Entrepreneurship for Marketers

Date: 2013-05-22, 06:30 PM
Location: Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust, Antiguo Oso Blanco, Cupey/San Juan, Puerto Rico
We'll discuss the challenges and opportunities for marketing professionals to apply their skills to entrepreneurship for creating their own startup. We'll discuss what a marketer "brings to the table" for a founding team, and how to go about starting and building your dream company and how the Founder Institute can help.


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About the Speaker:

"Carlos R. Cobián is an accomplished entrepreneur and self-made executive recognized for his strategic initiatives and uncanny ability to differentiate noise from “true” signals. He has secured strong revenue growth, tremendous brand equity and double-digit market share gains for Fortune 100 clients. He is the VP ofSales and Marketing and co founder of Wireless Idea Corp, a mobile marketing company that provides digital distribution, aggregation, and mobile payments solutions for companies who want to monetize their products or services through mobile in Latin America. He was also the president and co founder of Empire Entertainment Inc., Puerto Rico’s first youth and experiential marketing agency."

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