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Mentor Progress Review

Paris Spring 2013 Semester

Can you pitch your business in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEOs? How much progress has been made on the product? How viable is the business and the financial model? Can you present the business in a meaningful and articulate way? Does the business scale? Can the business survive?

Review your business with Mentors.
2013-06-10, 06:30 PM


Sebastien Sacard
Consultant Product Management

Après avoir été Responsable Technique chez Kelkoo puis Chef de Produit Senior chez Yahoo! pendant 7 ans, Sébastien a été Directeur Produit chez Drimki, puis Directeur Technique chez Myfab. Il a ensuite été co-fondateur de la Startup Advertory en tant que Directeur Techniq...

Nicolas Roux
CEO, Aspectize

Nicolas is CEO and Co-Founder of Aspectize, a software Company, which's vision is to change the way web business applications and software are built. Passionate by the processus of creating value, especially in software field, Nicolas has been successively independant ...

Benoit Bazzocchi
Fondateur et CEO,

Benoît Bazzocchi est président-fondateur de, plateforme française de crowdfunding dédiée à l’investissement au capital de start-up et PME de croissance. Préalablement au lancement de SmartAngels en 2012, Benoît a créé en 2010 Y Capital, société de conseil s...

Cédric Naintré
Founder, Range-Moi

Founder at Range-Moi. The company allows people living in London and Paris to multiply storage space in their apartments using a smartphone to order boxes, fill them with their seasonal belongings, store them away or recall them without leaving home. Co-founder of the thi...

Aline Hemmo
Consultant, Pilsoft

Aline Hemmo works as a consultant at Pilsoft, which she founded in 1997. She is also an admission officer in a top-ranked international MBA program, and a graduate of EPF Ecole d'Ingénieurs and HEC School of Management.

Alain Meller
Founder, NovaXone

Alain Meller has been the CEO of Kalabie, a software vendor selling to the Pharma Industry and was acquired by Agilent Technologies Inc. in 2007. Before that he cofounded Convergent Capital a VC fund investing in France and Israel, was Managing Director for E-business at ...

Nicolas Guermont

Nicolas GUERMONT Dirigeant international et entrepreneurial avec expérience de direction de grande entreprise de services (plus de 1500 collaborateurs), multi-sites et décentralisée, en B2B & B2C, appartenant à des fonds d’investissements (Selecta) ou filiales de grands ...

Eric Moret
Technologist, Palo Alto Networks

Eric is a seasoned manager and technologist in the networking security industry currently working at Palo Alto Networks. Through a series of acquisitions from Infosolv (4 employees), Onesecure Inc. (150 employees) and Netscreen Technologies (900 employees) to Juniper Netw...

Alexandre Steiner
Managing Partner, OiO Ventures

Alexandre Steiner est le fondateur et Managing Partner d’OiO Ventures dont l’activité consiste à bâtir des portefeuilles de participations minoritaires dans des entreprises innovantes pour des grands groupes. Auparavant, après des études en France puis aux Etats Unis, il...

Eric Kalfon
MD, Strategic Value Partners

Eric Kalfon, 50, is a managing director focusing on Continental European business development at Strategic Value Partners. He is a founding member of D- Incubator, the incubator of Dauphine University (Paris, France); he is a “ARE” member (French Turnaround association) ...

Alex Berger

Alex Berger est un producteur, concepteur, consultant et entrepreneur dans le domaine des médias et de la stratégie des projets et entreprises. Au cours de sa vie professionnelle, il a créé ou participé à de nombreux programmes (Rapido, Burger Quizz…), inventé le portail ...

Edouard Morhange

Edouard Morhange is an entrepreneur in the digital and commnication domains. He was the founder in 1998 of, the French equivalent of IMDB, cofounded with M. Pierre Tchernia and sold to LibertySurf Group in May 2000. Then he founded Nouveau Jour, a leadi...

Laurent Vieille
VP Products, Jade-i

Laurent Vieille is a co-founder of Jade-i, which enables retailers to drive their business based on customer satisfaction collected at paiement time. In the smart card industry (Schlumberger, Gemalto), Laurent focused on strategic marketing and drove the growth of a Busin...

Maximilien Oursel
Partner, Pléiade Venture

Maximilien OURSEL has been Venture Capitalist since 1999 at Seeft and Pléiade Venture. He has invested in such successful companies as Adomos, Fimasys,, or smartTrade. Before that he was an Analyst for a financial IT Asset Management firm and a Corp...

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