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Posted by Taylor Jolliffe about 6 hours ago

How to Skyrocket Past Your Crowdfunding Goal, with Dema Tio of Vibease

With more and more startups turning to crowdfunding to make their business ventures a reality, it’s important to know how to successfully launch a fundraising campaign in order to gain traction in today’s market. In the recent webinar hosted by the Founder Institute, “How to Raise a Successful Crowdfunding Camp... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-11-24

Are You Ready to Become an Entrepreneur? Take Your First Step Here.

Are you thinking about leaving your job to start your own company? Don’t dive into the world of entrepreneurship just yet, as you should assess your goals and extensively test your startup idea in the real world before quitting your job. If you think you are ready to start up, follow the guideline below to begin your jour... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-11-20

Crowdfunding Campaign and Video Success Tips from Indiegogo’s Ben Bateman

Despite the abundance of stories of how startups far exceeded their crowdfunding goals, there are far more tales of campaigns that failed to match even the smallest target. Even worse, too little attention is given to just how much effort and tactical prowess is required when launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. Luckil... (more available)

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Posted by Elisha Tan on 2014-11-19

3 Things I Learned From Running My Marketplace Startup

I’m a graduate of the Singapore Founder Institute and I founded Learnemy as part of the program. Learnemy is an online marketplace where people can find trusted instructors for sports, music and programming. There is a wealth of resources on how to run a marketplace, and I want to share the 3 things I’ve learned si... (more available)

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Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-11-18

How to Get an Investor to Say Yes, by Adeo Ressi

“You never ask for something until you think you’re going to get a yes.” A rule Adeo Ressi, founder of Expansive Ventures and Founder Institute, recommends every entrepreneur follow when meeting with investors to obtain funding. Timing is everything, and if you meet with an investor prematu... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-11-18

Top Los Angeles Entrepreneurs

For the past several years, Los Angeles has been quickly making a name for itself in the global startup scene. From a rapidly expanding startup ecosystem to connections to the entertainment industry to a diverse customer-driven infrastructure, LA is a veritable hotbed of entrepreneurship. To prove LA’s worth as a haven fo... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-11-12

How to Split Equity with Co-Founders

It's been well-documented that deciding to take on a co-founder can be a fruitful choice, improving the business prospects for many entrepreneurs. However, if one does partner up, there is one intimidating hurdle that must be overcome: Figuring out how to split equity. For those having trouble with this, Al Bsharah has one simpl... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-11-11

How to Exceed Your Crowdfunding Goals, According to Atif Noori of Emberlight

As crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity as a viable funding option for startups and small businesses, founders must constantly stay abreast of the tips and tricks to help them execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. For guidance on the ins and outs of launching and running a lucrative crowdfunding campaign, we look ... (more available)

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Posted by Elisha Tan on 2014-11-05

Cheap and Quick Startup Tips for the Non-Technical Founder

More often than not, an aspiring entrepreneur without any technical background will find it much harder to start a tech startup. Although it is getting easier to pick up programming skills with platforms like Codecademy, Khan Academy and the likes, learning enough technical skills to be proficient enough for your tech startup st... (more available)

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Posted by Taylor Jolliffe on 2014-11-04

Turning Failure into Success with a Founder Graduate

The Founder Institute provides would-be entrepreneurs with the all the right tools to launch their startup. Through the intensive, 4-month program, potential Founders “learn by doing” with structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback. The Founder Institute program prides ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-11-03

The Economic Benefits of Crowdfunding

As more and more projects rely on crowdfunding to get off the ground, more and more entrepreneurs are becoming comfortable with the idea of asking complete strangers to fund their startups. In addition to serving as a viable means of funding a company, crowdfunding's economic benefits continue to manifest themselves in more ways... (more available)

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Posted by Taylor Jolliffe on 2014-10-31

7 Great Reasons Why You Should Start A Business In Brussels

As the capital city of Belgium and a cultural hotspot of Europe, Brussels is a strong contender for places to launch your startup. Their combination of support networks, international mindedness and location is hard to beat. Whether you're already living in the city or are looking for a great place to launch your business, Bruss... (more available)

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Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-10-30

How to Win Friends and Influence Bankers

Handling the finances of a growing startup can be an incredibly daunting task for most, if not all, founders. Luckily, Dawn Fotopulos, an experienced entrepreneur and small-business turnaround expert who has rescued hundreds of small business from financial disaster, has taken the time to delineate some basic concepts to help th... (more available)

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Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-10-30

How Darma Raised $100K in the First Day of their Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter campaigns are often employed by entrepreneurs to showcase their products online through videos, graphics, and text on one page. Founders can set funding goals and deadlines, obtaining backers (supporters) who donate money to help creators launch their product or creative project. Some campaigns fail miserably using ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-10-22

Crafting the Perfect Pitch: How to Find Your Secret Sauce

Devising the perfect startup pitch is an essential yet too often overlooked aspect of creating a successful company. Pitching your idea is crucial for attracting co-founders, customers, and, more importantly, potential investors, and special care should be given to effectively communicating your idea. However, as Adeo Ressi, Fo... (more available)

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Posted by Elisha Tan on 2014-10-21

10 Must-Read Articles On Running A Two-Sided Marketplace Startup

A marketplace is a platform that connects a buyer and a seller, and it usually improves efficiency in communication and payment. Such a platform can facilitate buying and selling between companies and individuals (such as Alibaba), or it can facilitate buying and selling between individuals (such as Airbnb). While the... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-10-16

15 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Productivity Today

Entrepreneurs are notorious for taking on more tasks than they can handle, as, when it comes to launching and running a company, there is usually no other way to get things done. While this may be true, remember that there are still countless hacks that you can employ to make your work life a little easier. To prove this, we&rsq... (more available)

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Posted by Elisha Tan on 2014-10-13

How To Choose A Vendor For Your Startup

What should you outsource? 'Non-core' is the classic response." - Jim Franklin, Former CEO of SendGrid and Startup Advisor With so many things going on in a startup, doing everything in-house is often infeasible. Jim Franklin, Mentor for the Denver Founder Institute and the former CEO of SendGrid, suggests that a startup sh... (more available)

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Posted by Elisha Tan on 2014-10-10

Do One Thing Well as a Startup. Identify Your "One Thing" Like This

Doing one thing well is hard. I like to think that you’ll need about 50 people, 5 million bucks and three years to do one thing well. If you have less than that, you will really have to be focused - you don’t have a lot of room for error.” - Jim Franklin, Former CEO of SendGrid and Startup Advisor Startups... (more available)

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Posted by Nailah Morgan on 2014-10-08

The Basic Components of Your Startup Financial Model

Creating a Financial Model forces an entrepreneur to plan very specifically how their business will work, how users and customers find and use their products, and how those processes create revenues and costs. As tempting as it might be to outsource this project, it is important to create your own model in order to organize you... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-09-30

Financial Tips For Avoiding Startup Failure

Too many budding entrepreneurs have endeavored to launch a successful startup only to meet failure, oftentimes before their project has even left the ground. With the nearly countless ways in which startups can acquire funding, it is also more important than ever that founders are aware of the financial fundamentals for their st... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-09-04

Identifying Your Competition

Founder Feedback gives you insight from the startup trenches. In this post from his blog, George Deeb, Managing Partner at Red Rocket Ventures, explains the various levels of startup research and how to go about identifying your competition. He suggests starting with high level industry research and digging deeper to assess you... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-08-20

Lessons Learned at the Founder Institute

The Founder Institute offers beginner, and veteran, entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to launch a meaningful technology company in an intensive four month program. While those who have graduated from the Founder Institute will tell you that it is not for everyone, many of them will also attest to the invaluable lessons they l... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-08-13

Insights from an Entrepreneurial Dad

We all know launching a company requires a great deal of time and sacrifice. But is it necessary to give up all of the little things that make life worth living? Not according to KJ Park, who has successfully managed to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations while still fulfilling his role as a father and husband. KJ Park is th... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-07-17

Insights from a Founder Institute Dropout

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy -- which is why, as a program designed to turn would-be founders into bona fide entrepreneurs, the Founder Institute aims to make its semesters as challenging as possible. The rigorous program isn’t for everyone; fewer than 40% generally make it through and graduate. But what beco... (more available)

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