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Founder Insight

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-08-20

Lessons Learned at the Founder Institute

The Founder Institute offers beginner, and veteran, entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to launch a meaningful technology company in an intensive four month program. While those who have graduated from the Founder Institute will tell you that it is not for everyone, many of them will also attest to the invaluable lessons they l... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-08-13

Insights from an Entrepreneurial Dad

We all know launching a company requires a great deal of time and sacrifice. But is it necessary to give up all of the little things that make life worth living? Not according to KJ Park, who has successfully managed to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations while still fulfilling his role as a father and husband. KJ Park is th... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-07-17

Insights from a Founder Institute Dropout

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy -- which is why, as a program designed to turn would-be founders into bona fide entrepreneurs, the Founder Institute aims to make its semesters as challenging as possible. The rigorous program isn’t for everyone; fewer than 40% generally make it through and graduate. But what beco... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-07-12

A Reality Check: What Being an Entrepreneur is Really Like

Founder Insight gives you feedback from the startup trenches. In this post from his blog, Berlin Founder Institute mentor, Ramzi Rizk, highlights the challenges startups face. Regardless of what ecosystem a founder calls home, he can be certain that others in every part of the globe will experience his triumphs and tribulation... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-07-02

How Being a Female Tech Founder is Different

No one can argue that the entrepreneurial ranks have been historically populated by men. Therefore, as Rebekah Campbell describes from her personal experiences, being a woman in this endeavor can be very different and more challenging. Fortunately, as she says, "there are advantages in being a female technology entrepreneur" tha... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-06-30

A Guide to Startup Employee Equity

Founder Feedback gives you insight from the startup trenches. In a post on his SoCal CTO blog, Tony Karrer, Founder and CTO of TechEmpower, Founder and CTO of Aggregage and organizer of the LA CTO Forum and Startup Specialist Network, shares stories based on his experience working with over 30 startups over the past 15 years.Th... (more available)

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Posted by Shannon Toole on 2014-06-12

Top Five Ways for Founders to Nail the Pitch

One of the most important things that determines the fate of a startup is the pitch. For founders, the simple explanation of what their company is and why it is worth supporting can have considerable impact on their startup’s success, according to Benjamin Chong, Director of the Sydney Founder Institute. Below are Chong&r... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-05-23

How to Handle a Failed Crowdfunding Campaign

Every entrepreneur knows that crowdfunding can be an effective financing campaign for a startup company. However, many crowdfunding campaigns are not lucrative, and many entrepreneurs don't know what to do when a crowdfunding campaign falls short of funding goals. As Rob Wu states, "It’s a tough pill to... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-05-06

Veteran Insights on Everything Entrepreneurial, by Mark Geene

At a recent Startup Grind event in Denver, Mark Geene, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloud Elements, was interviewed and provided insights gained from his 20-year career in sales, consulting, product management, and entrepreneurship. To hear more from Mark, check out the Denver Founder Institute where he will be a mentoring a... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-05-05

7 Keys to Pitching at a Competition, by Founder Showcase Champion, Branden Spikes

This guest post was written by Branden Spikes, Founder & CEO of Spikes, who won the Grand Prize at the 12th Founder Showcase. Spikes creates security software for large corporations that virtualizes the browser in the cloud - making getting hacked by browsing the web impossible. Shortly after winning the event, Spikes secu... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-04-22

Top Four Tips on How To Develop a Good Startup Idea, According to Matthew MacFarlane

Budding founders on the path of entrepreneurship are more likely to create successful startups if they keep a few key ideas in mind, according to Matthew MacFarlane, investment director of Yuuwa Venture Capital. Matthew MacFarlane will speak at the forthcoming Perth Founder Institute event, Startup Funding 101: How to Work... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-04-22

Founder Tip: How to Get Free Hosting for Your Startup

Of the long list of variables entrepreneurs have to deal with, budget, funding and finances sit at the top. Therefore, as Greg Solovyev says, "If you are a founder of a technology startup and you are trying to save money on everything, free hosting can be part of your funding strategy." Greg Solovyev is the Founder and CEO of C... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-04-17

Where Do You Fit In? A Beginner’s Guide to Startup Roles

For many people who are considering a jump into the startup industry, there is one often mysterious question they must answer: "Where do I fit in?" As Jason Freedman says, "We startups are collectively still really bad at helping them break into our tight-knit community." Jason Freedman, is the founder of 42Floors, a search too... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-04-12

Why It’s So Hard to Get People to Support Your Startup (and What You Can Do About It!)

In the early days as an entrepreneur, trying to find people who will under a startup idea, much less support it, is a constant struggle one must face. But according to Rajesh Setty, this applies especially to first-time founders. As Rajesh says, "If this is your first startup, it gets more complex because of double-uncertainty &... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-04-11

Get Over Your Intimidation of Splitting Co-Founder Equity

It's been well-documented that deciding to take on a co-founder can be a fruitful choice, improving the business prospects for many entrepreneurs. However, if one does partner up, there is one intimidating hurdle that must be overcome: Figuring out how to split equity. For those having trouble with this, Al Bsharah has one simpl... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-04-07

Entrepreneurial Wisdom from Founder Institute Mentors

The Founder Institute has a worldwide network of 3,000+ mentors that includes many high-profile CEOs and entrepreneurs in the technology startup industry. While going through the structured and proven entrepreneur training program, Founder Institute Graduates are given access to invaluable knowledge and veteran experience from t... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-03-28

“Entrepreneurship… A Creative Journey” by Naveen Lakkur

There is a popular Swami quote for those who are about to embark on a journey: “Start early, drive slowly, and reach safely.” However, Naveen Lakkur, an author and serial entrepreneur, as well as Director of the Bangalore Founder Institute (which is currently accepting applications), feels that this saying applies e... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-03-14

10 Surprising Clues to See if You Are Startup Material, by Glen Hellman

So you think you’re ready to be a startup founder? According to Glen Hellman, not everyone is cut out for startup life. See Glen’s humorous checklist below to see if you’ve got what it takes to give it your all for entrepreneurship. Glen Hellman is a Principal at Driven Forward LLC., a firm that supp... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-03-12

Cinco Tips Para Emprendedores Web, por Shai Rosen

Shai Rosen, Director de La Ciudad de México Founder Institute, dice "los usuarios en América Latina cada vez tienen más confianza en las compras electrónicas". Abajo, Shai da cinco tip útiles para emprendedores web que quieren tomar ventaja de esto. El blog, "Cinco Tips Par... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-03-11

Seven Dilemmas for First-Time Entrepreneurs, by Rajesh Setty

Being a first-time entrepreneur is no easy task. There are numerous challenges and unexpected difficulties that can arise at any time. Here, Rajesh Setty outlines seven common dilemmas many new entrepreneurs face--and offers tips for how to cope with the inevitable uncertainty. Rajesh Setty, is an entrepreneur, speaker, an... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-03-09

Why Most New Entrepreneurs are Not Ready to be Mentored

Founder Feedback gives you insight from the startup trenches. In this post from his Tropical Gringo blog, Alan Colmenares, Managing Partner at Socialatom Ventures and Director of the Bogota Founder Institute, shares his experience as a startup mentor in Colombia.  Below, an excerpt of How to find ... (more available)

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Posted by Duke Lee on 2014-03-07

Do Entrepreneurs Really Need to Sacrifice Everything? by Mick Liubinskas

Entrepreneurs are always told that in order to build their dream companies, they must possess a deep passion for their ideas, while simultaneously be willing to sacrifice many things. And though these concepts generally hold true for Mick Liubinskas, he also talks about the possibility of having a more nuanced approach to entrep... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-03-05

How to Nail the Pitch: 17 Storytelling Tips for Startups

Founder Feedback gives you insight from the startup trenches. In this guest post from the Rude Baguette blog, Alexis Niki, a Paris-based founder & CEO of StoryNova, outlines Tyler Crowley's 17 best storytelling tips for startups. Tyler says, when integrating a story into your pitch you not only become more memorable, but mo... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2014-02-11

How to Live in the Future

As an entrepreneur, its important to "live in the future", so that you can identify gaps, see what's missing, and increase your odds of building something meaningful. As LP Maurice puts it, "the entrepreneur closes gaps in the world between the future and the present." LP Maurice is the Co-Founder and CEO of travel startup... (more available)

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Posted by Amity Sims on 2014-02-05

Why All Successful Entrepreneurs Should Mentor New Startups, by Australia’s Top Mentor, Phil Morle

Earlier this year, the Founder Institute recognized 13 extraordinary mentors, who went above and beyond to help entrepreneurs launch hundreds of meaningful and enduring companies in 2012. Among these exceptional individuals, is Phil Morle, Co-Founder of Pollenizer, a full service startup investment machine in Australia. Phil re... (more available)

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