP Lead - EALA, Avanade
  1319. Janne Aaltonen (Helsinki), CEO, Moosedog
  1320. Janne Saarikko (Helsinki), CMO Mentor / Creator of Firsts / Founder, Gorillaventures / /
  1321. Jared Goralnick (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, AwayFind
  1322. Jared Hansen (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, Breezy
  1323. Jaryl Sim (Singapore), Founder, Tinkerbox Studios Pte Ltd
  1324. Jasminder Gulati (Hyderabad), Co-Founder & CEO, NowFloats
  1325. Jasmine Hor (Kuala Lumpur), Founder & Creative Director,
  1326. Jason Lim (Melbourne), General Manager, York Butter Factory
  1327. Jason Premo (Greenville), Chairman, Premo Ventures
  1328. Jason Calacanis (Los Angeles), Jason Calacanis - CEO, (San Francisco FI) ,
  1329. Jason Finger (New York), Managing Member, Oxygen Capital Partners, LLC
  1330. Jason Johnson (Silicon Valley), Managing Partner,
  1331. Jason Nazar (Los Angeles), Jason Nazar - CEO, Docstoc (Silicon Valley FI), Docstoc
  1332. Jason How (Singapore), Consultant, J Social
  1333. Jason Evege (New York), Founder, Creative Director,
  1334. Jason Atkins (Toronto), CEO, 360incentives
  1335. Jason Haislmaier (Denver), Partner, Bryan Cave HRO
  1336. Jason James (Orange County), President, Regents & Park
  1337. Jason Freedman (Silicon Valley), Founder, 42Floors
  1338. Jason Weingarten (Chicago), Co-Founder and CEO, Yello
  1339. Jason Shuman (New York), Venture Capitalist, Corigin Ventures
  1340. Jason Pang (San Diego), Founder, PRIMA CINEMA
  1341. Jaspar Roos (Amsterdam), Founder, Incubator Exchange and Dutch Valley
  1342. Javier Ortíz (Madrid), Business Development and Sales,
  1343. Javier Murillo (Lima), Graduate in Law Studies, Clarke, Modet & Co. Perú S.A.C.
  1344. Javier Morales (Santiago), Cofounder & CEO, LeadsRocket
  1345. Javier Sanchez-Marco (Barcelona), Founder & CEO,
  1346. Javier Padilla (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Moodyo
  1347. Javier Villaseca Sánchez (Andalucia), Founder & CEO,
  1348. Javier Hidalgo (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, cerodefectos
  1349. Jawad Ansari (Los Angeles), CEO & Founder, TBA
  1350. Jawed Karim (Berlin), Partner, youniversity Ventures
  1351. Jay Applewhite (Santiago), COO, BNamericas
  1352. Jay Samit (Los Angeles), Former CEO, SocialVibe
  1353. Jay Jamison (Silicon Valley), Founder & President,
  1354. Jay Ferst (Montreal), Managing Partner, Ferst Capital Partners
  1355. Jay Fajardo (Manila), CEO, Proudcloud Inc.
  1356. Jay Tsao (San Diego), CEO & Founder, GM Technologies
  1357. Jayla Siciliano (San Diego), Founder, Bon Affair
  1358. Jean Foltzer (Paris), President, EUROCLASS-IPO SAS
  1359. Jean Boudeguer (Santiago), COO,
  1360. Jean Marie Chauvet (Paris), Managing Partner, LC Capital
  1361. Jean-Louis Van Marcke (Brussels), Founder / CEO,
  1362. Jean-Michel Planche (Paris), President, WITBE
  1363. Jed Alpert (New York), Founder & CSO, Mobile Commons
  1364. Jeetendra Joshi (Hyderabad), CMO, martjack Enterprises
  1365. Jeff Seely (Seattle), Former CEO and Chairman, Sharebuilder
  1366. Jeff Herman (Denver), CEO, HotShoo, Inc.
  1367. Jeff Hyman (Chicago), CEO, Startup Therapist
  1368. Jeff Stewart (New York), Founder & CEO, Lenddo
  1369. Jeff Butler (Washington DC), Founder & CEO, Privia Health
  1370. Jeff Wald (New York), Founder and President, Work Market
  1371. Jeff Judge (Chicago), Founder, Measured Good
  1372. Jeff Hoffman (Chicago), Partner, ColorJar
  1373. Jeff Lee (San Francisco), Founder & CEO, Cost Cooperative
  1374. Jeff Brunet (Toronto), Founder and President, Crowdcare
  1375. Jeff Weber (Chicago), Co-Founder & President, SnagPad
  1376. Jeff Jackel (Orange County), Jeff Jackel - CEO, BuzzMob (Orange County FI), BuzzMob
  1377. Jeff Bonforte (Silicon Valley), Jeff Bonforte - SVP, Yahoo (Silicon Valley FI) , Yahoo
  1378. Jeff Hilimire (Atlanta), CEO, Dragon Army
  1379. Jeff Curie (Orange County), CEO, Bitvore
  1380. Jeff Boes (Mexico City), Senior Analyst, Latin Idea Ventures
  1381. Jeff Lyons (Chicago), Operating Director, City Capital Advisors, LLC
  1382. Jeffery Porro (Washington DC), Speechwriter, Porro LLC
  1383. Jeffrey Char (Kuala Lumpur), CEO, J-Seed Ventures, Inc.
  1384. Jeffrey Dachis (New York), CEO, Dachis Group
  1385. Jeffrey Broer (Hong Kong), Founder & CEO, Grayscale / Surround App
  1386. Jeffrey Cooper (Sydney), General Manager, Step Change Marketing
  1387. Jeffrey Paine (Singapore), Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
  1388. Jeffrey Siy (Manila), Co-Founder,
  1389. Jehan Ara (Karachi), President, P@SHA
  1390. Jen Shelby (Silicon Valley), Consultant, Signature Leadership
  1391. Jen O'Daniel (Washington DC), Senior Associate, CIT GAP Funds, Center for Innovative Technology
  1392. Jennie Baird (New York), CEO and Co-Founder,
  1393. Jennifer Bonnett (Atlanta), Community Catalyst, ATDC
  1394. Jens Horstmann (Chicago), Executive Producer, Mgm. Dir., Crestlight Venture Productions, LLC
  1395. Jens Van Hecke (Brussels), Partner, AMBOS NBGO
  1396. Jens Begemann (Berlin), CEO, Founder, wooga
  1397. Jereme Wong (Singapore), COO, clickTRUE Pte Ltd
  1398. Jeremy Chetty (Perth), Co-founder, Student Edge
  1399. Jeremy Geiger (Silicon Valley), CEO, Retailigence
  1400. Jeremy Potvin (Toronto), Founder, World of Angus
  1401. Jeremy Levitt (Sydney), Co-Founder, ServiceSeeking
  1402. Jeremy Heimans (New York), CEO, Purpose
  1403. Jeremy White (Sydney), CEO, Connect Golf
  1404. Jeremy Ames (Seattle), Co-Founder & CEO , Guidant Financial
  1405. Jeroen Bertrams (Amsterdam), Online Marketing Consultant,
  1406. Jerôme Blanchon (Paris), CEO, Bizdev Conseil
  1407. Jes Kaliebe Petersen (Kabul), Jes Kaliebe Petersen - Co-Founder, Paywast (Kabul FI), Paywast
  1408. Jesse Dylan (Los Angeles), CEO, FreeForm
  1409. Jesse Maddox (Atlanta), CEO, TripLingo
  1410. Jessica Miller Merrell (New York), Founder, Workology
  1411. Jessica Mah (Manila), CEO/Founder, inDinero
  1412. Jessica Zweig (Chicago), Co-Founder | President, | SimplyBe Agency
  1413. Jethro Marks (Sydney), Managing Director, The Nile
  1414. Jill Stelfox (Silicon Valley), VP & GM, Location Solutions, Zebra
  1415. Jilliene Helman (Los Angeles), Jilliene Helman - Co-Founder & CEO, Realty Mogul (Los Angeles FI) , Realty Mogul
  1416. Jim Eckstein (Atlanta), Principal, The Angel Advisors
  1417. Jim Spare (New York), CEO, Canesta (acq: MSFT)
  1418. Jim Stolze (Amsterdam), Founder, TEDxAmsterdam
  1419. Jim Kaskade (Silicon Valley), VP & GM, Big Data & Analytics, Computer Sciences Corporation
  1420. Jim Condon (Washington DC), FI Mentor
  1421. Jim Greer (Silicon Valley), CEO, Kongregate
  1422. Jim Franklin (Denver), CEO, SendGrid
  1423. Jim Sherman (New York), Founder, Chairman & CEO, ShermansTravel Media, LLC
  1424. Jimena Pardo (Mexico City), co founder, CMO, Carrot Mexico
  1425. Jimmy Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, HDViet
  1426. Jimmy Hendricks (San Diego), Jimmy Hendricks - CEO & Co-Founder, Deal Current Network (San Diego FI), Deal Current Network
  1427. Jiri Koivuniemi (Berlin), Founder, Visionist
  1428. Jj Disini (Manila), Managing Partner, Disini and Disini
  1429. Joachim Behrendt (Istanbul), Chairman, Nexum
  1430. Joana Sánchez (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, inesdi
  1431. Joanna Riley Weidenmiller (Silicon Valley), CEO, 1-Page
  1432. Joanna Moss (London), Co-founder & director, Moss Perform
  1433. Joanna Lord (Seattle), VP of Growth Marketing, SEOmoz
  1434. João Felix (Lisbon), CEO, Mobiag
  1435. João Travassos Diogo (Lisbon), Partner, Travassos, Albuquerque & Associados
  1436. João Brazão (Lisbon), CEO, BrainTrust SGPS
  1437. João De Sousa Aroso (Lisbon), Executive Director, Paginas Amarelas
  1438. João Vasconcelos (Lisbon), CEO, Startup Lisboa
  1439. Joaquim Canet (London), UK Director, MVPlab & Develapps
  1440. Joaquín Ayuso De Paul (Santiago), CEO, Kuapay
  1441. Joaquin Catalán Berga (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Análisis e Inversión
  1442. Joaquín Vázquez Terry (Madrid), Socio, Inicia Corporate
  1443. Joe Zawadzki (Silicon Valley), CEO, MediaMath
  1444. Joe Betts Lacroix (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder, OQO
  1445. Joe Rouse (Singapore), Executive in Residence , The ICEHOUSE
  1446. Joe Abraham (Chicago), Founder, BOSI Global
  1447. Joe Dipasquale (New York), CEO & Founder, Regroup
  1448. Joe Poulin (Montreal), Founder/CEO, Luxury Retreats
  1449. Joe Dwyer (Chicago), Partner, Digital Intent / Founder Equity
  1450. Joe Bezdek (San Diego), Co-founder, DivX, Inc.
  1451. Joe Cunningham (Singapore), VP, Technology Strategy & Innovation, Visa Inc.
  1452. Joe Born (Chicago), CEO, Neuros Technology LLC
  1453. Joel Espelien (Seattle), Chief Business Officer and EVP of Strategy,
  1454. Joel Fu (Singapore), Strategy Director, sgCarMart
  1455. Joey Gurango (Manila), CEO, Gurango Software
  1456. Johannes-Sevket Gözalan (Munich), Co-Founder & CEO,
  1457. John Shomaker (Washington DC), CEO,
  1458. John Kanarowski (Denver), President, Zerista, inc.
  1459. John Melonakos (Atlanta), CEO, ArrayFire
  1460. John Holt (Honolulu), President, RC Holsinger Associates
  1461. John Lee (Silicon Valley), Vice President, Early Stage Banking, Silicon Valley Bank
  1462. John Uprichard (Greenville), President, FGP International
  1463. John Lauer (Seattle), CEO & Founder , Zipwhip
  1464. John Young (Singapore), principal, Alkimie Pte. Ltd.
  1465. John Prendergast (Boston), Founder, Blueleaf
  1466. John Stix (Toronto), President, Fibernetics
  1467. John Albietz (Silicon Valley), CTO, Co-Founder,
  1468. John Federico (New York), CEO, EventHero
  1469. John Sechrest (Seattle), Founder, Seattle Angel Conference
  1470. John Allen (Denver), John Allen - CEO, Fluorofinder (Denver FI) , Fluorofinder
  1471. John Mc Intyre (Silicon Valley), Managing Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator
  1472. John Gebhart (Seattle), CEO, John Gebhart & Associates
  1473. John Girard (San Diego), Co Founder & Prior CEO, JG3 LLC
  1474. John Warren (Greenville), President, Lima One Capital
  1475. John Doxaras (Athens), Founder & CEO ,
  1476. John Freddy Vega Forero (Bogotá), John Freddy Vega Forero - CEO, (Bogota FI) ,
  1477. John Patrick (J.P.) Ellis (Jakarta), CEO,
  1478. John Philip Green (Toronto), Chief Executive Dad, CareGuide
  1479. John R Dallas Jr (Chicago), Founder and Chief Alignment Officer, Hillview Partners Network LLC
  1480. John Y. Sasaki (Tokyo), Principal / Attorney-at-Law, JSV Foreign Law Office
  1481. Johnson Cook (Atlanta), CEO, Voxa
  1482. Johnson Goh (Kuala Lumpur), Founder & CEO, AtticTV Pte. Ltd.
  1483. Jon Walsh (Toronto), CEO, Fuse
  1484. Jon Carder (San Diego), Jon Carder - Founder and CEO, (San Diego FI) , Mogl
  1485. Jon Sugihara (Singapore), Chief Product Officer, RedMart
  1486. Jon Ingalls (Seattle), Founder & CEO, TrackSimple
  1487. Jon Soberg (Silicon Valley), Partner, Expansive Ventures
  1488. Jon Gill (London), Partner , TLT LLP
  1489. Jon Buford (Hong Kong), Founder, Hummingbird Innovations
  1490. Jon Nordmark (Denver), Jon Nordmark - CEO, (Denver FI) , (Wambo, eBags)
  1491. Jonah Levey (Hanoi), Founder, VietnamWorks
  1492. Jonas Tempel (Denver), Chairman, Factory Design Labs
  1493. Jonathan Benassaya (Silicon Valley), Owner , Milestone Factory
  1494. Jonathan De Luzuriaga (Manila), Managing Partner, Compos Mentis Inc
  1495. Jonathan Greechan (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder, Founder Institute
  1496. Jonathan Crisp (Johannesburg), CEO , IDI Technology Holdings
  1497. Jonathan Abrams (Silicon Valley), Founder and CEO, Nuzzel
  1498. Jonathan Barouch (Sydney), Founder and CEO, Roamz
  1499. Jonathan Lui (Sydney), Co-Founder & COO, AirTasker
  1500. Jonathon Perrelli (Washington DC), Founder & General Partner, Fortify Ventures
  1501. Jordan Goldman (New York), Founder/CEO, Unigo
  1502. Jordan Weisman (Seattle), CEO and founder, Smith & Tinker
  1503. Jordan Elpern Waxman (Santiago), Mentor, Startup Essentials Inc.
  1504. Jordan Greenhall (San Diego), Co-Founder & Former CEO, DivX
  1505. Jordi Vilalta (Barcelona), Analista de INversión, VCTeam
  1506. Jörg Rheinboldt (Berlin), CEO, Founder, m10 GmbH
  1507. Jörg Binnenbrücker (Berlin), Managing Director, DuMont Venture Holdings
  1508. Jorge Rivera (San Jose), CEO, Clandestina Hub Creativo
  1509. Jorge Nazario (San Juan), CEO, CEGsoft
  1510. Jorge Zavala (Mexico City), AP Director, Hult International Business School
  1511. Jorge Azurin (Manila), Jorge Azurin - Director, (Manila FI) ,
  1512. Jorge Blasco (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Boutique Secret
  1513. Jorge Torres (San Juan), Managing Director, VenSeed
  1514. Joris Van Heukelom (Amsterdam), Partner , Makerstreet
  1515. Jose Zurstrassen (Brussels), Founder, Skynet
  1516. Jose Soares (Lisbon), CEO, AdWin
  1517. Jose Melendez (San Juan), CEO, Spectral MD
  1518. Jose Coto (San Jose), Managing Director, Prodigious
  1519. Jose Betancur (Medellín), CEO, KZ Labs
  1520. Jose Almeida (Lisbon), FI Mentor
  1521. José García Elicetche (Santiago), CEO and Founder, My Friend
  1522. José Guerreiro De Sousa (Lisbon), Principal, Espírito Santo Ventures
  1523. José Martin Cabiedes (Madrid), Partner, Cabiedes & Partners SCR
  1524. José Vélez (Bogotá), CEO, Pagosonline
  1525. José Senent (Paris), CEO,
  1526. Jose De Dios (Silicon Valley), CEO, Aplaz
  1527. Jose Ignacio Bernal (Lima), Gerente General ,
  1528. José Luis Villa (Mexico City), Executive Coach\Managing Director, Chiat\Day\Mexico
  1529. Jose Manuel Guedes (Lisbon), Partner, tribeCRM
  1530. José Manuel Piquer De Aynat (Andalucia), Founder & COO,
  1531. Jose María Pina (Barcelona), Entrepreneurship Director, Keiretsu Forum
  1532. José María Pinedo (Madrid), Socio Director Finanzas Corporativas, AUREN
  1533. Josep Duran i Priu (Barcelona), Investment Associate, Caixa Capital Risc
  1534. Joseph Jaffe (New York), Founder & CEO, Evol8tion, LLC
  1535. Joseph Chow (Hong Kong), Partner, Maurice WM Lee Solicitors
  1536. Joseph Ziegler (Singapore), EIR, muru-d singapore
  1537. Joseph Sedmak (Seattle), Founder & CEO , JHype Marketing
  1538. Joseph Daniels (New York), Partner, Corporate and Capital Markets Groups, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
  1539. Joseph Benjamin Ilagan (Manila), Co-Founder and CEO, Seer Technologies, Inc.
  1540. Josh Stomel (Orange County), CEO, Neohire
  1541. Josh Rubin (New York), Founder & Editor-in-Chief , Cool Hunting/Captain Lucas
  1542. Josh Weinstein (New York), CEO & Founder,
  1543. Josh Kramer (New York), Managing Partner, Leapfrog Builders
  1544. Joshua Azran (Los Angeles), Partner/Owner, Azran Financial APC
  1545. Joshua Rozario (Bangalore), Principal Consultant, The Joshua Rozario Company
  1546. Joshua Maher (Seattle), President, Seattle Angel
  1547. Joshua Konowe (Washington DC), Founder & CEO,
  1548. Josko Bobanovic (Zagreb), Partner, Sofinnova
  1549. Joulmer J (Jakarta), Vice President, Scientific Marketing Group, Telkomsel.
  1550. Juan Calle (Madrid), Managing Partner,
  1551. Juan Salcedo (Bogotá), Co-founder, TAPPSI
  1552. Juan Vallejo (Madrid), Founder & CEO, Inception Capital
  1553. Juan Otero (Perth), Founder & CEO,
  1554. Juan De Antonio (Madrid), CEO, Cabify
  1555. Juan Carlos Cuesta Quintero (Bogotá), Senior Partner, Cuesta & Asociados Ltda
  1556. Juan Carlos Güímac (Lima), Director, Editora Central SAC
  1557. Juan Carlos Muriente (San Juan), Founder, vBSEO
  1558. Juan Carlos Martinez (Bogotá), CEO,
  1559. Juan Manuel Lopez (Bogotá), Founder | CEO,
  1560. Juan Pablo Zorrilla (Mexico City), Cofounder, Resuelve tu Deuda
  1561. Juan Pablo Cappello (Santiago), Principal, Greenberg Traurig
  1562. Juanita Sabapathy (Singapore), Founder, Kolibri Solutions Pte Ltd
  1563. Judy Schramm (Washington DC), CEO, ProResource, Inc.
  1564. Juha Ruohonen (Helsinki), CEO, FAM Sports
  1565. Juha Huttunen (Helsinki), CEO, Grafetee
  1566. Juha Mattsson (Helsinki), Managing Director,
  1567. Jukka Kallio (Helsinki), Managing Partner, Kalliolaw Asianajotoimisto Oy
  1568. Julia Schössler (Berlin), Founder, Schoessler PR
  1569. Julia Litvinova (Moscow), CEO, exeStation
  1570. Julia Derndinger (Berlin), CEO, die Gründertrainerin
  1571. Julia Szopa (Warsaw), founder,
  1572. Julian Gorman (Jakarta), Strategic Advisor to CEO, Garuda Indonesia
  1573. Julian Low (Singapore), FI Mentor
  1574. Julián Vinué (Barcelona), Director, Wayra Barcelona
  1575. Julian Awad (Boston), CEO Founder, Smart Genetics
  1576. Julien Denaes (Montreal), Founder & CEO, Logrr
  1577. Julien Smith (Montreal), Co-Founder & CEO, Breather
  1578. Julio Soto (Mexico City), Julio Soto, Google
  1579. Jussi Markula (Helsinki), Entrepreneur, Prominda Revolution Oy
  1580. Justin French (Melbourne), Product Manager, Envato
  1581. Justin Moore (Silicon Valley), CEO, Axcient, Inc.
  1582. Justin Dombrowski (New York), Founder/Principal, Historiocity Tech
  1583. Justin Wilcox (Seattle), Founder, Customer Development Labs
  1584. Justin Fulcher (Singapore), CEO, Kinda International
  1585. Justin McCarthy (Silicon Valley), CEO, TurnHere, Inc.
  1586. Justin Sherratt (New York), FI Mentor
  1587. Justin Spratt (Johannesburg), CEO , Quirk
  1588. Justin Mares (Silicon Valley), Co-author, Traction book
  1589. Justin Maddox (Washington DC), CEO , CrowdTrust
  1590. Justin Strharsky (Perth), Managing Director, Synaptor
  1591. Justin Sherratt (New York), Founder, Sortbox
  1592. Justinus Adriaanse (Johannesburg), Founder and ex CEO, Private Property
  1593. Justus Hammer (Sydney), MR, Axis7
  1594. Kai Bolik (Berlin), CEO, GameDuell
  1595. Kaitlin Solimine (Singapore), Cofounder, Hippo Reads
  1596. Kalyan Jakka (New York), Software Engineering Manager, Next Jump
  1597. Kamal Hassan (Toronto), CEO, IncMind
  1598. Karen Vander Plaetse (Brussels), Co-Founder, Yesplan
  1599. Karim Khoja (Kabul), Karim Khoja - CEO, Roshan (Kabul FI), Roshan
  1600. Karl Shaikh (Silicon Valley), Founder , Interpreters-On-Call
  1601. Karl Martin (Toronto), CEO, Nymi Inc.
  1602. Karthik Ramakrishnan (Toronto), CEO, Gallop Labs
  1603. Kartini Muljadi (Jakarta), Senior Partner, Kartini Muljadi & Rekan
  1604. Kashi Tahir (Washington DC), Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
  1605. Kate Rutter (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder, LUXr
  1606. Kate Ross (London), Managing Director, eight&four
  1607. Kate Kharchenko (Saint Petersburg), CEO, Brusnika
  1608. Kathryn Harrison (Lima), Village Capital
  1609. Kathryn Hart (Madrid), Founder & CEO, ForDyslexia
  1610. Kati Nikopensius (Tallinn), Co-founder, Uschanka
  1611. Katie Bluhm (New York), Director of Investor Relations, ff Venture Capital
  1612. Kazutaka Kamizawa (Kansai), Writer , The Asahi Shimbun Company
  1613. Kees Zegers (Amsterdam), Founder and CEO, Dialogue Company
  1614. Keith Li (Hong Kong), CEO & Co-Founder, Innopage
  1615. Keith Rumjahn (Hong Kong), Founder, CoachBase
  1616. Keith Ferrazzi (Los Angeles), CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight
  1617. Keith Smith (Seattle), Co-founder & CEO, BigDoor
  1618. Kelly Perdew (Los Angeles), CEO, TargetClose
  1619. Kelly Fitzsimmons (Chicago), Co-Founder, HarQen & the Hypervoice Consortium
  1620. Ken Ong (San Diego), Senior Vice President,
  1621. Ken Ross (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO, ExpertCEO
  1622. Ken Myer (Seattle), Interim Executive/Early Stage Advisor, Vantage Point
  1623. Ken Rutkowski (Los Angeles), CEO / Founder, METal
  1624. Ken Wahlster (San Diego), Founder & CEO,
  1625. Ken McDonald (Denver), VP Marketing & Customer Success, LifePics (Sequel Venture Partners, Topica, Open Horizon)
  1626. Kendall Quiñones (San Juan), CEO, Sparkative
  1627. Kenshin Fujiwara (Kansai), Venture Partner, Miyako Capital
  1628. Kenta Izumi | 泉 健太 (Tokyo), COO, CMO and Executive Vice-President, Full Speed Group
  1629. Kester Goh (Brussels), Founder, Incubaid
  1630. Kevin Fallon (Denver), Managing Partner, Breosla LLC
  1631. Kevin Yu (Seattle), Co-founder & CTO, Socedo Inc.
  1632. Kevin Garber (Sydney), CEO, 89n
  1633. Kevin Taylor (Chicago), Startup Hackerpreneur and Investor,
  1634. Kevin Leung (Hong Kong), CEO, Muku Labs
  1635. Kevin Siskar (New York), Founder & CEO, Brinkway Media
  1636. Kf Lai (Singapore), Co-Founder & CEO, BuzzCity
  1637. Khailee Ng (Kuala Lumpur), Founder & CEO,
  1638. Khaled Ben Jilani (Tunis), Executive Partner, Tuninvest-Africinvest
  1639. Khalid Awan (Karachi), Co-Founder and Chairman, TCS
  1640. Khurram Zafar (Karachi), Executive Director, LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship
  1641. Kien M Lee (Singapore), Managing Director, SENATUS.NET
  1642. Kirill Makharinsky (Silicon Valley), Co-founder,
  1643. Kiyoyuki Suzuki (Tokyo), CEO, Advanced Media, Inc.
  1644. Koen Stevens (Brussels), Founder, CEO, Bubobox
  1645. Koen Blanquart (Brussels), Chief Strategy, Agyx (and other organisations)
  1646. Koen Matthijs (Brussels), Founder, SpartaNova
  1647. Koen Delvaux (Brussels), Founder, Mobile Vikings
  1648. Kong Soon Chak (Singapore), Managing Partner, Stream Global
  1649. Kong Wai Cheong (Singapore), Managing Director, Conversant Pte Ltd
  1650. Konstantin Gladyshev (Saint Petersburg), Business development manager,
  1651. Kostis Stavropoulos (Athens), Managing Director, iSquare S.A. (Apple Value Added Distributor for Greece & Cyprus)
  1652. Krating Poonpol (Bangkok), CEO & Founder, Disrupt University
  1653. Kresimir Delac (Zagreb), Owner, Simulus Grupa
  1654. Kris Childress (Singapore), CEO, NanoThree
  1655. Krisanto Karlo Nicolas (Manila), Founding Partner, Nicolas & De Vega Law Offices
  1656. Krishna Lakamsani (Hyderabad), Chairman, Lakamsani Group
  1657. Krishna Tammireddy (Hyderabad), CSO ( Chief Sales Officer ), JunoTele
  1658. Krista Paul (Denver), Founder, VP Marketing, UsingMiles
  1659. Kristel Viidik (Tallinn), Founder & CEO, Testlio
  1660. Kristi Hedges (Washington DC), Principal/CEO, The Hedges Company
  1661. Kristijan Galić (Zagreb), Kristijan Galić, Law Office Galić
  1662. Kristina Stoyanova (Saint Petersburg), Head of User Experience, Yandex.Money
  1663. Kristina Ercegovic (Zagreb), Founder & CEO, Zaokret
  1664. Kristine Lauria (Singapore), MD, Mission Street Media
  1665. Kristjan Pecanac (Zagreb), Director, BoundBreaker
  1666. Kristjan Lepik (Tallinn), Head of Smart Specialization, Estonian Development Fund
  1667. Kristof De Spiegeleer (Brussels), Founder & CEO, Q-layer
  1668. Kshama Ravikumar (Bangalore), Partner, Avigna Law
  1669. Kuan Hua Hsu (Singapore), Principal, Gree Ventures
  1670. Kunihiko Ono (Kansai), CEO, Sakanotochu Co.
  1671. Kuo Yi Lim (Hanoi), Managing Director, Monk's Hill Ventures
  1672. Kurt Baumann (Washington DC), CEO,
  1673. Kurt Falkenstein (Melbourne), Founder, General Standards
  1674. Kutlu Kazanci (Istanbul), Director, Founder Institute Istanbul, Sabanci University SUCool Accelerator
  1675. Kyaw Lin Oo (Singapore), FI Mentor
  1676. Kyle Pham (Ho Chi Minh City), CFO, MJ Group
  1677. Kyle Porter (Atlanta), CEO, SalesLoft
  1678. Lally Rementilla (Toronto), co-Founder, The Gals Got Game
  1679. Lanai Tabura (Honolulu), FI Mentor
  1680. Lance Weatherby (Atlanta), COO, nCrowd, Inc
  1681. Larry Fish (San Diego), Chief Technologist, X-Digital
  1682. Larry Bloch (Sydney), Co-Founder and CEO, Netregistry Group
  1683. Larry Chua (Singapore), CEO, TripCribs
  1684. Larry Benet (Los Angeles), CEO & Co Founder, Speakers and Authors Networking Group
  1685. Laura Mc Kenzie (Melbourne), CEO, Scale Investors Ltd
  1686. Lauren Katzberg (Chicago), Co-Founder & CEO, Stylisted
  1687. Lauren Fried (Sydney), Managing Director, Pulse Marketing
  1688. Laurent Prigent (Paris), CEO,
  1689. Laurent Vieille (Paris), VP Products, Jade-i
  1690. Lauri Antalainen (Tallinn), founder & CEO, Avocado Games
  1691. Leighton Cubbage (Greenville), CEO & Chairman, Serrus Capital Partners
  1692. Leila Banijamali (Silicon Valley), Leila Banijamali - CEO & Founder, Startup Documents (San Francisco FI) , Startup Documents
  1693. Lennard Ng (Singapore), Owner , IT Biz Flow
  1694. Leo Prieto (Santiago), Founder, Betazeta
  1695. Leo Spiegel (San Diego), Managing Partner, Mission Ventures
  1696. Leo Exter (Brussels), Founder / Partner, Westartup / Health start up
  1697. Leon Spencer (Sydney), Content Writer, Recogniition PR
  1698. Leon David Perez Hernandez (Mexico City), President, Propulsar
  1699. León Felipe Sánchez (Mexico City), Co-founder, Fulton & Fulton S.C.
  1700. Leonardo Suárez Ruíz (Bogotá), Partner, Torrenegra Labs
  1701. Leonardo Orth (Curitiba), Partner, Vernalha, Di Lascio, Mesquita & Associados
  1702. Leonardo Tostes (Curitiba), CMO and Co-founder, Tween interactive Design
  1703. Leonid Italyantsev (Moscow), Business consultant and coach,
  1704. Leslie Chicoine (San Francisco), Product, Groupon
  1705. Leslie Yuen (Hong Kong), CEO, GTO
  1706. Lewdmila Pavlova (Moscow), Director, TimePad
  1707. Liam Boogar (Paris), Founder, Rude Baguette
  1708. Liisa Toompuu (Tallinn), Product Lead, Toggl Business (previously Onboarding Manager), Toggl
  1709. Liliana Galván (Lima), General Manager, Proadalid Consultores
  1710. Lim Cheng Soon (Singapore), Founder, Netizens Media
  1711. Linh Truong (Hanoi), Co-founder/ Vice CEO,
  1712. Linh Thai (Ho Chi Minh City), Director, DFJ Vinacapital
  1713. Linh Le (Perth), Managing Director / Co-founder, TradiePoint
  1714. Linnar Viik (Tallinn), Co-owner, Member of the Board, Strategy&Investments, Mobi Solutions
  1715. Lionel Liong (Kuala Lumpur), Special Officer to CEO, JobStreet Corp Berhad
  1716. Lisa Morales-Hellebo (San Juan), Founder, LMH Consulting
  1717. Lisa Shevchuk (Saint Petersburg), CPO,
  1718. Lisa Beth Ferstenberg, M.D. (Washington DC), CEO, Lisa Beth Ferstenberg, MD. LLC
  1719. Lito Rodriguez (Sao Paolo), Partner, DWX Par
  1720. Liz Gasser (San Diego), Vice President, Business Operations,
  1721. Liz Sara (Washington DC), Managing Director, Best Marketing, LLC
  1722. Liza Dunning (Atlanta), Brand Manager, Scoutmob
  1723. Lloyd Baroody (Medellín), President, Tabouli Investments, LLC
  1724. Loïc Bar (Brussels), Managing Partner, Opinum
  1725. Long Mai (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Sgame
  1726. Long Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Cofounder & Deputy CEO, ePi Technologies
  1727. Long Lu Thanh (Hanoi), Chairman, MISA
  1728. Lorenz Bogaert (Brussels), Co-Founder CEO, Netlog
  1729. Lorenz Hartung (Munich), Co-Founder, ePetWorld
  1730. Lorenzo Thione (New York), Co-Founder, Artify It, StartOut
  1731. Lori Confino (Tel Aviv), Partner, CBLS Law offices
  1732. Lou Gray (Seattle), Co-Founder & CEO (previously),
  1733. Louis Morales (Chicago), Co-Founder, Lumia
  1734. Louis François Hogue (Montreal), General Manager and Partner,
  1735. Louis Philippe Maurice (Montreal), Louis Philippe Maurice - Founder/CEO, Busbud (Montreal FI), Busbud
  1736. Louisa Heinrich (Berlin), Head of Strategy, Fjord
  1737. Loukas Pilitsis (Athens), VC Investor,
  1738. Luan Nhan The (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, NCT Corporation
  1739. Luc De Vos (Brussels), CEO, EUnet
  1740. Luc Filiatreault (Montreal), Luc Filiatreault - VP Venture Development, OpenText (Barcelona FI), OpenText
  1741. Luca La Mesa (Rome), Founder , PubliSoftWeb
  1742. Lucas Gozálvez (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, Icinetic
  1743. Luciano Kalil (Curitiba), CEO, SitePX
  1744. Lucien Engelen (Amsterdam), Founder and Curator, The Future of Health at Radboud University Medical Centre
  1745. Lucien Burm (Amsterdam), CEO, Kimengi
  1746. Lucy Beard (San Diego), Lucy Beard - CEO, feetZ (San Diego FI) , feetZ
  1747. Ludmila Volodina (Lima), MBA, MsC, SYSTEM ENGINEER, UNIVERSIDAD DE LIMA
  1748. Luis Samra (Santiago), General Manager Latam, Evernote
  1749. Luis Flórez (Bogotá), Manager Dynamic Entrepreneurship, Innpulsa Colombia
  1750. Luis Novo (Sao Paulo), CEO, SuperNova Labs
  1751. Luis López (Mexico City), Founder, Product Designer, Twenty-three
  1752. Luis Cuezzo (Santiago), Director Académico Mágister Innovación, Universidad Mayor
  1753. Luis Martín Cabiedes (Santiago), Partner, Cabiedes & Partners
  1754. Luís Pedro Martins (Lisbon), FI Mentor
  1755. Luis Baptista Coelho (Lisbon), VP Business Development, NDrive Navigation Systems
  1756. Luis Torres (Lima), Luis Torres - Executive Director, Cosapi Data (Lima FI) , Cosapi Data
  1757. Luis Losada Ferreira (Lisbon), CEO & Founder, Iner-Cloud
  1758. Luis Buenaventura (Manila), Head of Product, Satoshi Citadel Industries
  1759. Luis Adolfo Gonzalez (Mexico City), CEO,
  1760. Luis Enrique García De Brigard (Bogotá), C.E.O., Off Bound Adventures
  1761. Luiz Alberto Cesar (Curitiba), Luiz Alberto Cesar, LAHC Participações
  1762. Luka Abrus (Zagreb), CEO, Five Minutes Ltd.
  1763. Luka Birsa (Zagreb), CTO, Visionect
  1764. Luke Todesco (San Juan), Luke Todesco - CEO, Gustazos Canada (Puerto Rico FI), Gustazos Canada
  1765. Luke Beatty (Denver), Vice President & General Manager, Yahoo!
  1766. Luke Watson (Perth), Co-Founder/CEO, Stealth Company
  1767. Lưu Văn Quảng (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Vee Group
  1768. Ly Nguyen Hoang (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, Payoo
  1769. Lyubov Simonova-Emelyanova (Moscow), Principal, Almaz Capital
  1770. Ma Rosario Gruet (Manila), VP-Business Development, CPI
  1771. Maarten Van Laere (Brussels), Founder, CEO, ServersCheck
  1772. Maarten Lens Fitz Gerald (Amsterdam), Founder,
  1773. Maca Lara (Santiago), Co-Fundadora, PulsoSocial
  1774. Maciej Maciejowski (Warsaw), CEO, MoonSpace
  1775. Madeline Duva (Silicon Valley), Advisor, Eye-Fi, Drop, Fluxx
  1776. Madhu Avalur (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO, Angaros Group
  1777. Madusha Cooray (Toronto), Director, Founder Institute (Waterloo)
  1778. Magaly Charbonneau (Montreal), COO & Shareholder, PasswordBox
  1779. Mahmudul Hasan Sohag (Dhaka), Chairman, Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.
  1780. Maks Giordano (Berlin), Founder, Nunatak
  1781. Malcolm Lewis (Orange County), Malcolm Lewis - Founder & CEO, RefGo (Orange County FI) , RefGo
  1782. Malcolm Ong (Singapore), Co-founder, Skillshare
  1783. Malcolm Lotzof (Chicago), CEO, INXPO
  1784. Mamtha Banerjee (Seattle), Founder, CEO, Magicflix
  1785. Manfred Perez (San Jose), Founder, Metodus
  1786. Manfred Tropper (Munich), CEO & Co-Founder, GmbH
  1787. Manjur Mahmud (Dhaka), Director and COO, DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd
  1788. Manny Morales (San Juan), Founder, Grasslark
  1789. Manny Ladis (Denver), Co-Founder, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Dizzion, Inc.
  1790. Manolo Diaz (Mexico City), Co-Founder & CEO, Yogome
  1791. Manuel Rosso (San Juan), Founder, Food on the Table
  1792. Manuk Masseredjian (Santiago), Subgerente de Innovación, BBVA Chile
  1793. Marc Serra Oller (Barcelona), Founder and CEO, Bonacuista BGS SL (Acuista, BGSsl)
  1794. Marc Basté Alujas (Barcelona), Co-Founder & CEO, Lexdir Global
  1795. Marc Preusche (Berlin), AdWords Consultant for Startups, Google
  1796. Marc Phillips (Sydney), CEO, Arafura Ventures
  1797. Marc Van Der Heijden (Amsterdam), CEO, Tonson Enterprises BV
  1798. Marc Jordana Soldevila (Barcelona), Partner, Dream Digital Investments
  1799. Marc Sudreau (Paris), FI Mentor
  1800. Marc Roisin (Brussels), CEO,
  1801. Marc Garcia (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Viuing
  1802. Marc Thouvenin (Paris), Founder, Neovira/Regioneo
  1803. Marc Goldberg (Paris), Managing Director, Bryan Garnier
  1804. Marc Braunstein (Denver), President,
  1805. Marcel Malczewski (Curitiba), CEO, M3 Investimentos
  1806. Marcela Palacio (Medellín), Partner, CMC Abogados
  1807. Marcelo Calbucci (Seattle), Co-founder & CTO, EveryMove
  1808. Marcelo Macedo (Rio de Janeiro), Business Development, Tangerina Design
  1809. Marcelo Guital (Santiago), CEO and Founder, Guital & Partners
  1810. Marcelo Badimón (Madrid), Founder & CEO,
  1811. Marcin Zabielski (Warsaw), Managing Partner, Hedgehog Fund
  1812. Marcin Chwalik (Warsaw), Co-founder,
  1813. Marcin Fejfer (Warsaw), Investment Manager, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group
  1814. Marco De Abreu (Lisbon), CEO,
  1815. Marco Massarotto (Rome), Founder, Hagakure
  1816. Marco Broccardo (Johannesburg), CEO , Eurocom
  1817. Marco Oliveira (Lisbon), CEO & Founder, Xpand-IT
  1818. Marco Trombetti (Rome), Founder and CEO, Translated
  1819. Marco Magnocavallo (Rome), Venture Partner & Serial Entrepreneur,
  1820. Marco Gorini (Sao Paulo), CEO, Din4mo Inteligência em Negócios Sociais
  1821. Marco Fernandes (Lisbon), Executive Manager, DNA Cascais
  1822. Marcos Aubeso Parellada (Barcelona), Investment Analyst, Caixa Capital Risc
  1823. Marcos Alves Cardoso (Andalucia), Founder & CEO,
  1824. Marcos Polanco (San Juan), Clearshore
  1825. Marcos Olmos (Sao Paolo), Managing Director, CM Capital Markets
  1826. Marcus Daniels (Montreal), Co-Founder & CEO, Highline VC
  1827. Marcus Tan (Perth), Founder & CEO, Health Engine
  1828. Marcus Dantus (Mexico City), CEO, Startup Mexico
  1829. Margaret Manning (Singapore), CEO, ReadingRoom
  1830. Margaret Wallace (New York), CEO, Playmatics
  1831. Margot Bushnaq (Los Angeles), Founder & CEO,
  1832. Maria Weiers (Berlin), Partner,
  1833. Maria Mokhnatkina (Silicon Valley), CEO, RoadGazer Inc.
  1834. Maria Adamian (Moscow), Curator, Digital October
  1835. Maria Zanforlin (Sao Paulo), Founding Partner, Bambuza Capital
  1836. Maria Kuvshinova (Singapore), Co-founder & CMO, ClubVivre
  1837. Maria Patsi (Athens), Digital Marketing Director, Publicis Groupe
  1838. Maria De Los Angeles Romo (Santiago), Directora Ejecutivo, Endeavor Chile
  1839. Maria Rita Theresa Nicole Paterno (Manila), Founder, 1000 Angels
  1840. Marianne Windirsch Lozano (Mexico City), Socia, Windirsch y Chaim, S.C.
  1841. Mariano Maturana (Santiago), Socio, SMART Delivery
  1842. Marin Bezic (Rijeka), Director,
  1843. Marina Zaliznyak (Madrid), Strategy & HR Director , Packlink
  1844. Marine Huber (Paris), Analyst, Omnes Capital (Prev Credit Agricole Private Equity)
  1845. Mario Nemirovsky (Barcelona), Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, ViLynx and Miraveo
  1846. Mario Gil (Lima), CEO, DIPOO
  1847. Mario Alonso (Madrid), PRESIDENTE, AUREN
  1848. Marion Chevalier (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Entrepreneurs Speaking
  1849. Marisa Terrenzi (Washington DC), Partner, Holland & Knight
  1850. Marissa Levin (Washington DC), Founder & CEO, Information Experts
  1851. Marius Kraemer (Berlin), Founder, TennisBuddy
  1852. Mariya Glazkova (Moscow), PR Director, LinguaLeo
  1853. Mark Munoz (Hong Kong), Founder & Executive Director, InvestLab
  1854. Mark Newhouse (New York), Director of Strategy, SYPartners
  1855. Mark Hendrickson (Melbourne), CEO and Co-founder, Side Racket
  1856. Mark Toohey (Sydney), Principal, Adroit Lawyers
  1857. Mark Pickett (Chicago), Mark Pickett - CEO, Nail Your Mortgage (Chicago FI) , Nail Your Mortgage
  1858. Mark Pincus (Silicon Valley), CEO, Esper
  1859. Mark Organ (Singapore), Cofounder & CEO, Influitive
  1860. Mark Tuttle (Rijeka), Partner, Placemark One
  1861. Mark Landay (Los Angeles), Managing Director, Dynamic Synergy
  1862. Mark Bonnell (Santiago), CEO, Modyo
  1863. Mark Khavkin (Saint Petersburg), Director: Strategic partnerships, Elance - oDesk
  1864. Mark Lawrence (Chicago), Mark Lawrence - Co-Founder & CEO, SpotHero (Chicago FI), SpotHero
  1865. Mark Roebke (Denver), Founder, FretLabs
  1866. Mark Manning (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, InShield Technologies
  1867. Mark Martemianov (Saint Petersburg), Creative Director, PLUS8
  1868. Mark Evans (London), Partner, Positive Momentum
  1869. Mark Middleton (Melbourne), Founder, Reminisce Entertainment Pty Ltd
  1870. Mark Geene (Denver), CEO,
  1871. Mark Achler (Chicago), Managing Director, Math Venture Partners
  1872. Mark Bivens (Paris), Directeur Associé, Truffle Capital
  1873. Marko Kovac (Zagreb), CEO/Co-founder, Repsly
  1874. Markus Schranner (Berlin), Co-Founder,
  1875. Markus Berger De Leon (Berlin), Founder, Roombeats / Stimp
  1876. Markus Kempkes (Berlin), CEO, Founder, SmartHome Konzept GmbH
  1877. Markus Ortmann (Munich), CEO & Co-Founder,
  1878. Marlene Kern (Munich), Dipl. Kommunikations Design, Marlene Kern Design
  1879. Marlon Nichols (Silicon Valley), Partner, Intel Capital
  1880. Marlon Rodrigues (Toronto), Marketing, Tulip Retail
  1881. Martha Nigenda (Mexico City), Human Capital Corporate Director, Trinity Industries
  1882. Martha Edith Hernandez (Tunis), CEO, Startup Life Coach LLC
  1883. Martí Manent (Barcelona), CEO and Founder,
  1884. Martin Reents (Munich), CEO, Hetras AG
  1885. Martin Schrimpff (Bogotá), Business Development Director, Pagosonline
  1886. Martin Kessler (Hong Kong), Founder, Phonejoy
  1887. Martin Reichenbach (Munich), CEO & Founder, beActive // pricing4startups
  1888. Martin Iglesias (Mexico City), CEO, Torneo de Ideas
  1889. Martin Hartono (Jakarta), CEO, GDP Venture
  1890. Martin Malmström (Dhaka), Managing Director,
  1891. Martin Luc Archambault (Montreal), Founder/CEO, Wajam
  1892. Martine De Ridder (Santiago), Cofounder, DevLady
  1893. Marty Andrews (Melbourne), Co-Founder & CEO, Cogent
  1894. Marvin Lai (Hong Kong), Executive Director, Hong Kong Venture Capital Association (HKVCA)
  1895. Mary Baker Anderson (Seattle), CEO, Calipa Partners
  1896. Masahiko Honma (Singapore), Founder and General Partner,
  1897. Masahiro Samejima (Tokyo), Founding Partner, UCHIDA & SAMEJIMA LAW FIRM
  1898. Masaki Taniguchi (Kansai), FI Mentor
  1899. Massimo Melica (Rome), Partner, Melica, Scandelin & Partners
  1900. Mathias Flattin (Paris), Directeur Adjoint, Siparex
  1901. Mathieu Goudot (Paris), Directeur de Participations, A Plus Finance
  1902. Mathieu Nouzareth (Paris), CEO, FreshPlanet
  1903. Matías Zegers (Santiago), Partner, Bahamondez, Álvarez y Zegers Ltda.
  1904. Matt Mandell (New York), Principal, Mandell Enterprises
  1905. Matt Knee (Melbourne), Founder, Work Ninja
  1906. Matt Liotta (Atlanta), CEO, PodPonics
  1907. Matt Allen (Sydney), Director, DevLogic
  1908. Matt Belitsky (Silicon Valley), Start Up Consultant, The Data Guy
  1909. Matt Shobe (Seattle), Venture Hacker, AngelList
  1910. Matt Dyor (Seattle), CEO, Payboard
  1911. Matt Paulin (Seattle), Founder , zCrowd
  1912. Matt Walters (Bangkok), Managing Director, Runway Incubator
  1913. Matt Allen (Melbourne), GM & Co-Founder, Lookahead Search Melbourne
  1914. Matt Millard (Ho Chi Minh City), CEO, Purple Asia
  1915. Matt Howard (Washington DC), CEO, ZoomSafer
  1916. Matt Johnson (Boston), Founder, OmniStrat
  1917. Matt Galligan (Denver), CEO, SocialThing, SimpleGeo
  1918. Matt Baker (Washington DC), CEO,
  1919. Matt Frary (Denver), Founder,
  1920. Matthew Hedayat (San Diego), CTO, Stanford Technical Group
  1921. Matthew Klein (Greenville), Managing Partner, Redrock Capital
  1922. Matthew Bromberg (New York), Group GM, Electronic Arts
  1923. Matthew Harp (Hanoi), Vietnam Representative, Unitus Impact Fund
  1924. Matthew Ho (Sydney), Co-Founder and CEO,
  1925. Matthew Hannus (Orange County), Founder & CEO, Bound -
  1926. Matthew Macfarlane (Perth), Matthew Macfarlane - Venture Capital Investment Director, Yuuwa Capital (Perth FI) , Yuuwa Capital
  1927. Mauricio Angulo (Mexico City), Consultor senior de Experiencia de Usuario, Tesseract Space
  1928. Mauricio Bejarano (Bogotá), Chief Strategy Officer/Board Member, ZIO Studios
  1929. Mauro Repacci (Montreal), Co-Founder & CEO, NAVUT
  1930. Mauro Parra (Mexico City), CTO, Negoapps
  1931. Max Cortes (San Jose), International Launcher, Uber
  1932. Max Nolan (Sao Paolo), Cultural Hacker, Dervish
  1933. Max Miller (Denver), Director, eCommerce, Craftsy (Sympoz)
  1934. Max Shevyakov (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder & Co-CEO,
  1935. Max Haot (New York), CEO, LiveStream
  1936. Max Kortrakul (Bangkok), CEO, SiamSquared Technologies
  1937. Maxim Smirnov (Saint Petersburg), CEO,
  1938. Maxim Rydlev (Saint Petersburg), Sales Director,
  1939. Maximilien Oursel (Paris), Partner, Pléiade Venture
  1940. Mazen Elbawab (Montreal), Founder & CEO, Heddoko
  1941. Md Arifur Rahman (Dhaka), Director, Business & Financial Strategy, Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd.
  1942. Meghan Messenger (New York), Co-Founder, Next Jump
  1943. Meghna Suryakumar (Bangalore), Founder & Managing Attorney, Kelsaa
  1944. Mehmet Metin Okur (Istanbul), CEO, Sefamerve
  1945. Meinrad Spenger (Madrid), Co-Founder & CEO, MasMóvil
  1946. Melanie Chamaah (Brussels), Co-founder & Managing Director, Samarkande
  1947. Melissa Austria (Toronto), Owner and Founder, GotStyle
  1948. Meng Weng Wong (Singapore), Director, JFDI.Asia
  1949. Mert Yılmaz (Istanbul), Mert Yılmaz - CMO, (Istanbul FI),
  1950. Micah Baldwin (Silicon Valley), VP, Author Development, Blurb
  1951. Michael Davidovich (San Diego), Founder & Prior CEO,
  1952. Michael Goldberg (Hanoi), Managing Partner, Bridge Investment Fund LP
  1953. Michael Young (Toronto), Co-founder and CTO, Architelos
  1954. Michael Evans (Chicago), Co-Founder, GrubHub
  1955. Michael De Monte (Toronto), Co-Founder, ScribbleLive
  1956. Michael Smith (Seattle), Founder, Avelle
  1957. Michael Bruck (Hong Kong), Business Development Consultant, SRI International
  1958. Michael Reuter (Munich), Co-Founder, Datarella GmbH
  1959. Michael Carruth (Chicago), President/Founder, Fiodan Corporation
  1960. Michael Arrington (Seattle), Editor, TechCrunch
  1961. Michael Schutzler (Seattle), Chief Sherpa,
  1962. Michael Margolis (Denver), FI Mentor
  1963. Michael Clark (Denver), Michael Clark - Co-founder, (Denver FI), Photobucket
  1964. Michael Puscar (Medellín), Founder, Grupo Internacional de Technología de Punta
  1965. Michael Serotte (New York), Founding Partner, Unshackled Fund
  1966. Michael Kechinov (Saint Petersburg), Founder, REES46
  1967. Michael Averbah (Saint Petersburg), Managing Partner, Ideal Machine
  1968. Michael Cheng (Singapore), Software Engineer, Neo Innovation
  1969. Michael Gorback (San Francisco), Partner, Chair of Emerging Companies Group, Hanson Bridgett LLP
  1970. Michael Karp (Sydney), President and Co-Founder,
  1971. Michael Solomon (New York), Co-Founder, 10x Management
  1972. Michael Seibel (Silicon Valley), CEO, Socialcam
  1973. Michael Prentice (Johannesburg), CEO, Silica Holdings
  1974. Michael Bolick (Greenville), CEO, Selah Genomics
  1975. Michael Turri (Montreal), Co-Founder / Director of Experience Strategy, Sid Labs / Sid Lee
  1976. Michael Sid (New York), CEO, MediaMorph
  1977. Michael Jankie (Melbourne), Co-founder, LeadChat
  1978. Michael Hyatt (Toronto), Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, BlueCat Networks
  1979. Michael Kosic (Toronto), CEO, XYZInteractive
  1980. Michael Leow (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder,
  1981. Michael Katchen (Toronto), Founder & CEO, WealthSimple
  1982. Michael Diamant (New York), CEO, Skip Hop
  1983. Michael Michelini (Hong Kong), VP of Marketing and Business Development, Unchained Apps
  1984. Michael Brehm (Berlin), Managing Director, M.C.B. Beteiligungs GmbH
  1985. Michael Tognetti (Denver), Senior Vice President and General Counsel, SendGrid, Inc.
  1986. Michael Daun (Brussels), Founder, Incloode
  1987. Michael Kranitz (Denver), CEO, Kranitz Media Consulting
  1988. Michael Gruber (Chicago), General Partner, Independence Equity I, L.P
  1989. Michael Chad Hoeppner (New York), CEO, GK Training & Communications
  1990. Michalis Gkontas (Athens), Founder , FORKY
  1991. Michalis Stangos (Athens), CEO, MSCOMM SA
  1992. Michał Sadowski (Warsaw), CEO, Brand24
  1993. Michał  Jaskólski (Warsaw), VP, R&D Director, Grupa Nokaut S.A.
  1994. Michał  Juda (Warsaw), Co-founder, SHOWROOM
  1995. Michał  Olszewski (Warsaw), Board member, LMS Invest
  1996. Michel Meyer (Paris), Co-founder , Kewego
  1997. Michel Sassano (Paris), Associate, Kima Ventures
  1998. Michele Romanow (Toronto), Head of Marketing, Groupon (SnapSaves)
  1999. Michele Romanow (Curitiba), Head of Marketing, Groupon
  2000. Michelle Katics (Bangkok), CEO, BankersLab
  2001. Michelle Lam (Hong Kong), Founder & Managing Director, The Spoilt Experiences Group
  2002. Michiel Westermann (Amsterdam), CEO, Motek Medical & Motek Entertainment
  2003. Michiel Muller (Amsterdam), Advisory Board Member, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship
  2004. Michiel Buitelaar (Amsterdam), COO, Sanoma Media NL
  2005. Michitoshi Mori (Kansai), Attorney at Law / Founding Partner, Mori Law Offices
  2006. Miguel Lasso (Madrid), Co-Founder , Yslandia
  2007. Miguel Mira Da Silva (Lisbon), Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico
  2008. Miguel Moreda (San Juan), VP - Restructuring & Corporate Finance, Porto Capital
  2009. Miguel Ribeiro (Lisbon), CEO, CEO - NVESPRI S.A.
  2010. Miguel Pina Martins (Lisbon), CEO , Science4you
  2011. Miguel Mascarenhas (Lisbon), CEO & Founder, FixeAds | OLX | StandVirtual | Imovirtual |
  2012. Miguel Olivares (Madrid), Founder y CEO, La Despensa
  2013. Miguel Porto Monteiro (Lisbon), CEO, FixeAds (,,
  2014. Miguel Mascarenhas (Lisbon), CTO, Naspers Classifieds / OLX
  2015. Mihovil Barancic (Zagreb), Co-founder, ZIP Incubator
  2016. Mika Marjalaakso (Helsinki), CEO, Oak Ventures Ltd.
  2017. Mike Bradshaw (Helsinki), Driver,
  2018. Mike Grandinetti (Boston), Managing Director, Southboro Capital
  2019. Mike Butcher (Paris), Co-founder, TechHub
  2020. Mike Ma (Seattle), Tech Entrepreneur,
  2021. Mike Hulser (Honolulu), CEO, The Biz MD
  2022. Mike Martoccia (New York), Co-founder / COO, Dopamine, Inc.
  2023. Mike Stemple (Denver), Mike Stemple - Founder, Inspirer (Denver FI) , Inspirer
  2024. Mike Fedorov (Saint Petersburg), Founder, Plan B media
  2025. Mike Alfred (San Diego), Co-Founder and CEO, BrightScope
  2026. Mike Tsygankov (Moscow), Managing Partner, Global TechInnovations
  2027. Mike Vandenbos (Seattle), FI Mentor
  2028. Mike Nicholls (Silicon Valley), Director, Intellectual Ventures
  2029. Mike Silagadze (Toronto), CEO, Top Hat
  2030. Mikee Johnson (Greenville), CEO, COX Industries
  2031. Mikhael Korneev (Moscow), co-founder, GreenfieldProject
  2032. Mikhail Demidov (Saint Petersburg), Principal, T34 Moscow VC
  2033. Mikhail Belyaev (Saint Petersburg), Regional Manager , 1C-Bitrix
  2034. Mikhail Daykhin (Moscow), CEO, KMPKV
  2035. Mikhail Zarin (Moscow), co-founder,
  2036. Mikhail Choo (Singapore), Founder & CEO,
  2037. Mikhail Penkovsky (Saint Petersburg), Inside Sales Director, Veeam Software
  2038. Mikhail Zonenashvili (Moscow), Founder, 613 and WEB SMILE
  2039. Mikita Mikado (Moscow), Founder, CEO,
  2040. Mil Ovan (Chicago), CEO, Next Gen Solar
  2041. Miles Burke (Perth), Founder, BAM Creative
  2042. Mina Zoulovits (Athens), Head of IT and E-Communications Law, PHILOTHEIDIS & PARTNERS
  2043. Minh Bui (Bangkok), Marketing Director - Asia, Wotif
  2044. Minh Cao Cong (Hanoi), PR Director, Co-Founder,
  2045. Minh Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, Kyna
  2046. Misha Chellam (Silicon Valley), Cofounder & COO, Scanadu
  2047. Mladen Vukmir (Zagreb), Founding Partner, VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES
  2048. Moazzam Ali Khan (Karachi), General Manager, Loreal Pakistan
  2049. Moira Vetter (Atlanta), CEO, Modo Modo Agency
  2050. Mona Defrawi (Silicon Valley), Managing Partner, IPOQuest
  2051. Mona Abdel Halim (Chicago), Strategic Partnerships, Manager, Orbitz Worldwide
  2052. Montse Piquer De Aynat (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Nidmi
  2053. Moritz Daan (Berlin), Founder,
  2054. Mortaza Karimi (Paris), Analyst, Partech International
  2055. Motohide Takeda (Tokyo), Exective Director, TKD.Institute
  2056. Mouna Ayari (Tunis), Ecosystem Lead, INTILAQ
  2057. Mukund Mohan (Bangalore), Director, Microsoft Ventures
  2058. Munjal Shah (Silicon Valley), CEO,
  2059. Murali Vullaganti (Bangalore), CEO, RuralShores
  2060. Murali Kakarla (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO, Innobox
  2061. Murali Bukkapatnam (Hyderabad), CEO & Managing Director,
  2062. Murat Sahin (Istanbul), CEO, SecureDrive
  2063. Mustafa Dalci (Istanbul), CEO, Userspots
  2064. Nacho Giral (Barcelona), Owner and Travel General Manager,
  2065. Nacho González Barros (Barcelona), Founder & CEO,
  2066. Nadav Wilf (Los Angeles), Founder & CEO, ENLTND
  2067. Naidu Darapaneni (Hyderabad), Founder & C.E.O, Versant Online Solutions (MeraEvents)
  2068. Nam Phan (Ho Chi Minh City), Cofounder & Chairman, VTC Online
  2069. Nam Nguyen Thanh (Hanoi), Co-Founder & Ex-CEO, FPT Corporation
  2070. Namit Pandey (New Delhi), Co-Founder, Autoflik
  2071. Nancy De Brito (Lisbon), Cofounder, 2020 Multimedia
  2072. Nancy Prior (Seattle), CFO, CFO Selections
  2073. Nancy Carter (Washington DC), CEO, Carter & Associates
  2074. Nanda Ivens (Jakarta), Chief Operating Officer/Partner, XM Gravity (Magnivate Group)
  2075. Narda Ben Zvi (Tel Aviv), Managing Partner, CBLS Law ofices
  2076. Naresh Verma (Washington DC), FI Mentor
  2077. Narimasa Makino (Kansai), Manager, SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.
  2078. Nasheet Islam (Dhaka), CEO, G&R Technologies Ltd.
  2079. Nata Pokrovskaya (Moscow), Communicatios and branding expert,
  2080. Natali Ardianto (Jakarta), CTO,
  2081. Natalia Pokrovskaya (Moscow), Producer,
  2082. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong (Bangkok), CEO/Founder , Ookbee
  2083. Nathan Mattock (Sydney), Partner, Marque Lawyers
  2084. Nauman Sikandar Mirza (Karachi), CEO,
  2085. Naval Ravikant (Silicon Valley), Co-founder, AngelList
  2086. Naveen Lakkur (Bangalore), Co-Founder, Values Centred Innovation Enablement Services
  2087. Naveen Gattu (Hyderabad), Co-Founder & COO, Gramener
  2088. Naveen Gattu (Hyderabad), Co-Founder & COO, Gramener
  2089. Navin Nagiah (Silicon Valley), President & CEO, DNN Corp
  2090. Nazmul Ahmed (Dhaka), Founder and CEO, Ennovision LLC
  2091. Neal O'gorman (Berlin), Founder, Texas Askem
  2092. Nebojša Grbačić (Zagreb), Communication expert , Freelancer
  2093. Ned Moorfield (Sydney), CEO & Co-founder, goCatch
  2094. Neil Kane (Chicago), Founder & President, Illinois Partners Executive Services
  2095. Neil Smith (Sydney), FI Mentor
  2096. Neil Senturia (San Diego), CEO, Blackbird Ventures
  2097. Nelly Barbault (Paris), Senior Associate, ISAI Gestion
  2098. Nenad Bakic (Zagreb), FI Mentor
  2099. Nevo Hadas (Cape Town), Director, & innovation
  2100. Nevzat Aydin (Istanbul), CEO,
  2101. Nga Dinh (Ho Chi Minh City), Assistant Director, Hoang Quan Law
  2102. Nga Le (Hanoi), Investment Director, Techcombank Capital
  2103. Nguyen Hoa Binh (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, PeaceSoft
  2104. Nguyễn Khánh Trình (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, CleverAds
  2105. Nguyen Manh Quan (Hanoi), Vice President, Inspire Ventures
  2106. Nguyen Manh Dung (Hanoi), Head of Vietnam and Thailand, CyberAgent Ventures
  2107. Nguyễn Minh Quang (Hanoi), Vice President, Mwork
  2108. Nguyen Quang Duc (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, HSP/ Yton
  2109. Nguyễn Thanh Hà (Hanoi), Lawyer, Chairman, Managing Partner, S&B Law
  2110. Nguyễn Văn Vũ (Hanoi), CTO, Appota
  2111. Nhan Dang (Hanoi), Vice President, SeeSpace
  2112. Nhan Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Software Engineer, Google Inc
  2113. Nic Lowe (Sydney), Co-Founder, GoGet
  2114. Nicholas Mitchell (Seattle), General Counsel , Wizards of the Coast
  2115. Nicholas Butterworth (New York), Founder & CEO, Diversion Media, HD Cloud
  2116. Nick Aldridge (Bogotá), CEO, Kogi Mobile S.A.S.
  2117. Nick Baily (New York), Founder, CEO / Principal, Reelgrid Media, Complex Ventures
  2118. Nick Huzar (Seattle), CEO, OfferUp
  2119. Nick Pachos (Sydney), Head of Product & Carrier, AAPT
  2120. Nick Fenner (London), Partner, TLT LLP
  2121. Nick Mikhailovsky (Moscow), CEO, NTR Lab
  2122. Nick Magliato (Washington DC), CEO, Trust Digital
  2123. Nicky Szmala (Singapore), Founder & CEO,
  2124. Nico Orellana (Santiago), CEO, Welcu
  2125. Nico Bour (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Verticomm Network (Uvinum, Sportivic, Babibum & Mascotic)
  2126. Nico Perez (Brussels), Co-Founder,
  2127. Nicola Mattina (Rome), Co-founder, Stamplay
  2128. Nicolas Mulder (Lima), Founder and Managing Director,
  2129. Nicolas Roux (Paris), CEO, Aspectize
  2130. Nicolas Hennion (Paris), opportuner
  2131. Nicolas Guermont (Paris), FI Mentor
  2132. Nicolas Cary (Santiago), Ceo,
  2133. Nicolas Plögert (Munich), Managing director and founder, Opentabs GmbH
  2134. Nicolas Valcárcel (Lima), VP of Engineering, Yarit
  2135. Nicolas Chavrot (Moscow), Serial founder and investor,
  2136. Nicole Kersh (Sydney), Former MD, 4Cabling
  2137. Nicole Rieunier Burle (Paris), Department Head,
  2138. Niels Van Der Linden (Istanbul), Niels Van Der Linden - (Istanbul FI),
  2139. Niket Desai (Singapore), GSD Wizard + Product, Punchd, Google
  2140. Niko Nelissen (Brussels), CEO, TapCrowd
  2141. Nikola Vrdoljak (Zagreb), Director/Founder,
  2142. Nikolay Strakh (Saint Petersburg), Трекер, ФРИИ
  2143. Nikos Goulis (Athens), CEO,
  2144. Niksa Tomulic (Zagreb), Founder, Kompare online
  2145. Nils Galdo (Santiago), CEO, ChileGlobal Angels
  2146. Nils von Harlessem (Berlin), Friendscout24 / Scout24
  2147. Nilson Filatieri (Curitiba), Executive Director, Eadbox
  2148. Nima Kazerooni (Curitiba), CoFounder, Impactonomy
  2149. Nir Eyal (Silicon Valley), Founder and Former CEO, AdNectar
  2150. Niranjan Gupta (Bangalore), CEO,
  2151. Nitin Pachisia (Silicon Valley), Founding Partner, Unshackled
  2152. Noam Perski (Brussels), CEO, JamesList
  2153. Noam Tamari-Wekser (Munich), Co-Founder, Intrapreneurs Global Network
  2154. Noel Quiñónes (San Juan), Founder, Casa Grande Interactive
  2155. Nolan Bushnell (Los Angeles), CEO and Founder, uWink
  2156. Norbert Schauermann (Munich), CEO, Founder, dreizehn° UG
  2157. Novistiar Rustandi (Jakarta), Co-founder & CEO, HarukaEdu
  2158. Numan Numanbayraktaroglu (Istanbul), Managing Director, 212ltd Venture Capital Fund
  2159. Nuno Machado Lopes (Lisbon), Nuno Machado Lopes, Tudo Mudou
  2160. Nuno Monsanto (Lisbon), CEO, Central Europe Integrated Solutions
  2161. Nyall Jacobs (London), Partner, CBW
  2162. Octavio Camarena (Mexico City), CEO, MasNegocio
  2163. Oded Noy (Los Angeles), Founder & CEO, Social Approach
  2164. Odile Vaicbourdt (Paris), COO, Palico
  2165. Odysseas Papadimitriou (Washington DC), CEO & Founder, Evolution Finance
  2166. Ofer Gadish (Tel Aviv), Founder & CEO, CloudEndure
  2167. Ofer Valencio Akermann (Berlin), CEO, Hiogi
  2168. Okki Soebagio (Jakarta), CEO, PT Arus Nawala
  2169. Olaf Lohmann (Singapore), MD, TheMobileGamer Pte Ltd
  2170. Oleg Lola (Munich), CEO & Founder, MobiDev
  2171. Oleg Yakubenkov (Moscow), FI Mentor
  2172. Oleg Gutsol (Toronto), Co-Founder, 500px
  2173. Oleg Shchegolev (Saint Petersburg), Founder & CEO, SemRush
  2174. Oleg Shchegolev (Saint Petersburg), CEO, SemRush
  2175. Olga Pavlova (Saint Petersburg), Founder,
  2176. Olga Leśniewska (Warsaw), legal advisor, Dentons
  2177. Oliver Haeggberg (Berlin), Managing Partner , PT Capital
  2178. Oliver Hanisch (Berlin), Facilitator, Founder Institute
  2179. Oliver Thum (Munich), Head of Innovation Lab, GmbH (
  2180. Oliver Richter (Berlin), CEO, XOUNTS Hamburg GmbH
  2181. Olivia Humphrey (Perth), CEO, Kanopy
  2182. Olivier Ezratty (Paris), Freelance Consultant ,
  2183. Olivier Carnohan (Singapore), CEO,
  2184. Omar Nacif (Mexico City), VP, Proteak Renewable Forestry
  2185. Omar Mora (San Jose), Founder, Blackberry & Cross
  2186. Omar Mohout (Brussels), Growth Engineer, Sirris
  2187. Omar Jacobo Monroy Soltero (Mexico City), Managing Partner , Mink Global, S.C.
  2188. Omar Mansoor Ansari (Kabul), President , TechLabs
  2189. On Lee (Jakarta), CTO, GDP Venture
  2190. Onur Tekinturhan (Istanbul), Cofounder,
  2191. Onur Aydin (Istanbul), Country Manager, Groupon Turkey
  2192. Opher Brayer (Tel Aviv), Founder & CEO, Brayer Group
  2193. Opie Lopansri (Bangkok), Founder and CEO, Stamp Content Inc.
  2194. Oranuch Lerdsuwankij (Bangkok), Co-Founder, Thumbsup
  2195. Oren Klaff (Los Angeles), Director of Capital Markets, Intersection Capital
  2196. Ori Lahav (Tel Aviv), Co-founder & CTO, Outbrain
  2197. Oriol Juncosa (Barcelona), Principal (Investment Director), Nauta Capital
  2198. Oriol Vila Grifoll (Barcelona), Founder & CEO,
  2199. Oron Barber (Manila), Co-Founder and CEO, Leadya Services Inc.
  2200. Ory Zik (Boston), Founder CEO, kWhal
  2201. Oscar Montezuma Panez (Lima), Main partner, Montezuma & Panez Consultores Legales
  2202. Óscar Retana (San Jose), Director, Gridshield
  2203. Oscar Kneppers (Amsterdam), Founder, Rockstart
  2204. Oscar Sánchez (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Tech Sales Group
  2205. Oscar Velázquez (Mexico City), CEO, Sustainability Accelerator
  2206. Ott Kaukver (Singapore), Advisor, Ambient Sound Investments
  2207. Otto Rivera (San Jose), Director Ejecutivo, Cámara de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (CAMTIC)
  2208. Owais Anjum (Islamabad), Founder & CEO, Cricout
  2209. Ozzy Papic (Zagreb), Serial Entrepreneur,
  2210. Pablo Cordova (Santiago), Impirica
  2211. Pablo Iturbe (Santiago), CEO, Tigabytes
  2212. Pablo Elizondo (San Jose), Founder / CEO, SmartSoft
  2213. Pablo Szefner (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, The Fab Shoes
  2214. Pablo Lancry Del Cerro (Andalucia), Head of Entrepeneurs Program, Bankinter
  2215. Paco Cervilla (San Jose), Founder, Festival Internacional de Diseño Costa Rica
  2216. Paco Jiménez (Madrid), CEO, Trazada
  2217. Padmini Pandya (Singapore), Corporate Strategy Asia Pacific , SapientNitro
  2218. Pamela Chavez (Santiago), Founder, Agua Marina
  2219. Pano Anthos (Boston), CEO,
  2220. Pano Kroko (Tokyo), Serial entrepreneur and innovator,
  2221. Panos Anastassiadis (Washington DC), Former CEO, Cyveillance
  2222. Paolo Colonnello (Santiago), CEO, Blue Company
  2223. Parul Tongaria (New Delhi), Co-Founder, Pracly
  2224. Pat Keane (New York), CEO, Associated Content
  2225. Pat Walsh (San Diego), Co-Founder / Chief Impact Officer,
  2226. Patai Padungtin (Bangkok), Principal / Evangelist , Builk Asia Co., Ltd.
  2227. Patrice Roulive (Brussels), COO & Co-Founder, Telemis
  2228. Patricia Ju (New York), CEO/CTO, Hackerbilt, Inc.
  2229. Patricia Riskind (Chicago), Chief Client Experience Officer, Press Ganey Associates
  2230. Patricio Villalobos (Guadalajara), CTO, Grupo Expansión
  2231. Patrick Dillon (San Diego), Co-Founder & President, Deal Current Network, Inc.
  2232. Patrick Van Der Pijl (Santiago), CEO, Business Models Inc.
  2233. Patrick Paulisch (Berlin), Founder/CEO, Stealth Mode
  2234. Patrick Lee (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder, Hobo Labs
  2235. Patrick Wakeham (Lima), Managing Partner,
  2236. Paul Jacobson (Johannesburg), Director/Founder,
  2237. Paul Grossinger (New York), Member, New York Angels
  2238. Paul Fervoy (San Jose), Digital Analyst, MiWeb
  2239. Paul Bragiel (Silicon Valley), Co-founder & Managing Partner, i/o ventures
  2240. Paul Polizzotto (New York), President and Founder, CBS EcoMedia
  2241. Paul Whiteway (Singapore), Director, Skyscanner
  2242. Paul Weeden (London), Founder & Managing Director, Foration Limited
  2243. Paul Singh (Washington DC), Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Tipton Capital
  2244. Paul Ford (Sydney), Director, King Content
  2245. Paul Reverter (Barcelona), Managing Director (Iberia), Smile
  2246. Paul Bottero (Toronto), CEO, inMotive
  2247. Paul Chan (Sydney), CEO, pureprofile
  2248. Paul Valcheff (Atlanta), COO, MetroTech
  2249. Paul de Grijp (Perth), Founder, BackupAgent
  2250. Paul Guerin (Denver), CEO, Rebit
  2251. Paul C. "Pete" Deemer (Singapore), Entrepreneur / Exec / Investor, Founder of GameSpot
  2252. Paula Collins (Atlanta), Coach, Flourish, on Purpose
  2253. Paula Guevara (San Jose), Creative Consultant, Independent
  2254. Paulo Braga (Sao Paolo), SuperNova Labs
  2255. Paulo Rosado (Lisbon), CEO, Outsystems
  2256. Paulo Andrez (Lisbon), President, EBAN - European Business Angels Network
  2257. Paulo Floriano (Sao Paulo), Founder, Neue Labs
  2258. Pavel Belov (Saint Petersburg), Co-Founder, Web Ready
  2259. Pavel Pravdin (Saint Petersburg), Partner,
  2260. Pavel Asanov (New York), CEO, PlayFitness
  2261. Pavel Bespalko (Moscow), Managing Attorney, Tricorne & Co., PC
  2262. Paweł Fornalski (Warsaw), CEO, IAI S.A.
  2263. Paweł Sieczkiewicz (Warsaw), FI Mentor
  2264. Paweł Szydziak (Warsaw), A Board Member, Idea Box S.A.
  2265. Pedja Puselja (Zagreb), Founder, WTF Jeans
  2266. Pedro Pineda (Santiago), Country Manager, Pez Urbano
  2267. Pedro Moneo (Madrid), Founder and CEO, Opinno
  2268. Pedro Trinite (Lisbon), CEO, Co-Founder Zuvinova
  2269. Pedro Santos (Lisbon), Co-founder, All-desk
  2270. Pedro Janela (Lisbon), CEO, WYGroup
  2271. Pedro Bizarro (Lisbon), Chief Science Officer, Feedzai
  2272. Pedro Moura (Lisbon), CEO, Mobizy
  2273. Pedro Ribeiro Santos (Lisbon), Executive Director , ES Ventures
  2274. Pedro Chiamulera (Sao Paolo), Fundador, Clearsale
  2275. Pedro Elías Rincón Cardoso (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, TARIFAS BLANCAS
  2276. Pedro Juan Hernández (San Juan), CEO, St@rs
  2277. Peeter Mark (Tallinn), Founder, Cloutex
  2278. Pepe Villatoro (Mexico City), CEO , Crowdfunder
  2279. Pepe Tan (Manila), Managing Partner, Ivant Technologies and Business Solutions, Inc.
  2280. Percy Italia (Hyderabad), Founder & Partner, Italia & Associates
  2281. Pere Rosales (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, íncipy
  2282. Perry Evans (Denver), CEO, Closely, Inc., (MapQuest, Jabber, Local Matters)
  2283. Pete Deutschman (Orange County), CEO, The Buddy Group
  2284. Peter Guber (Los Angeles), CEO, Mandalay Entertainment
  2285. Peter Hinssen (Brussels), Co-Founder, Porthus
  2286. Peter De Kretser (Kuala Lumpur), Co-Founder & COO, GO Communications Group (Asia-Pacific)
  2287. Peter Pham (Los Angeles), CEO, BillShrink
  2288. Peter Tegelaar (Berlin), CDO, LiquidM
  2289. Peter Ostroske (Bogotá), Founder,
  2290. Peter Stern (New York), Entrprenuer & Early Stage Investor, Zenbe, Datek Online
  2291. Peter Borchers (Berlin), Founder and Head of hub:raum Incubator, hub:raum - Deutsche Telekom AG
  2292. Peter Davison (Shanghai), CEO, freesettlers
  2293. Peter Van Gorsel (Amsterdam), Educational Business Developer, University of Amsterdam / Serendip
  2294. Peter Waldschmidt (Greenville), CEO, Gnoso
  2295. Peter Cancelmo (Seattle), Owner, Garvey Schubert Barer
  2296. Peter Bianco (Washington DC), Founder/Managing Partner, Benchmark Executive Search
  2297. Peter Tatischev (Moscow), Curator , Digital October
  2298. Peter Shaw (San Diego), Managing Director , Procopio Business Advisors
  2299. Peter Vesterbacka (Jakarta), Mighty Eagle, Rovio
  2300. Peter James (Sydney), Chairman, Ninefold
  2301. Peter Tapling (Chicago), Vice President, Early Warning Services
  2302. Peter Cauton (Manila), Founder and CEO, STORM Benefits
  2303. Peter Cooper (Sydney), Founder, iCentral.Co
  2304. Peter Bryant (Denver), Managing Partner, Clareo
  2305. Petra Kalb (Berlin), CEO, EISBLINK GmbH
  2306. Petri Lehmuskoski (Helsinki), Co-Founder, Gorilla Ventures Oy
  2307. Petri Aukia (Helsinki), CEO, Codento Oy
  2308. Phalgun Raju (Singapore), Regional Director & General Manager, SE Asia, HK, Taiwan, Inmobi
  2309. Phan Sao Nam (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, VTC Online
  2310. Phan Thanh Giản (Ho Chi Minh City), Director, FPT Telecom
  2311. Phil Jacobson (Toronto), Co-Founder, PumpUp
  2312. Phil Morle (Sydney), Phil Morle - Director, Pollenizer (Perth FI) , Pollenizer
  2313. Phil Libin (Silicon Valley), CEO, Evernote
  2314. Phil Yanov (Greenville), Founder, GSA Technology Council
  2315. Philip Kaplan (Silicon Valley), Founder and CEO, ADHD Labs
  2316. Philip Eggersglüß (Berlin), Serial Entrepreneur,
  2317. Philipp Brinkmann (Athens), Chief Executive Officer, /
  2318. Philipp Hartmann (Berlin), CEO, Rheingau Ventures
  2319. Philipp Bouteiller (Berlin), CEO, Tegel Projekt
  2320. Philipp Clauss (Berlin), FI Mentor
  2321. Philippe LeBlanc (Toronto), CEO, Flixel Photos Inc
  2322. Philippe Beauregard (Paris), Managing Partner, Brunswick Law Firm
  2323. Philippe Szombat (Brussels), Sales trainer & Coach, BrightBiz
  2324. Philippe Kerignard (Paris), Convergent Services & IPTV Manager, Bouygues Telecom.
  2325. Philippe Herbert (Paris), Partner, Banexi Ventures
  2326. Philippe Spruch (Paris), PDG, LaCie
  2327. Phillip Hunt (London), CEO, Mobikats
  2328. Phillip Merrick (Washington DC), Chairman & Co-founder, VisualCV
  2329. Pho Pham (Ho Chi Minh City), Vice President, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  2330. Phuc Than (Hanoi), Managing Director, DFJ Vinacapital
  2331. Phuong Anh Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Ex Managing Director, Zalora Vietnam
  2332. Piero Contezini (Curitiba), CEO, ASAAS
  2333. Pierre Bonelli (Paris), Founder & CEO, Liligo
  2334. Pierre Gerard (Paris), cofounder - Sales Director, Jamendo
  2335. Pierre Beyssac (Paris), Co-Founder, GANDI
  2336. Pierre Luc Laparé (Montreal), Co-Founder, Golf Avenue
  2337. Pierre-Antoine Durgeat (Paris), Product Manager, Novacodex
  2338. Pieter Dubois (Brussels), CEO, Amerant
  2339. Pieter Dubois (Brussels), Founder, Paycento
  2340. Pieter Mees (Brussels), CEO,
  2341. Pieter Bas Leezenberg (Amsterdam), CEO and Co-founder, Hansje Brinker BV
  2342. Piotr Boulange (Warsaw), Co-Founder, ClockWork Coworking Space Warsaw
  2343. Poornima Shenoy (Bangalore), Founder & CEO, Latitude Edutech
  2344. Pradeep Mittal (Hyderabad), Executive Chairman,
  2345. Pramod Raheja (Washington DC), CEO, MyStaffNow, Inc.
  2346. Prasad Vanga (Hyderabad), Founder & Chief Accelerator, Anthill Ventures
  2347. Prasad Ikkurthy (Hyderabad), Director, Navlok Ventures
  2348. Prasanna Boni (Hyderabad), Co-founder COO, Edutor Technologies
  2349. Prashanth V Boccasam (Washington DC), Founder, Approva
  2350. Prem Kumta (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder Up All Night / CEO Flavor Group , Up All Night
  2351. Prescillia Leroy (Paris), Responsable de communication & Fondatrice de l'agence, Pourquoi pas moi
  2352. Prita Kemal Gani (Jakarta), Founder & Director, The London School of Public Relations
  2353. Przemysław Walasek (Warsaw), Partner, TaylorWessing e|n|w|c Attorneys at Law
  2354. Purva Gupta (San Francisco), Founder and CEO, OneLook
  2355. Q Zhao (Shenzhen), FI Mentor
  2356. Quang Duong Huu (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, TOPICA Native
  2357. Quang Mai Duy (Ho Chi Minh City), Co-Director, Topica Founder Institute
  2358. R. Adam Smith (New York), CEO, Big Sky Partners LLC
  2359. Rachid Molinary (San Juan), Vice President - Digital Strategy, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
  2360. Rachna Khanna (New Delhi), Founder, Hatchtact
  2361. Radosław Cielicki (Warsaw), CEO, Banfi
  2362. Raf Weverbergh (Brussels), Founder, Whiteboard
  2363. Rafael Cañas (San Jose), Founding Partner, Sfera Legal
  2364. Rafael Soares (Curitiba), CEO, Oven Pizza
  2365. Rafael Montenegro (Madrid), Cofounder, Ilios Network
  2366. Rafael Azofeifa (San Jose), Founder / CEO, NÓVAQ
  2367. Rafael Martinelli De Oliveira (Curitiba), CEO, BMR Medical Ltda
  2368. Raff Paquin (Montreal), Co-Founder, Alveo
  2369. Rahul Chakraborti (New Delhi), Founder,
  2370. Rahul Dev (New Delhi), Director, Tech Corp International Consultants Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  2371. Rai Umair (Karachi), CTO,
  2372. Rain Rannu (Tallinn), Founder & CEO, Fortumo
  2373. Raj Singh (Toronto), CEO,
  2374. Raj Choudhury (Atlanta), EVP, Operations, Moxie Engauge
  2375. Rajeev Gupta (Sydney), CEO, GeckoLife
  2376. Rajeev Pathak (Bangalore), CEO,
  2377. Rajesh Kannan (Bangalore), CEO, Compassites Software Solutions Pvt., Ltd.,
  2378. Rajesh Setty (Silicon Valley), Rajesh Setty - Serial Entrepreneur and Author, WittyParrot
  2379. Rajesh Voddiraju (Chicago), Founder & CEO, HealthiPASS Inc
  2380. Rajesh Setty (Saint Petersburg), Co-Founder, Witty Parrot
  2381. Rajiv Srivatsa (Bangalore), Founder, Urban Ladder
  2382. Raju Vanapala (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO,
  2383. Ralf Baumann (Berlin), Senior Vice President, T-Online
  2384. Ralph Simon (Los Angeles), Chairman Emeritus & Founder, MEF
  2385. Ralph Talmont (Warsaw), Founder, Advisor, Connector,
  2386. Ramanuj Mukherjee (New Delhi), Founder,
  2387. Ramazan Çavuşoğlu (Istanbul), Co-Founder & CEO, Lemon Analysis
  2388. Ramesh Bulchandani (Bangalore), Founder, Atlas Brands P Ltd
  2389. Ramphis Castro (San Juan), Partner, Mindchemy
  2390. Ramphis Castro (New York), Kauffman Fellow, Society of Kauffman Fellows
  2391. Ramzi Rizk (Berlin), Founder/CTO, EYEEM
  2392. Ran Makavy (Kuala Lumpur), Director of Product Management, Facebook
  2393. Ranjith Kumaran (Bogotá), Founder, PunchTab
  2394. Rapeepat Pattanakulchai (Bangkok), Managing Director, PKM Consulting Group
  2395. Raphael Costa (Johannesburg), CEO and Co-Founder, AdTangerine
  2396. Raphaël Pierquin (Paris), Associate, /ut7
  2397. Raphael Cohen (Hong Kong), CSO & Co-Founder, HotelQuickly
  2398. Raphael Cohen (Hong Kong), CSO & Co-Founder, HotelQuickly
  2399. Rashmi Sinha (Silicon Valley), CEO, SlideShare
  2400. Rauno Rüngas (Tallinn), Founder & CEO, Qminder
  2401. Ravi Gama (Sao Paulo), CEO, 2Find Executive Search
  2402. Ravikiran Annaswamy (Bangalore), Founder and CEO, InnoHabit Venture Labs
  2403. Raviprasad Pisupati (Hyderabad), Co-founder and Managing Partner,
  2404. Raymond Yip (Hong Kong), CEO & Co-Founder, Shopline
  2405. Razi Thalib (Jakarta), CEO,
  2406. Rebecca Norlander (Seattle), CEO, Health123
  2407. Rebecca Lovell (Seattle), Chief Business Officer, GeekWire
  2408. Rebekah Campbell (Sydney), CEO, Posse
  2409. Regine Haschka Helmer (Paris), CEO, Seedlab GmbH
  2410. Reichart Von Wolfsheild (Los Angeles), Chief Software Architect, CTO & Co-Founder, Qtask
  2411. Reid Carr (San Diego), CEO & Founder, Red Door Interactive
  2412. Remco Lupker (Jakarta), Remco Lupker - Founder and Director, (Jakarta FI),
  2413. Remco Meyer (Berlin), partner, EISBLINK GmbH
  2414. Remco Marcelis (Melbourne), Virtual CFO,
  2415. Renato Kiyama (Sao Paolo), Diretor de Aceleração, Artemisia
  2416. Rene Seifert (Munich), Co-Founder, Venturate and Million Miles Media
  2417. René Hofma (Amsterdam), Partner, Result Executive Search
  2418. Reva Minkoff (Chicago), Founder and President, DigitalGroundUp Inc. and Digital4Startups Inc.
  2419. Rex Ng (Hong Kong), President, 6waves
  2420. Reza Samad (Karachi), Founder & CEO,
  2421. Rhana Pytell (San Diego), CEO & Founder , BRIGHTERSTEP
  2422. Ricard Bonastre (Barcelona), Co-Founder & CEO, Lead Ratings
  2423. Ricardo Cabianca (Curitiba), CEO - Diretor de Ecommerce, Sepha Perfumaria
  2424. Ricardo Mesquita (Lisbon), Country Manager, Let Bonus
  2425. Ricardo Vilares (Lisbon), CEO, MYGON / GOCAR Tours
  2426. Ricardo Ruffo (Sao Paolo), Co-founder, Design Echos
  2427. Ricardo Marvão (Lisbon), Co-founder & Board Member, Beta-i
  2428. Ricardo Normand (Sao Paulo), Managing Partner, Drummond Ventures
  2429. Ricardo Burgos (San Juan), Cultural Conector, Espacio Conector
  2430. Ricardo dos Santos (San Diego), Sr Director of New Business Development , Biological Dynamics
  2431. Richard Ambrose (Washington DC), Co-Founder, LaunchPosse
  2432. Richard Fang (Jakarta), CEO, Weekend Inc.
  2433. Richard Hyatt (Toronto), Chief Scientist and Co-founder, BlueCat Networks
  2434. Richard Onyon (Santiago), CEO,
  2435. Richard Gibbs (Los Angeles), CEO, Invisible Arts
  2436. Richard Firth (Johannesburg), CEO, MIP Holdings
  2437. Rick Valencia (San Diego), Founder, ProfitLine
  2438. Rick le Roy (Amsterdam), Partner, UNITiD
  2439. Rick Hernandez (San Diego), Founder - Board of Directors, I DRIVE SAFELY
  2440. Rick Emery (Denver), Director - Business Development, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  2441. Rick Marini (San Francisco), Founder & CEO, BranchOut
  2442. Riina Einberg (Tallinn), ex-General Manager, ZeroTurnaround
  2443. Rik Lomas (London), Founder, Superhi
  2444. Rimpal Chawla (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO,
  2445. Rio Ilao (Manila), Perxclub
  2446. Ripul Kumar (Hyderabad), CEO, Kern UX
  2447. Rishi Dean (Boston), GM, Publisher Solutions, Visible Measures
  2448. Rishi Gupta (Singapore), CEO, Minematic
  2449. Rishi Shah (Chicago), CEO, ContextMedia
  2450. Riyad Husain (Dhaka), CEO, Magnito Digital Ltd.
  2451. Rizwan Kassim (Orange County), FI Mentor
  2452. Rob Newman (Perth), Co-Founder & Executive Director, Stone Ridge Ventures
  2453. Rob Adams (Silicon Valley), Managing Director, XTT Consulting LLC
  2454. Rob Frohwein (Atlanta), CEO, Kabbage
  2455. Rob Forman (Atlanta), Co-Founder, SalesLoft
  2456. Rob Johnson (Munich), Co-Founder, Maker Academy
  2457. Rob Nathan (Perth), Managing Director, AMCOM Upstart
  2458. Rob Principe (New York), Founder & CEO, Scratch Music Group, Inc.
  2459. Rob Rattray (Sydney), Non-executive Director,
  2460. Robert Bergquist (Seattle), CEO (former), Widemile
  2461. Robert Hunt (Sydney), CEO , Webdev
  2462. Robert Schumann (Washington DC), President & Co-Founder, Quay Consulting
  2463. Robert Tercek (Los Angeles), President, General Creativity Consulting
  2464. Robert Clauser (New York), COO, Unigo
  2465. Roberto Arancibia (Santiago), Fundador, Producciones Globales
  2466. Roberto Camhi (Santiago), CEO, Mapcity
  2467. Roberto Cuartas (Medellín), Editor in chief, Tareasplus
  2468. Roberto Musso (Santiago), President, Digevo
  2469. Robertson Chiang (Manila), COO/CTO, Dragonpay Corp.
  2470. Robin Mc Gowan (Sydney), Managing Director & Co-Founder, Institchu
  2471. Robin Wauters (Brussels), Founding editor ,
  2472. Robin Sallay (Sydney), Co-Founder and Director, Start Local
  2473. Robin Chase (Paris), CEO, Buzzcar
  2474. Robson Catalan (Sao Paolo), Co-founder, Eduk
  2475. Roby Sharon Zipser (Sydney), CFO, hipages Group
  2476. Rodrigo De Alvarenga (Curitiba), CEO, HAG Consulting&Ventures / Startup Grind
  2477. Rodrigo Arévalo (Mexico City), General Manager, Uber Technologies, Inc.
  2478. Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz (Paris), President, Sepulveda Capital
  2479. Rodrigo Padilla (Guadalajara), Co-Founder,
  2480. Rodrigo Sanchez Servitje (Mexico City), Managing Partner, Bridge 37
  2481. Rogelio Umaña (San Jose), Lead Facilitator & Founder, Astrolabe
  2482. Roger Yee (Washington DC), Roger Yee - Investor/LP, Fortify Ventures (Andalucia FI) , Fortify Ventures
  2483. Roger Rappoport (San Diego), Partner, Procopio
  2484. Rogerio Normand (Lisbon), CEO, YNRo Advisory Services
  2485. Rohan Wallace (Perth), Principal,
  2486. Rohan Wallace (Perth), Managing Director, IP Sentinels
  2487. Roia Shefayee (Kabul), Roia Shefayee - Principal & Founder, Wellspring Advisers, P.C. (Kabul FI) , Wellspring Advisers, P.C.
  2488. Roland Whitehead (London), CEO, Quru Limited
  2489. Roland Van Kralingen (Amsterdam), Founder, Marketing Fund
  2490. Roland Siebelink (Brussels), CEO, Topicmarks
  2491. Rolando Cruzado (Lima), President & Founder, PDMA Peru
  2492. Romain Niccoli (Paris), Cofounder & CTO, Criteo
  2493. Romain Barbet (Paris), CEO, Pixopolitan
  2494. Roman Polyak (Saint Petersburg), VP Business Development, Dengi Online
  2495. Roman Arzhintar (Silicon Valley), Direct, Product Management, Rovi Corporation
  2496. Ron Palmeri (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO , Layer, Inc/MkII Ventures
  2497. Ron Reinfeld (Tel Aviv), VP Finance and Israeli Site Manager, CloudShare
  2498. Ron Ramanan (Kuala Lumpur), CEO, GoQuo
  2499. Ron Wiener (Seattle), Chief Mechanic, Venture Mechanics, LLC
  2500. Ronald Franczyk (Chicago), CTO & Founder, Red Foundry
  2501. Ronan Amicel (Paris), Founder, Pocket Sensei
  2502. Ronen Olshansky (Los Angeles), Co Founder , CrossCampus
  2503. Ronnie Overgoor (Amsterdam), Co-founder , Social Chiefs
  2504. Ronny Golan (Tel Aviv), Ronny Golan - Founder & CEO, ViewersLogic, ViewersLogic
  2505. Rosalía Morales (San Jose), Executive Director , NIC
  2506. Rosario Arias (Lima), Vicepresidente de Gestión Humana, Belcorp
  2507. Ross Kimbarovsky (Chicago), Founder and CEO, Startup Foundry
  2508. Rossana Llenado (Manila), Founder and President, AHEAD Learning Systems
  2509. Roxanne Varza (Paris), Editor , TechCrunch France
  2510. Roy Ng (Kuala Lumpur), CTO, Director, iSentric Sdn. Bhd.
  2511. Roy Leban (Seattle), Founder & CEO ,
  2512. Roy Rodenstein (Boston), Founder, Going, Inc.
  2513. Ruben Rohde (Silicon Valley), Brand Experience, Acano
  2514. Ruddy Medina (Lima), Jefe del Área de Propiedad Intelectual,
  2515. Rudi Leung (Hong Kong), General Manager,
  2516. Rudradeb Mitra (Warsaw), Technology Entrepreneur, ThinkApps, Motosmarty, Cost-club
  2517. Rudy Setiawan (Jakarta), VP Global Business Development,
  2518. Rudy Ramawy (Jakarta), Country Head, Indonesia, Google
  2519. Rui Miadaira (Sao Paolo), CEO, Carreira Beauty
  2520. Rui Miadaira (Sao Paolo), Fundador, Carreira Beauty
  2521. Rumman Ahmad (Karachi), CEO,
  2522. Russ Fradin (Silicon Valley), Chairman & CEO, Dynamic Signal
  2523. Russell Klusas (Silicon Valley), Founder, Tradecraft
  2524. Russell Stern (Orange County), CEO, Solarflare Communications, Inc
  2525. Ryan Tseng (San Diego), Co Founder, Warehouse Innovations
  2526. Ryan Howell (Denver), Attorney, RUBICON Law
  2527. Ryan Bettencourt (San Diego), Ryan Bettencourt - Co-Founder, Cursive Labs (Kuala Lumpur FI) , Cursive Labs
  2528. Ryan Esaki (Honolulu), Co-Founder, Ukulele Underground
  2529. Ryan Hoover (San Francisco), Founder, Product Hunt
  2530. Ryan Frazee (San Jose), Director of Marketing / Former entrepreneur, INCAE Business School
  2531. Ryan Sit (San Diego), Founder & CEO, PicClick
  2532. Ryan Alfred (San Diego), Co-Founder & President, BrightScope
  2533. Ryan Johnston (Greenville), Publisher, Upstate Business Journal
  2534. Ryan Buma (Seattle), VP Marketing & Business Development, Twisted Pair Solutions
  2535. Ryan Kaltman (Los Angeles), CEO, Brevity Inc
  2536. Ryan King (Melbourne), FI Mentor
  2537. Ryan Tietjens (Melbourne), Co-founder, Interactive Accounting
  2538. Ryosuke Iwasaki (Kansai), Manager, Tohmatsu Venture Support
  2539. Ryusuke Murao (Tokyo), Branding Specialist / Best-selling writer, STARBRAND Co.,Ltd.
  2540. Saad El Garrab (Paris), Start-Up Program Manager,
  2541. Saad Amanullah Khan (Karachi), CEO & Co-Founder, Alamut Consulting
  2542. Sabbir Mahbub (Dhaka), Founder and Chairman, Devnet Ltd.
  2543. Sachin Tummala (Hyderabad), Managing Director, Corpus Group
  2544. Saemin Ahn (Singapore), Managing Partner, Rakuten Ventures
  2545. Safir Adeni (Hyderabad), Managing Partner, Ineda Venture Group
  2546. Sahand Sojoodi (Toronto), Co-Founder and Managing Director, Extreme Innovations
  2547. Sahin Boydas (Istanbul), Sahin Boydas - CEO, MovieLaLa (Istanbul FI), MovieLaLa
  2548. Saikit Ng (Ho Chi Minh City), Executive Director, Captii Ventures
  2549. Saim Siddiqui (Karachi), Founder & CEO, ProCheck
  2550. Sajad Ghanizada (Kabul), Sajad Ghanizada - Growth Engineer, EventStir (Kabul FI) ,
  2551. Sakti Makki (Jakarta), Co-Founder, Managing Director, Creative Director, MakkiMakki Strategic Branding Consultant
  2552. Sally Gatenby (Melbourne), Director, Larkspur Communications
  2553. Salman Abedin (Karachi), Co-Founder, GamedotPlay
  2554. Salman Sarwar Butt (Karachi), CEO, Green Peak International
  2555. Salvador Umbert (Barcelona), Founder & CEO,
  2556. Sam Yagan (New York), CEO, OkCupid
  2557. Sam Chaudhary (Silicon Valley), Co-founder & CEO, ClassDojo
  2558. Sam Witteveen (Singapore), Founder, Family Play
  2559. Sam Gutman (New York), Managing Director, Golden Seeds
  2560. Sam Birmingham (Perth), Senior Startup Coach, Pollenizer
  2561. Sam Saddigh (Los Angeles), CEO / Founder, Knightsbridge Branding
  2562. Samantha Jerusalmy (Paris), Associate, Elaia Partners
  2563. Sami Inkinen (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder, Board Member, Trulia
  2564. Samuel Seow (Singapore), MD, Samuel Seow Law Corporation
  2565. Samuli Siren (Berlin), Manager Business Development and Investments, K - New Media GmbH
  2566. Sandeep Bhanote (New York), North America at Powa Technologies
  2567. Sander Van Der Veen (Jakarta), Partner, Etobee
  2568. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno (Jakarta), CEO, Saratoga Capital
  2569. Sandra Hanna (Denver), Co-Founder and CEO, The Smart Cookies
  2570. Sandra Garcia Cabezas (Barcelona), Head of IP Department , AUREN
  2571. Sandy Grason (Denver), CEO, Sandy Grason Unlimited
  2572. Sang Han (Singapore), Vice President, Vertex Venture Management
  2573. Sangeet Paul Choudary (Singapore), Founder,
  2574. Sanjay Jesrani (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO, Go North Ventures
  2575. Sanjay Puri (Seattle), Co-Founder, Partner, 9Mile Labs
  2576. Sanjay Singhal (Toronto), Co-Founder and CEO,
  2577. Sanny Gaddafi (Jakarta), Cofounder & CTO, 8villages
  2578. Santha John (Hyderabad), Founder Director, CoachLife
  2579. Santiago Sanchez (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Openshopen
  2580. Sanzar Kakar (Kabul), Sanzar Kakar - Chairman, Afghanistan Holding Group (Kabul FI) , Afghanistan Holding Group
  2581. Sara Werner (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Cocunat
  2582. Sarah Mateljan (Perth), Co-Founder, PD Online
  2583. Sarik Weber (Berlin), Partner, Hanse Ventures
  2584. Sarit Foox (Tel Aviv), VP of Professional Affairs, Esop Excellence
  2585. Sasa Sarunic (Rijeka), CEO, Five by Five, Ltd.
  2586. Sasa Bart (Rijeka), Founder & CEO, Savjetura LLC
  2587. Sasa Cvetojevic (Zagreb), Founder & CEO, Insako
  2588. Sascha Karstädt (Berlin), Cofounder , Jasada Labs
  2589. Sascha Schubert (Berlin), CEO, Spendino
  2590. Sasha Andreev (Saint Petersburg), Founder and CEO, SoftJoys
  2591. Satish Madhira (Hyderabad), CEO, ZeMoSo Labs
  2592. Satoshi Okuda (Tokyo), CEO, Primestyle
  2593. Satyam Bansal (Bangalore), Strategic Alliances,
  2594. Sau Sheong Chang (Singapore), Director, Applied Cloud Computing Lab, HP Labs
  2595. Saul Orbach (New York), Managing Director, The Beachhead Group
  2596. Saurabh Chandra (Bangalore), CEO, Neev Tech
  2597. Sava Marinkovich (Rijeka), co-Founder, mySkin, Inc
  2598. Scott Yates (Denver), Co-Founder, CEO, BlogMutt
  2599. Scott Heiferman (New York), CEO, Meetup
  2600. Scott Painter (Los Angeles), CEO, TrueCar
  2601. Scott Handsaker (Melbourne), CEO, Attendly
  2602. Scott Belsky (New York), Founder & CEO, Behance
  2603. Scott Pollack (New York), Head of Business Development, SumAll
  2604. Scott Julian (Melbourne), CEO,
  2605. Scott Warner (Seattle), Owner - IP/Technology Law, Garvey Schubert Barer
  2606. Scott Rafer (Silicon Valley), CEO, Lumatic
  2607. Scott Tilton (San Diego), Co Founder & CEO,
  2608. Scott Cochran (Greenville), Sr. Director of Client Development, Milliken Performance Solutions
  2609. Scott Larson (Toronto), CEO, Urthecast
  2610. Scott Bales (Singapore), Chief Mobile Officer, Movenbank
  2611. Sean Lindy (Sao Paolo), Partner & Program Leader, Aceleratech
  2612. Sean Power (Toronto), Co-Founder, Repable
  2613. Sean Lindsay (Boston), Co-Founder, CTO, Viximo
  2614. Sean Cross (New York), Founder, CEO & Managing Partner, Silicon Alley Advisers
  2615. Sean Flaherty (Sydney), EVP Strategy, ITX Corporation
  2616. Sean McDermott (Washington DC), Founder & CEO, Windward IT Solutions
  2617. Sebastian von Conrad (Melbourne), Solutions Lead, Envato
  2618. Sebastian Fittko (Berlin), Founding Partner, EISBLINK GmbH
  2619. Sebastian Ross (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, Dexter Ventures & Dexter Consulting
  2620. Sebastián Ibáñez (Santiago), CEO, DaDNeos
  2621. Sebastián Valin (Santiago), CEO,
  2622. Sebastien Gignoux (Paris), CEO, MockupGo
  2623. Sebastien Eckersley Maslin (Sydney), CEO, BlueChilli
  2624. Sebastien De Halleux (Silicon Valley), COO & Co-Founder, Playfish
  2625. Sébastien Chartier (Madrid), Founder & CEO, Creaventure
  2626. Sebastien Sacard (Paris), Consultant Product Management,
  2627. Sedarius Tekara Perrotta (New York), President, Neuron Global
  2628. Selçuk Atlı (Istanbul), Founder and CEO, Stealth
  2629. Serge Kruppa (Bogotá), Senior Director of Engineering, VoIP and GM Latin America, LiveVox, Inc.
  2630. Serge Elkiner (Mexico City), CEO, Yellowpepper
  2631. Sergei Mitrofanov (Moscow), CEO, Agency One
  2632. Sergey Gribov (Moscow), Partner, Flint Capital
  2633. Sergey Suchkov (Saint Petersburg), СEO, Radario
  2634. Sergey Poduzov (Saint Petersburg), CEO, SeeMedia
  2635. Sergey Kurlovich (Moscow), CEO/Founder, Invisible Ltd
  2636. Sergey Kiykov (Moscow), CEO,
  2637. Sergey Sundukovskiy (San Diego), CTO & Chief Product Officer, PushPoint
  2638. Sergiej Soft (Rewiakin) (Berlin), Founder,
  2639. Sergio López (Santiago), CEO,
  2640. Sergio Bandinelli (Andalucia), Director Business Development, Tecnalia Ventures
  2641. Sergio Correa (Lima), Gerente General,
  2642. Sergio Carvalho (Lisbon), Founder and CEO, Megamedia
  2643. Sergio A. Escobar (Montreal), Director, Montreal Chapter, Founder Institute
  2644. Serkan Ünsal (Istanbul), CEO,
  2645. Seth Shapiro (Los Angeles), President,
  2646. Seth Sternberg (Silicon Valley), co-founder & ceo, Meebo
  2647. Seyi Fabode (Chicago), VP, Innovation & Partnerships, Clean Energy Trust
  2648. Shaahin Cheyene (Los Angeles), President,
  2649. Shaer Hassan (Dhaka), Co-founder and CEO, Nascenia
  2650. Shahab Kaviani (New York), Co-Founder, CoFoundersLab
  2651. Shahed Amanullah (Washington DC), Co-Founder, LaunchPosse
  2652. Shahirah Gardner (Perth), Founder, Launchcode PR
  2653. Shai Rosen (Santiago), Cofounder, Suggestic
  2654. Shai Rosen (Mexico City), Co-founder,
  2655. Shane Hill (Sydney), Founder and CEO, Skoolbo
  2656. Shanir Ovadia (Zagreb), Managing Partner , go4star
  2657. Shannon Pierce (Honolulu), Technology / IP Attorney,
  2658. Shannon Swift (Seattle), Founder/CEO, Swift HR Solutions, Inc.
  2659. Shanti Mohan (Bangalore), Co-Founder, Lets Venture
  2660. Shanti Ruwyastuti (Jakarta), Assistant to the President Director, Metro TV
  2661. Sharon Brenner (Athens), Attorney, Surowitz Immigration PC
  2662. Shauna Causey (Seattle), VP of Marketing, EveryMove
  2663. Shauna Li Roolvink (Singapore), Founder & Principal Consulltant, Brandhub
  2664. Shawn Ahmed (Orange County), Senior Director, Business Analytics, Splunk
  2665. Shawn Fagan (New York), Coach, GK Training and Communications
  2666. Shehryar Hydri (Karachi), Director, Marketing and Operations, Convo
  2667. Sheila Collins (Lima), Principal, Sheila Collins Digital Strategies
  2668. Sheila Struyck (Amsterdam), Enterpreneur, Chimaera Ventures
  2669. Shekhar Kirani (Bangalore), Partner, Accel Partners
  2670. Sheldon Hunt (Rijeka), President/CEO, Aqua Engineers Inc.
  2671. Shervin Pishevar (Silicon Valley), CEO, SGN
  2672. Sheryl Frame (Perth), Case Manager, Commercialisation Australia
  2673. Shi Danji (Shanghai), Founder & CEO, 23Seed
  2674. Shikha Suman (New Delhi), Founder, CEO, Medi Mojo, Sampling Research
  2675. Shira Abel (Silicon Valley), CEO, Hunter & Bard
  2676. Shirley Gines (Zagreb), Founder, Firebrand Global Communications
  2677. Shogo Kawano (Tokyo), 取締役, アクセルマーク株式会社
  2678. Shoham Eckhaus (Tel Aviv), Founder, CLEAR Product Management & Marketing
  2679. Shrad Rao (Toronto), CEO, Wagepoint
  2680. Shradha Agarwal (Chicago), Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, ContextMedia
  2681. Shuji Honjo (Tokyo), Visiting Professor, Tama Graduate School of Business
  2682. Sidar Sahin (Istanbul), CEO, Peak Games
  2683. Siddy Jobe (Brussels), Director Investor Relations & Corporate Finance, Mobistar
  2684. Sieng Van Tran (Singapore), Founding Partner, Egg
  2685. Siim Lepisk (Tallinn), CEO, Prototron
  2686. Silvia Varela (Madrid), Founder y CEO, Sherpandipity
  2687. Silvio Gulizia (Rome), Journalist, Wired /
  2688. Simeon Simeonov (Boston), Founder & CTO, Shopximity
  2689. Simla Ozbay (Istanbul), FI Mentor
  2690. Simon Newstead (Hong Kong), CEO, Frenzoo
  2691. Simon Mcdermott (Brussels), Co-Founder, Attentio
  2692. Simon Lavers (London), Director, Hartnup Group
  2693. Simon Foster (Sydney), CEO, Shoeboxed Australia
  2694. Simon Mainwaring (Los Angeles), CEO, Mainwaring Creative
  2695. Simon Walker (London), Co-founder, my360plus
  2696. Simon Schneider (Munich), CEO & Co-Founder, Zyncd
  2697. Simon Rakoff (Washington DC), CEO, FocusLab
  2698. Simon Dale (Singapore), Head of Technology & Innovation, SAP Asia Pacific Japan
  2699. Simon Ferniot (Paris), Co-founder and Chairman, BIOGROUPE
  2700. Simone Brummelhuis (Amsterdam), Founder, The Next Women
  2701. Simone Brunozzi (Singapore), Technology Evangelist,
  2702. Siobhan Oldham (Los Angeles), CEO & Founder , Azestfor, Inc.
  2703. Slava Akhmechet (San Francisco), Founder, RethinkDB
  2704. Sofia Stolberg (San Juan), CEO, Piloto 151
  2705. Sol Echeverría (San Jose), Founder, Factor Humano
  2706. Son Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), CEO,
  2707. Son Tran (Hanoi), Chairman & CEO,
  2708. Son Bui (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Felix JSC
  2709. Sophie Muir (London), Founder, Capital Engine
  2710. Sophie Boulanger (Montreal), CEO, BonLook
  2711. Soren Harner (Sydney), Founder, Permaling
  2712. Sotiris Sirmakezis (Athens), General Manager, Piraeus Bank
  2713. Srdjan Loncar (Zagreb), President and CEO, CareSpeak Communications
  2714. Srdjan (Serge) Loncar (Rijeka), CEO Founding President, CareSpeak Communications
  2715. Sreedhar Peddineni (Hyderabad), Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering, Gainsight
  2716. Sri Peddu (Hyderabad), Managing Director, Powerhouse Ventures
  2717. Srikant Rao (Bangalore), CEO, Affordable Business Solutions
  2718. Srikanth Acharya (Bangalore), CEO,
  2719. Srikanth Bhagavat (Bangalore), Managing Director & Principal Advisor, Hexagon Capital Advisors Pvt., Ltd
  2720. Srini Chandupatla (Hyderabad), Co-Founder & COO, Manjeera Digital Systems
  2721. Srinivas Varadarajan (Bangalore), CEO, Vigyanlabs Innovations Pvt Ltd
  2722. Srinivasan G (Bangalore), Co Founder, RuralShores Business Services & Dawn Consulting
  2723. Stacey Kramer (Denver), Founder, Brandplay
  2724. Steen Strand (Los Angeles), Co-Founder & COO, ICON Aircraft
  2725. Stefan Magdalinski (Jakarta), CEO, unnamed project
  2726. Stefan Jørgensen (Berlin), CEO,
  2727. Stefan Lemper (Munich), CEO, YOU IS NOW
  2728. Stefan Batory (Warsaw), CEO,
  2729. Stefan Kimmel (Berlin), Senior Manager, KPMG Legal
  2730. Stefan Kellner (Berlin), CTO & Co-Founder, Allryder
  2731. Stefan Broda (Sydney), Founder, BeforeWeDo
  2732. Stefanie Hoffmann (Berlin), CEO, Gabi
  2733. Stefano Tresca (Rome), Founder, iSeed
  2734. Stefano Quintarelli (Rome), Entrepreneur, Garden ventures
  2735. Stephan Roche (Seattle), SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Memory Lane, Inc.
  2736. Stephan Wiesener (Munich), CTO, hetras
  2737. Stephan Garcia (Curitiba), Founder, Open Brazil
  2738. Stéphane Dieutre (Paris), Consultant et coach,
  2739. Stephane Marceau (Montreal), Co-Founder & CEO, OMsignal
  2740. Stephanie Kaiser (Berlin), Head of Studio, wooga
  2741. Stephanie Chai (Kuala Lumpur), CEO,
  2742. Stephen Candelmo (Washington DC), CEO and Co-Founder, Klaggle
  2743. Stephen Meade (Los Angeles), Founder, BigBamboo LLC
  2744. Stephen Llanwarne (Perth), Director, mig33
  2745. Stephen Mc Kay (Seattle), Attorney, Garvey Schubert Barer
  2746. Stephen Russell (Silicon Valley), Founder and CEO , Prism Skylabs
  2747. Stephen Smith (Washington DC), President, COO & Founder, myRete
  2748. Stephen Smith (Kabul), Head M-Commerce, Roshan
  2749. Stephen Carroll (Perth), Director, RSM Bird Cameron
  2750. Stephen Ng (Jakarta), Founder, Imago School of Advertising
  2751. Stephen Choi (Singapore), Cofounder, Dragon Business Network
  2752. Steve Sue (Honolulu), Founder,
  2753. Steve Iverson (San Diego), CEO, CloudCanvas
  2754. Steve Melhuish (Singapore), CEO & Founder, Propertyguru
  2755. Steve Armbruster (San Juan), Executive Director, V2A Capital
  2756. Steve Hansen (Los Angeles), CEO, Weplay
  2757. Steve Townes (Greenville), CEO, Ranger Aerospace
  2758. Steve Subar (Chicago), Founder & CEO, Open Kernel Labs
  2759. Steve Lehman (Los Angeles), Co-Founder, "C" Student Entertainment
  2760. Steven Kane (Boston), CEO, LuckyLabs
  2761. Steven Goh (Singapore), CEO & Co-Founder, mig33
  2762. Steven Fang (Singapore), Executive Director & Group CEO, Cordlife Ltd
  2763. Steven Vanada (Jakarta), Vice President, Cyber Agent Ventures
  2764. Steven Foster (Denver), President & CEO,
  2765. Steven Zwerink (Mexico City), Digital Nomad, Digital Nomadz
  2766. Steven Jones (Chicago), VP of Strategic Development, SpringCM
  2767. Steven Woda (Washington DC), CEO & Co-Founder,
  2768. Steven Van Belleghem (Brussels), Inspirator, B-Conversational
  2769. Steven Noels (Brussels), CTO & Co-Founder, NGData
  2770. Steven Haines (New York), Founder and President, Sequent Learning Networks
  2771. Steven Krein (New York), CEO, OrganizedWisdom
  2772. Stu West (Silicon Valley), CFO, Kno, Inc.
  2773. Stuart Hall (Perth), Founder and Chief Bot , Appbot
  2774. Suat Gücel (Istanbul), Founder,
  2775. Suat Eker (Istanbul), CEO, Eteration AS
  2776. Subhabrata Ghosh (Bangalore), Founder & CEO, Celsius100 Consulting
  2777. Sudhir Mantena (Hyderabad), Founder, CEO,
  2778. Sue Wang (Washington DC), Partner, Clarity Law Group
  2779. Sue Kim (Hong Kong), Founding Partner, Libbler
  2780. Suheim Sheikh (Hyderabad), Founder President, The Yacht Club of Hyderabad
  2781. Sukan Makmuri (Jakarta), CEO,
  2782. Sunil Sharma (Toronto), Managing Partner, Extreme Venture Partners
  2783. Sunjay Pandey (Washington DC), Product Head ,
  2784. Suranga Chandratillake (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, blinkx
  2785. Surina Piyadasa (Silicon Valley), Lead Coach/Founder/CEO, Dynamically Speaking
  2786. Susan Nickbarg (Washington DC), Principal, SVN Marketing
  2787. Susumu Iwata (Kansai), Founder and CEO, LOCKON CO.,LTD.
  2788. Suwida Kingmuangkow (Bangkok), Managing Director, Expara IDM Ventures
  2789. Suzanne Xie (New York), Founder, Lollihop
  2790. Sven Illing (Tallinn), Investment Adviser, Buildit
  2791. Sven Lubek (Berlin), CEO, Covus
  2792. Swee Yeong Tan (Kuala Lumpur), Entrepreneur & Investor, SYT Capital Sdn Bhd
  2793. Syama Peela (Hyderabad), Director & Partner , Evoke Technologies
  2794. Syed Shujauddin (Bangalore), Co-Founder & Director Operations, Koan Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  2795. Syed Imran Moinuddin (Karachi), Founder & CEO, NexDegree
  2796. Sylvain Poisson (Paris), relations institutions et écosystèmes, SOGEDEV
  2797. Sylvain Zimmer (Paris), CTO and Co-Founder, Joshfire
  2798. T.A. Mccann (Seattle), CEO, Gist
  2799. Taavi Lindmaa (Tallinn), UX design and lean startup evangelist, Trinidad Consulting
  2800. Taavi Lindmaa (New York), Founder,
  2801. Tadashi Takaoka (Santiago), Gerente General,
  2802. Taek Chung (Silicon Valley), CEO and Founder, AdHusky
  2803. Taisiya Kudashkina (Moscow), CEO,
  2804. Takahisa Fujiki (Kansai), Manager, Future Venture Capital
  2805. Takashi Hondo (Tokyo), 代表パートナー, FGC
  2806. Takashi Kumon (Tokyo), CEO, T.Kumon Associates Inc.
  2807. Takeru Ohe (Tokyo), Founder, T. Ohe & Associates
  2808. Takeshi Ebihara (Jakarta), General Partner, Rebright Partners / Batavia Incubator
  2809. Tal Schwartz (Tel Aviv), Co-Founder and CEO, ClickTale
  2810. Talha Ansari (Karachi), Managing Director, Foodpanda
  2811. Tam Phan Minh (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, 24H
  2812. Tanaka Yusuke (Tokyo), Corporate officer , Yahoo Japan corp.
  2813. Tanguy Lesselin (Singapore), CEO, Cartouche
  2814. Tanna Dang (Honolulu), Founder & CEO, Wedding Cafe, and Eden in Love
  2815. Tanya Renne (Washington DC), Cofounder and CEO, Orchid
  2816. Tara Uzra Dawood (Karachi), President & CEO, Dawood Global Foundation, Dawood Capital Management Limited
  2817. Taryn Rose (Los Angeles), CEO,
  2818. Tasos Flambouras (Athens), General Manager, Aventurine SA
  2819. Tatyana Savelieva (Saint Petersburg), General manager of the Russian branch, Wrike
  2820. Tauseef Riaz (Jakarta), Chief Digital Services Advisor, Garuda Indonesia
  2821. Tausif Ahmad (Dhaka), Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Hungrynaki
  2822. Tayfun Uslu (Istanbul), Cofounder, Sefamerve
  2823. Taylor Cavanah (San Diego), Taylor Cavanah - CEO & CO-Founder, Locai, Inc. ( San Diego FI), Locai, Inc.
  2824. Taylor Milsal (Los Angeles), CEO, Milsal + Partners
  2825. Ted Greene (Chicago), Co-Founder, Old Willow Partners
  2826. Ted Bremer (Munich), Founder, CEO, RedRigger GmbH
  2827. Ted Alling (Bogotá), Partner , Lamp Post Group
  2828. Terence Swee (Singapore), Founder & CEO, muvee
  2829. Tereza Nemessanyi (New York), EIR and Chief Troublemaker, Microsoft Startups
  2830. Terry Young (New York), Founder and CEO, Sparks & Honey
  2831. Tetsujiro Nakagaki (Tokyo), Managing Director, Draper Nexus Ventures
  2832. Tetsuo Iwasaki (Tokyo), Chairman,Founder, 株式会社IIOSS
  2833. Thanachat Tangsriwong (Bangkok), CyberAgent Ventures
  2834. Thanh Nguyen (Hanoi), Founder & CEO,
  2835. Thao Ngo (Ho Chi Minh City), Co-Founder & CMO, LixiBox
  2836. Thao Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, Umbala Labs
  2837. Thatcher Bell (New York), Managing Partner, CoVenture
  2838. Theodore Agranat (Seattle), Founder , Relvo
  2839. Theresa Szczurek (Denver), CEO and Co-Founder, Radish Systems
  2840. Thiago Alvarez (Sao Paolo), Founder, GuiaBolso
  2841. Thiago Paiva (Sao Paolo), Head of Acceleration, Wayra
  2842. Thibaud Elzière (Brussels), Founder & CEO, Fotolia
  2843. Thibauld Favre (Paris), CEO, AllMyApps
  2844. Thierry Ferey (Paris), FI Mentor
  2845. Thinh Nguyen (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Pyramid Software Development
  2846. Thom Kozik (Los Angeles), Thom Kozik - CEO, Village Green Network (Los Angeles FI) , Village Green Network
  2847. Thomas Yip (Kuala Lumpur), Founder & CEO, Radica Software
  2848. Thomas Bonte (Brussels), Co-founder & CEO, Musescore
  2849. Thomas Lot (Paris), CEO, The Official Board
  2850. Thomas Farb (San Juan), Cofounder, EVP of Corporate Development & CFO, Atherio, Inc. (IT Services in US, UK & India)
  2851. Thomas Kraus (Munich), Former CEO, TNT Express Germany
  2852. Thomas Vande Casteele (Brussels), CEO, indio
  2853. Thomas Vande Casteele (Brussels), Founder, &
  2854. Thomas Gorman (Chicago), President, Entrepreneurial Design, Inc.
  2855. Thomas Floracks (Bogotá), CXO, Co Founder, VivaReal
  2856. Thomas Winnacker (Berlin), Managing Director, Winnacker.Transactions GmbH
  2857. Thomas Filippini (Denver), Co-founder, Exclusive Resorts
  2858. Thuy Truong (Hanoi), Business Development, Weeby
  2859. Tiago Dalvi (Curitiba), CEO & Founder, / Solidarium
  2860. Tiago Borges (Lisbon), Owner and Board Member, Inosat
  2861. Tiburcio De La Carcova (Santiago), Co-Founder, COO, Atakama Labs
  2862. Tiina Zilliacus (Helsinki), Founder and CEO, Gajatri Studios
  2863. Tiit Paananen (Tallinn), ex-Skyper
  2864. Tim Ferriss (Silicon Valley), FI Mentor
  2865. Tim Brewer (Perth), Director, Desk Director & Evolve Leadership Group
  2866. Tim Drees (San Diego), Co Founder & Prior CEO ,
  2867. Tim Delhaes (Santiago), Tim Delhaes - CEO, MonkeyContact (Santiago FI),
  2868. Tim Hyer (Silicon Valley), Founder & CEO, Getable
  2869. Tim Norris (San Diego), Co-Founder, J!NX
  2870. Tim Justice (Greenville), CEO, Rescom Construction
  2871. Tim Keough (Washington DC), Founder & CEO, Kinsail Corporation
  2872. Tim Chan (Orange County), Founder | CEO, Level3 Apps, Inc.
  2873. Tim Marbach (Kuala Lumpur), Founding Partner, Asia Venture Group
  2874. Tim Florea (Melbourne), CEO, RSF Consulting
  2875. Tim Mclaughlin (Washington DC), President, Siteworx
  2876. Tim Fung (Sydney), CEO, AirTasker
  2877. Tim Koopmans (Melbourne), CEO,
  2878. Tim Dick (Honolulu), General Partner, Startup Capital Ventures
  2879. Timm Beyer (Berlin), CEO, skilldeal AG
  2880. Tirrell Payton (San Diego), Tirrell Payton - Founder & CEO, Kaliki (San Diego FI), Kaliki
  2881. Toan Pham Minh (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, Time Universal
  2882. Tobias Fuchs (Munich), Partner, KPMG - Energise Accelerator
  2883. Toby Gardner (Perth), Program Director, KPMG - Energise Accelerator
  2884. Todd Hooper (Seattle), CEO and founder, Zipline Games
  2885. Tolga Sen (Istanbul), Partner, Tart Media
  2886. Tom Fuller (New York), CIO, Next Jump
  2887. Tom Davies (Sydney), CEO, Study Choice
  2888. Tom Leigh (London), Business Development Manager , Crowdcube
  2889. Tom Frazier (Sydney), CEO, ProcessGo!
  2890. Tom O'Hanlan (Greenville), CEO, SeaLevel Systems
  2891. Tom Brooke (Washington DC), Partner, Holland & Knight
  2892. Tom Andrus (Los Angeles), GM & SVP,
  2893. Tom Marchesello (San Diego), Director,Bainbridge Capital, former Special Ops Officer with Air Force Space Command,
  2894. Tom Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, MJ Group
  2895. Tom Schultz (San Jose), Retired Software Executive,
  2896. Tomas Bercovich (Santiago), CEO and Founder, Zhetapricing
  2897. Tomasz Kopacz (Warsaw), Principal Technical Architect (Evangelist), Microsoft
  2898. Tomasz Kolinko (Warsaw), Founder, AppCodes
  2899. Tomasz Rudolf (Zagreb), Co-Founder, Innovatika
  2900. Tomasz Snażyk (Warsaw), Manging Partner, Snażyk Cytowski LLC Sp.k.
  2901. Tomasz Sieroń (Warsaw), CEO, Netkata Interactive
  2902. Tomislav Grubisic (Rijeka), CEO / Co-Founder, iSTUDIO
  2903. Tomislav Šekerija (Rijeka), CEO & Founder, Setom
  2904. Tomoki Tsujikawa (Kansai), CEO & Co-founder, ShareWis
  2905. Ton Aan De Stegge (Amsterdam), FI Mentor
  2906. Toni Gemayel (San Juan), Founder, Banyan
  2907. Toni Mascaró (Barcelona), Founder & CEO, eMascaró
  2908. Tony Davis (Johannesburg), CEO/Managing Director , Dovetail
  2909. Tony Greenberg (Los Angeles), Chairman and Founder, RampRate
  2910. Tony Karrer (Los Angeles), Tony Karrer - CEO/CTO, TechEmpower (Los Angeles FI), TechEmpower
  2911. Tonya Harmon (Washington DC), CEO, CareWorks
  2912. Toon Coppens (Brussels), Co-Founder / CTO, Netlog
  2913. Toon Vanagt (Brussels), Founder & Managing Partner, Various Companies
  2914. Toshio Furuta (Tokyo), CEO, Clair law firm
  2915. Toto Sugiri (Jakarta), CEO,
  2916. Touraj Parang (San Francisco), COO, UpCounsel
  2917. Tra Nguyen (Hanoi), Branch Director, Asia Counsel
  2918. Travis Giggy (Silicon Valley), Founder, Swing by Swing Golf
  2919. Travis Schmidt (Los Angeles), Founder, WorldFare
  2920. Trent Yates (Perth), COO, Tantra Technology
  2921. Trevor Coleman (Toronto), Founder and Product Manager, InteraXon
  2922. Trip Adler (Silicon Valley), CEO, Scribd
  2923. Troy Hazard (San Diego), Global President, Entrepreneurs Organization
  2924. Trung Nguyen Thanh (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, TOPICA Native
  2925. Truong Nguyen Hong (Hanoi), VP Business&Technology Development, IDG Ventures Vietnam
  2926. Tseng Ching Tse (Singapore), CEO, VaultDragon Pte Ltd
  2927. Tuan Pham (Hanoi), Tuan Pham - Founder and Chairman, TOPICA (Ho Chi Minh City FI) , TOPICA Native
  2928. Tuan Anh Tran (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder & CEO, TicketBox
  2929. Tulsi Dharmarajan (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO, Zuri Labs
  2930. Tuoc Huynh (Ho Chi Minh City), Growth Manager, DFJ
  2931. Tyler Crowley (Los Angeles), Tyler Crowley - Founder & CEO, Skweal (Paris FI), Skweal
  2932. Tyler Turner (Los Angeles), Founder & CEO, Beauy Fox
  2933. Tyson Hackwood (Singapore), Head of Asia, Braintree
  2934. Tyson McDowell (San Diego), President, Avadyne Health
  2935. Tzu Ming Chu (Kuala Lumpur), CEO,
  2936. Ulf Kunze (Berlin), Partner, GOODKARMA I/0
  2937. Umair R. Vadria (Karachi), CORPORATE PARTNER, Hussain & Haider
  2938. Umair Aziz (Karachi), Tech Entrepreneur, Venture Advisor & Investor, Creative Chaos
  2939. Umut Ersoy (Istanbul), Director, Marjinal Porter Novelli
  2940. Urayoan Camacho (San Juan), CEO, GSL-DNE-Bioesign
  2941. Uri Levanon (Berlin), CEO, Haste Media
  2942. Ury Sarabia (Mexico City), Co-Founder & COO, Startup Essentials Inc.
  2943. Usman Sheikh (Singapore), CEO, Identifi Pte Ltd
  2944. Usman Lodhi (Jakarta), Group Head Digital Business and Commercial Development, Indosat
  2945. Utkarsh Sinha (Hyderabad), Senior Associate, BitChemy Ventures
  2946. Uzair Mukadam (Karachi), CEO, Maritz Consulting Group
  2947. Uzi Shmilovici (Chicago), Founder & CEO, Applicake, Base CRM, R&U
  2948. Vachara Aemavat (Bangkok), CEO, Computerlogy
  2949. Vagelis Antoniadis (Athens), Co-Founder, Cytech Ltd
  2950. Vagn Knudsen (Medellín), Co-Founder, Linio Colombia S.A.S.
  2951. Valentine Van Der Lande (Amsterdam), CEO,
  2952. Valerie Chan (Shenzhen), Founder Co-CEO, Forq, Inc.
  2953. Vane Clayton (Denver), CEO, KPA, LLC
  2954. Vanesa Kolodziej (Santiago), Managing Parter, Nazca Ventures
  2955. Vanessa Pasquini De Rose Ghilardi (Curitiba), Founder, Novetà Criatividade Ag PPG Ltda Eireli
  2956. Varun Agarwal (Bangalore), Co-Founder, Alma Mater
  2957. Vasco Silva (Lisbon), Founder, ByClosure
  2958. Vasco Pedro (Lisbon), Cofounder,
  2959. Vassilis Nikolopoulos (Athens), CEO and Co-Founder, Intelen Inc
  2960. Vaughan Knight (Sydney), Founder, Bit Rave
  2961. Vedran Bajer (Rijeka), Industry Manager, Google
  2962. Venkatachalam Krishnan (Bangalore), Director, Beyond Square Solutions Pvt Limited
  2963. Veqar Islam (Karachi), CEO, Jaffer Business Systems
  2964. Veronica Guzman (New York), Founder | Innovation Catalyst, WAM Ventures
  2965. Veronique Pauwels (Amsterdam), Partner, Bain and Company
  2966. Viacheslav Semenchuk (Moscow), Startup-Surgeon,, my-apps,
  2967. Vibhakar Bhushan (Bangalore), Founder Director, AnyTime Medicare Services Pvt Ltd & Trignon Health Inc
  2968. Vibor Cipan (Zagreb), CEO, UX Passion
  2969. Vicens Marti (Barcelona), CEO, Akamon Entertainment
  2970. Vichi Lestari (Jakarta), Partner, Trias Consultant
  2971. Vicken Kanadjian (Montreal), Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cesium Inc.
  2972. Vicky Katsouli (Athens), Attorney-at-Law, V&P Law Firm
  2973. Victor Reyes (Mexico City), Co-Founder, SkyRocket Tech Lab
  2974. Victor Ayllon (Andalucia), Founder & CEO, Novayre
  2975. Victor Chua (Ho Chi Minh City), Investment Director, Gobi-MAVCAP Management
  2976. Victor Chapela (Silicon Valley), Victor Chapela - Founder & CEO, Suggestic (Silicon Valley FI), Suggestic
  2977. Víctor Sánchez (Madrid), Founder and CEO, Elocuent
  2978. Vidya Dinamani (San Diego), Vice President, Product Innovation & Design, Mitchell Int.
  2979. Viiveck Verma (Hyderabad), Cofounder, Anaptyxi People Consult Pvt. Ltd.
  2980. Vijay Chandrasekaran (Hyderabad), Sr Principal Product Manager, Progress Software
  2981. Vijay Gummadi (Hyderabad), Founder & CEO, CarZ
  2982. Viktor Kuzu (Istanbul), Cofounder, WePeople
  2983. Ville Vesterinen (Helsinki), CEO & Co-founder, Grey Area
  2984. Vince Nakayama (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO, Accelervation
  2985. Vince Bianco (Seattle), Founder ,
  2986. Vince Jones (Denver), President & CEO, eBags
  2987. Vince Bianco (Orange County), CEO, Advanced Medical Reviews
  2988. Vince Scafaria (New York), CEO, DotAlign
  2989. Vincent Kouwenhoven (Amsterdam), Founder, eVentures Europe
  2990. Vineel Nalla (Hyderabad), Vineel Nalla, NBOS Technologies
  2991. Vinh Lam Quang (Ho Chi Minh City), Founder , TimViecNhanh
  2992. Vinita Surana (Hyderabad), Executive Director, Surana Group
  2993. Vinnie Lauria (Singapore), Founding Partner,
  2994. Vishal Chandra (New Delhi), Founder, Uberstarter
  2995. Visnja Katalinic (Rijeka), Founder & CEO, Grace Management
  2996. Vit Niennattrakul (Bangkok), CTO, Stamp Content Inc.
  2997. Vivek Wadhwa (Santiago), Vice President of Academics and Innovation, Singularity University
  2998. Vivek Boray (Mexico City), Of Counsel, Richardson & Patel LLP
  2999. Vlad Davydov (Moscow), CEO, 3Plet
  3000. Vladimir Blagojevic (Brussels), Founder, Grant Snap
  3001. Vladimir Kovalsky (Moscow), CEO, Medesk
  3002. Vladimir De Franceschi (Zagreb), Vladimir De Franceschi - Managing Director, SVRV (Zagreb FI) , SVRV
  3003. Vladislav Tropko (Moscow), Investment Director, Rusnano
  3004. Wahyd Vannoni (Zagreb), Mediacodex LTD
  3005. Walter De Brouwer (Brussels), CEO, OLPC
  3006. Walter Roth (Honolulu), CEO,
  3007. Walter O'Brien (Los Angeles), CEO, Scorpion Computer Services
  3008. Waseem Alim (Dhaka), Founder & CEO,
  3009. Wayne Bos (Los Angeles), Chairman, Minergy
  3010. Wayne Willis (Silicon Valley), Managing Partner, Nodal Partners
  3011. Wei Zhu (Singapore), Software Engineer, DFJ
  3012. Wei-Chun Tai (Atlanta), Partner, Mosley Ventures, LLC
  3013. Weihan Liew (Jakarta), CEO and Founder, Mainspring Technology
  3014. Wenceslao Casares (Silicon Valley), CEO, Bling Nation
  3015. Wendy Robertson (Toronto), Managing Director, Assemble Inc.
  3016. Wes McGee (Washington DC), CEO, EyeMaker Systems
  3017. Wesley Ng (Hong Kong), CEO & Co-Founder, Casetify
  3018. Weston Hankins (Berlin), Founder, Footstep Ventures
  3019. Wil Merritt (Seattle), CEO, Zooppa
  3020. Will Hodgman (Washington DC), EVP - International, comScore
  3021. Will Bunker (Silicon Valley), Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of One-and-Only (became
  3022. William Quigley (Los Angeles), Partner, Clearstone Venture Partners
  3023. William Tanuwijaya (Jakarta), Co-founder & CEO, Tokopedia
  3024. William Furlong (Chicago), President, WKJF Digital
  3025. William (Bill) Martinez (Washington DC), Deputy Director for Programs, Center for Civil-Military Relations
  3026. Wim Dewaele (Brussels), CEO, iMinds
  3027. Wim Vernaeve (Brussels), Co-founder, Green Park Investment Partners
  3028. Winston Mok (Toronto), CEO, Simply Good
  3029. Winston Choe (Silicon Valley), Founder/CEO, Innoscape
  3030. Xavier Damman (Silicon Valley), Co-Founder & CEO, Storify
  3031. Yago Llaquet de Entrambasaguas (Barcelona), EBORDERCOMMERCE, FOUNDER & CEO
  3032. Yalla Veera Prakash (Hyderabad), Director, Wooqer
  3033. Yanancy Noguera (San Jose), Journalist, Independent Consultant
  3034. Yann Lechelle (Paris), Co-founder, APPSFIRE
  3035. Yannick Levy (Paris), VP, Parrot
  3036. Yaroslav Pankov (Saint Petersburg), CEO, Cup.Li
  3037. Yasha Tarani (Berlin), Founder & CEO,
  3038. Yasuchika Wakayama (Tokyo), CEO, Breakpoint
  3039. Yatan Blumenthal Vargas (Berlin), Co-founder, Berlin Hardware Accelerator
  3040. Yi Jian Ngo (Seattle), FI Mentor
  3041. Yi Jian Ngo (Seattle), Managing Director, Alliance of Angels
  3042. Yiannis Kanellopoulos (Athens), Management Consultant for Sustainable Software, Software Improvement Group
  3043. Yiannis Giannarakis (Athens), General Manager, HAMAC - Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies
  3044. Yılmaz Avcı (Istanbul), CEO, Uretmake
  3045. Yoav Itzcovitch (Tel Aviv), Co-CEO, OMtech Technologies and Investments
  3046. Yoav Hornung (Zagreb), Yoav Hornung - CEO, (Zagreb FI),
  3047. Yoav Shapira (Boston), Vice President, Engineering, Hubspot
  3048. Yochi Slonim (Tel Aviv), Founder & Managing Partner,
  3049. Yod Chinsupakul (Bangkok), CEO/Co-Founder, Wongnai Media Co., Ltd.
  3050. Yoshisuke Yamakawa (Tokyo), Chairman,Co-Founder, ALBERT Inc.
  3051. Yossi Hasson (Johannesburg), CEO and co-founder, Synaq
  3052. Yosuke Nishida (Kansai), CEO, Modelor, Inc.
  3053. Yousef Mehrabi (Kabul), Investment Manager, InFrontier
  3054. Yule Guttenbeil (Melbourne), Laywer, General Standards
  3055. Yuri Navarro (Toronto), Executive Director, National Angel Capital Organization
  3056. Yuri Van Geest (Amsterdam), Founder and CEO, Trend8
  3057. Yuri Fedoseev (Moscow), Founder, CEO, DaOffice
  3058. Yusuf Jan (Karachi), CEO, MixIt
  3059. Yusuke Murata (Tokyo), General Partner & Co-Founder, Incubate Fund
  3060. Yves Vekemans (Brussels), Found/CEO, Hercules Trophy International
  3061. Yves Peynaud (Paris), Entrepreneur & Consultant, YP Consulting
  3062. Yvonne Ochoa Rossellini (Mexico City), Owner, Convixión
  3063. Zach Kaplan (Chicago), CEO, Inventables
  3064. Zak Boca (Chicago), CEO & Co-Founder, SingleHop, Inc.
  3065. Ziv Koren (Tel Aviv), 1st webee,
  3066. Ziv Gillat (Silicon Valley), Ziv Gillat - Co-founder, Eye-Fi & Forq (Silicon Valley FI), Forq, Inc.
  3067. Ziv Gillat (Saint Petersburg), Founder, Eye-Fi Inc.
  3068. Zoya Nikitina (Saint Petersburg), CEO,
  3069. Zoya Nikitina (Saint Petersburg), CEO & Founder, E-Contenta
  3070. Đỗ Hoài Nam (Hanoi), Founder & CEO, SeeSpace/ InAir
  3071. Łukasz Kosman (Warsaw), CEO, Audioteka
  3072. Даниил Павлючков (Saint Petersburg), CEO, MailBurn
  3073. Евгения Барченко (Saint Petersburg), Consultant, Ingria
  3074. Михаил Раяк (Saint Petersburg), Исполнительный директор, ФППИ
  3075. Ник Филатов (Saint Petersburg), Director,
  3076. Тимур Ядгаров (Moscow), Chairman, CEO, ACGMoscow
  3077. クリストファー(久利寿) テイト (Kansai), CEO,
  3078. 伟 张 (Shenzhen), 创始人CEO, 博雅互动
  3079. 伟东 罗 (Shenzhen), 创始人, 极光推送
  3080. 佳 田 (Chengdu), 联合创始人, 健康优选
  3081. 健雄 冯 (Shenzhen), 董事会秘书, 中兴
  3082. 刚 卢 (Shanghai), 创始人, 动点科技/TechCrunch中国
  3083. 利杰 王 (Shenzhen), 创始合伙人, Pre-Angel
  3084. 劲 黄 (Shenzhen), 联合创始人, 走秀网
  3085. 劲松 高 (Shenzhen), 创始人,总裁, 掌娱无限
  3086. 博 耿 (Shenzhen), 董事长, 安迅物流集团有限公司董事长
  3087. 唯劼 刘 (Shenzhen), CEO&Founder, 天使圈,沸腾时刻
  3088. 在国 朱 (Shenzhen), 创始人CEO, 融创天下
  3089. 坚伟 张 (Shanghai), 开开会, CEO
  3090. 威 张 (Shenzhen), 创始人CEO, 闺蜜圈
  3091. 宏辉 胡 (Shanghai), 联合创始人&执行总裁, 拍拍贷
  3092. 宗场 姚 (Shanghai), Founder&CEO, 泰笛洗涤(
  3093. 峻浩 胡 (Shenzhen), 创始人CEO, Darma
  3094. 巻舒 王 (Shenzhen), 投资经理, IDG资本
  3095. 幻成 代 (Chengdu), 中国西南区总经理, 神州数码智慧城市服务集团
  3096. 彤 李 (Shenzhen), Partner, Symbiosys
  3097. 恒 吴 (Chengdu), 创始合伙人, 洪泰基金
  3098. 成城 刘 (Shenzhen), 创始人, 36氪
  3099. 戴 赛鹰 (Shenzhen), 创始人CEO, 三个爸爸家庭智能环境科技(北京)有限公司
  3100. 振华 殷 (Chengdu), 联合创始人 执行董事, 优客逸家
  3101. 方 朱 (Shenzhen), 董事长, 力合清源创投
  3102. 明生 廖 (Shanghai), 太库科技
  3103. 春龙 郭 (Shenzhen), 创始人, 百合网
  3104. 晓华 成 (Shenzhen), 董事长,联合创始人, 朗科
  3105. 晶 刘 (Shenzhen), 创始人及CEO, Skyroam
  3106. 朝晖 程 (Shanghai), CEO, 海丁网
  3107. 毅 肖 (Shanghai), 合伙人, 英诺天使基金
  3108. 涛 万 (Shanghai), 创始人&CEO, 31会议
  3109. 登峰 管 (Shanghai), FI Mentor
  3110. 真 范 (Shanghai), CEO, 上海伊购网络科技有限公司 (中国3D互联网的开拓者)
  3111. 知史 古我 (Tokyo), CEO, 株式会社チームクールジャパン
  3112. 绍军 周 (Shenzhen), 投资总监, 东方富海
  3113. 致远 钱 (Shanghai), 实战派创业导师, 龙翌资本
  3114. 莹飘 古 (Shenzhen), 莹飘 古 - 创始人,董事长, 深圳伊斯特奇科技 (Shenzhen FI) , 深圳伊斯特奇科技
  3115. 諭(Satoshi) 石川(Ishikawa) (Tokyo), CEO, Transaction Inc.
  3116. 霞辉 刘 (Shenzhen), CTO, Fineck智能项链
  3117. 飞虹 马 (Shenzhen), 飞虹 马 - 中国首席代表, 新加坡亿胜投资公司 (Shenzhen FI), 新加坡亿胜投资公司
  3118. 飞虹 马 (Chengdu), 投资合伙人, 汉能投资集团

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