Spiegel Sohmer

 Spiegel Sohmer is a firm of attorneys offering state-of-the-art expertise to a diversified business clientele seeking solutions that are innovative, concrete, and pragmatic. Our firm groups some forty five attorneys who concentrate principally within three broad specialties: business law (including Intellectual Property), tax law and litigation.  Spiegel Sohmer has extensive experience representing companies at all stages of their life cycle, from start up through to exit, and also represents a wide array of investors: 

Futurpreneur Canada

Futurpreneur Canada is the only national, non-profit organization to provide financing, mentoring, and support tools for every business stage to aspiring business owners and startup founders:

NACO Canada

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) accelerates a thriving, early-stage investing ecosystem in Canada by connecting individuals, groups, and other partners that support Angel-stage investing. NACO provides intelligence, tools and resources for its members; facilitates key connections across networks, borders and industries; and helps to inform policy affecting the Angel asset-class.

Anges Quebec

Anges Québec’s mission is to help its angel investors make profitable investments in innovative companies in a wide range of industries and in all regions of Quebec. To this end, Anges Québec identifies the best entrepreneurs and business projects and supports the Anges Québec members who finance them.


Le RJCCQ soutient un réseau de jeunes chambres de commerce et d’ailes jeunesse à travers le Québec, représentant plus de 8 000 jeunes professionnels, cadres, travailleurs autonomes et entrepreneurs âgés de 18 à 40 ans.


La Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal (JCCM) est un regroupement de près de 1 600 jeunes cadres, professionnels, entrepreneurs et travailleurs autonomes âgés de 18 à 40 ans, ce qui en fait un des plus grands réseaux de jeunes gens d’affaires au monde.

Hacking Health

Hacking Health is designed to improve healthcare by inviting technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems.


Noticias Montreal is a Spanish-language media based in Montreal and founded by a group of immigrant journalists. Its main goal is to provide the latest news, information and features about Montreal, Quebec, Canada. NM wants to offer a helping hand in the immigration and integration process of the numerous newcomers as well as promoting the Spanish language.

Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-30

Three Lessons I Learned While Starting My Company

Everyone knows the saying, “hindsight is 20/20”, but too often in life do we fail to appreciate the meaning of the phrase. And in the world of entrepreneurship, sometimes second chances are hard to come by. That’s why as a founder, it’s important to learn as much as you can before launching a company to a... (more available)

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Posted by Ezra Oyarce on 2015-01-29

How to Create Your Minimum Viable Product

So after you learn that the market for your business is validated, where do you go from there? It’s time to create a Minimum Viable Product. A hugely important concept to startups and entrepreneurs, the MVP can help set your business on the right track. But what exactly is an MVP? How do you use it and what purpose does it... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-29

Peerby Featured on fd, eMeter Highlighted on The Hindu, and more Grad News

Since launching in 2009, the Founder Institute has helped launch over 1,310 new technology companies across 85 cities, 40 countries, and six continents. These companies have gone on to do great things, and create over 10,000+ new jobs.  In the past few weeks, Peerby was featured... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2015-01-28

3 Traits Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Have, According to the Experts

Who doesn't want great advice?  But with the plethora of knowledge out there, who has the time to keep track of which advice is the have-to-know's or must-do's? We do! By sifting through recent articles, guides, top ten lists, and infographics written by experts around the web, we've distilled the Top 3 pieces of advice ... (more available)

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Posted by Travis Levell on 2015-01-28

4 SaaS tricks to Increase your Customer Engagement and Retention

The following is a guest post from Dave Schneider, of Ninja Outreach. The post covers 4 techniques that they are currently using to increase their customer engagement and retention. Use this real life actionable business advice to increase your customer retention and engagement. Enjoy! At NinjaOutreach, our blogger prospecting ... (more available)

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Posted by Ezra Oyarce on 2015-01-26

Heddoko to Compete in Wearable Technology World Cup

Heddoko, a Montreal-based startup that has won many awards, has raised $350,000 in funding. In addition, Heddoko will compete as finalists in Germany in the WT Wearable Technology World Cup in February of this year. They are one of 20 finalists, selected from 500 competitors. The founders of Heddoko are both Latin American, Alex... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2015-01-26

Come to a Free Founder Institute Event and Learn from top Startup Experts

The Founder Institute hosts thousands of free startup events across the globe each year, in over 85 cities across six continents. These events are designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs improve their ideas and entrepreneurial skills, all in a low-pressure environment. At Founder Institute events, you can ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-23

The Road to the "Small Win" for Startups

When striving to grow a company, sometimes it's the small wins that count the most. Although these accomplishments may not be considered newsworthy by the masses, they contribute to your company’s progress, and offer tactical lessons that others can apply in their own entrepreneurial journey. In this special ins... (more available)

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Posted by Ezra Oyarce on 2015-01-23

FI Graduate Gift Card Indonesia Receives $2M in series A Funding

A recent success story comes from one of our graduates in Indonesia. Antonius Taufan of Gift Card Indonesia (GCI) has managed to receive a $2 million investment from the U.S.-based Sovereign’s Capital. As Enricko Lukman discusses in an article written for TechInAsia, “Gift Card Indonesia nabs $2M series A fundin... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-23

Futurpreneur Canada to help Graduates of the Montreal Founder Institute with Fast-Track Seed Funding

Futurpreneur Canada, a friend of the Founder Institute, has agreed to show their support for FI’s mission of globalizing Silicon Valley by giving graduates of the upcoming Montreal Spring semester $15,000 in "Fast-Track" seed funding. Futurpreneur Canada is the only national, non-profit organization to provide financ... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2015-01-22

Get on the Rocket Ship! The Founder Institute is Hiring at our Palo Alto Headquarters

Are you interested in entrepreneurship? The Founder Institute (the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program) is the best place in the world to be immersed in the startup ecosystem and culture.   The Founder Institute is scaling up, and hiring for multiple roles in our Palo Alto office - includi... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-22

5 Essential Steps for Developing a Winning Startup Idea

A company is only as strong as the idea it grew from. However, for many entrepreneurs conceiving a billion dollar startup idea is not as easy as we would like. Because the process of ideation can be daunting, we often give up on our dreams of launching and running successful companies. For, as Napoleon Hill once said, "All achie... (more available)

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Posted by Ezra Oyarce on 2015-01-22

Graduates of the Founder Institute in Colombia have received over $2M in Funding

In 2011, the Founder Institute established a chapter in Bogota, Colombia and graduates of the program have since received over $2 million in funding for their startups. This level of success is unheard of for any accelerator program in Colombia. Even more impressive is the fact that the Colombian incubator program has become ent... (more available)

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Posted by Ezra Oyarce on 2015-01-22

Founder Institute Partner Chinaccelerator Offers Entrepreneurs Financial and Legal Support

Chinaccelerator, a partner of the Founder Institute, shares our mission for supporting entrepreneurs in China and around the world. Much like the Founder Institute, Chinaccelerator pairs entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and helps establish successful businesses every year. Chinaccelerator is China’s longest running ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-22

Six Reasons Why Washington, D.C. Is A New Hub For Female Entrepreneurs

A lack of gender and ethnic diversity is a pervasive issue in the world of entrepreneurship. However, more and more efforts are being made to ensure that businesses are more inclusive and diverse, and that those that are typically left out of entrepreneurship are given the same opportunities as everyone else to launch ventures o... (more available)

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Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2015-01-21

The Founder Institute Invites Top Entrepreneurs From Around The Globe To Silicon Valley

As the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, The Founder Institute has graduated over 1,310 companies across 85 cities since 2009. As part of our efforts to accelerate exceptional founders to the next step in their development, we've constructed the first-ever Founder Institute “Founder La... (more available)

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Posted by Ezra Oyarce on 2015-01-21

Startup Misconceptions: Pursue Your Passion and the Money Will Follow

Entrepreneurship is hard. REALLY hard. But with countless tales of how entrepreneurs made it big with almost nothing, it’s easy for a budding founder to jump into the startup world full of unbridled enthusiasm. Luckily, Startup Misconceptions is here to clear up the myths, delusions, and fancies surrounding entrepreneursh... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-20

How This Consultant Turned His Idea Into a Startup

Ryan King has never liked working for people. As he says it, he is “psychologically inept at working for other people.” A native of Melbourne, Australia, King started his own graphic design business after graduating from high school. Having studied and worked for several architecture projects, King joined the Melbour... (more available)

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5 Tips To Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

The Founder Institute has graduated over 1,310 companies across 85 cities since 2009.   As part of our efforts to accelerate exceptional Graduates to the next step in their development, we recently introduced the first-ever Founder Institute "Master Graduate EIR Program" that gathered top Graduates from across the globe to... (more available)

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Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2015-01-16

Why You Should Quit Your Job to Focus on Your Startup

From beginning to finish, launching a startup is a complex and laborious endeavor. Everyday is an adventure, and problems will arise quickly. Whether you’re an aspiring app designer or seasoned engineering extraordinaire, you will have numerous questions along the journey of entrepreneurship that “Google” will ... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2015-01-15

How to Instill Value into Your Worthless Startup Idea, by Gabe Zichermann

Inside FI gives you exclusive access inside the training sessions of the Founder Institute. To get updates when we release new videos, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

In this talk by Gabe Zichermann (Director, New York Founder Institute) Zichermann shares critical advice for getting your startup off the ground. "If you’ve already started working on your idea” he says, “you’re ahead of 99 percent of people who want to start a company."

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-14

How Benjamin Young of Nexercise Went From Employee to Entrepreneur

Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur is no easy task. Just ask Benjamin Young, the founder and CEO of Nexercise, a mobile app that uses friendly competition and real rewards to motivate busy people to lose weight and stay in shape. Benjamin and Nexercise are also Graduates of the Washington, D.C. Founder Institute. RSV... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-14

Founder Institute Partner Lifograph Hosts a Special Event with Gary Swart of Polaris Partners

The Silicon Valley Founder Institute is a proud partner of Lifograph, which is building the "Who's Who" of Silicon Valley and technology. With Lifograph, you can discover the timeline and connections of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and other people in tech. This engagement features a talk fro... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2015-01-14

Why Profits Are Not Enough: Mitch Kapor Asks Startups to Strive for Impact

Sure, “traction”, ARPU, and profits are important for a startup to succeed, but do too many startups overlook the potential for generating a positive social impact, as well? Mitch Kapor, the Founder of the Lotus Development Corporation and designer of Lotus 1-2-3, certainly thinks so. A pioneer in personal computing... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2015-01-13

If You Wouldn’t do Your Job for Free, then Quit - by Dave Fuhriman

Founder Feedback gives you insights from the startup trenches. Countless professionals take jobs primarily because they pay well, provide extensive benefits packages, or offer other perks. However, too many of these professionals realize too late that working should be about more than obtaining holiday bonuses, health insurance... (more available)

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