Example 1 - Mentor Idea Review



Interviewed many people which helped me with my assignment

1. Peer Assistance

Had a meeting with Nagasri and Hemanth. Assisted them with their assignment.
Helped them giving references to people whom they could contact. I was in touch with them throughout the week to assist them.

2. PowerPoint


3. Executive Summary


4. Working Group Approval


5. Custom Assignment

1) Stating the delivery model

Interviewed 5 people with similar domain for their feedback.
Researched online to see various business models.

2) Clearly stating the revenue model

Did lot of research on the companies with similar background.
Contacted professionals for their help.

6. Legal Meetings

Interviewed various law firms.


Vikram- 8939970187

> Checked if they have any working experience with startups. If so how many have they helped bootstrap.
> Checked if they are willing to share knowledge as it is very much important to make decisions
> Understand their billing – some even charge for calls, emails, skype, assistant time, research time, admin time
> Cost ? Checked if they are flexible on billing ?
> Hourly rates ? Asked for their Rate Sheet.
> Asked if there is any ways to reduce cost ?
> Checked if deferred billing is possible. If so does it requires Equity ? wats their benefit on it ?
> Checked how comfortable you are with the person as you may have to feel free to discuss
> Online law offices recommended as you can work from the comfort of your home and office
> Checked what is their primary focus
eg. Corporate startup attorney should know when you will need a soecialist like ( IP, tax, employment, litigation attorney )
> Checked if they have helped stratups raising funds similar to what you are looking for


Example 2 - Startup Legal and IP


Startup Legal and IP

1. Agreements


2.B You Are Not Incorporated


3. Legal Boilerplate


4. Intellectual Property


5. Rights Assignment


6. Patents


Custom Assignments