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Intellectual Property

Summer 2010 Boston Semester

What is the intellectual property of your business? What types of protections are available, and what are the costs? How do you manage your intellectual property using confidentiality, copyrights, and patents? What can and what should you do on your own, and what do you need a lawyer for? What are common intellectual property problems, and how do you deal with them cost effectively?

File your provisional patents.
2010-09-02, 06:00 PM


Alexei Erchak
Founder, Luminus Devices

Dr. Alexei Erchak is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Luminus Devices, the manufacturer of PhlatLight® (Photonic Lattice light) LEDs, the brightest and most efficient commercially available LEDs in the world. Dr. Erchak pioneered the photonic lattice light-emit...

Phil Libin
CEO, Evernote

Phil Libin is the CEO of Evernote, a web service designed to allow users to easily capture and store information, memories, and content in any environment. Prior to Evernote, Phil was a founder of two other successful tech startups: CoreStreet and Engine 5. He has been wr...

Simeon Simeonov
Founder & CTO, Shopximity

Simeon Simeonov is founding CTO of Shopximity, a stealthy startup whose goal is to make shopping better for everyone. Sim invests in passionate entrepreneurs through FastIgnite and helps them build great companies. He blogs at, tweets as @simeons and liv...

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