Kallio Law 

Kalliolaw- Attorneys at Law is a Finnish mid-size commercial law firm. It specializes in serving growing companies and corporations commencing as of the initial planning stages through IPO’s.

We serve start-up’s comprehensively relating to legal issues faced by start-up’s such as drafting various agreements, assisting with fund raising and intellectual property rights’ strategy, assisting with personnel related questions and building up  a roadmap for overall legal matters to make the start-up to achieve its goals, whether it is fund raising, exit or getting into new market area.


KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. Worldwide, we have more than 152,000 outstanding professionals working together to deliver value in 156 countries and in Finland we are over 750 professionals in 16 locations.

For start-ups KPMG equals with accessing the knowledge and expertise that will help shape and deliver strategies of the future. 
We provide our support for example within financial reporting, tax advisory, business development and internationalization.

Adeo's Thoughts

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2015-12-03

How to Make Better Decisions, Faster

This post was written by Adeo Ressi - Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute and TheFunded.com, and board member of the X PRIZE Foundation. When you ask a successful entrepreneur how they did it, you are almost guaranteed to hear them cite “luck” as a prominent factor. Why? Because most major decisions in a sta... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2015-11-09

Adeo Ressi’s 5 Steps to a Great Startup Idea

The majority of Founders that apply and enroll in the Institute do not have a polished business idea. The first 30-45 days of the program is dedicated to ideation, where Founders are pushed to refine and defend a set of ideas that they are passionate about.

In the following 17 minute video, there is a five step process to develop a great startup idea. The premise is that great ideas are raised rather than born.

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2015-04-01

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur? Genetics, Circumstance, and Perseverance

Recently, I was asked, "what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?". In my opinion, successful entrepreneurship is a combination of three things: Genetics Circumstance Perseverance Let's go through all three.                              ... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2014-01-02

New Year, New Mission. One Million Startup Jobs... Can it be done?

Four years ago, we launched the Founder Institute with a vision to launch meaningful and enduring technology companies. We wanted to do this at scale, so our original mission has been to create 1,000 of these companies each year. In 2013, we launched our 1,000th company overall, and we will help launch 1,000 more companies in 2014.

So, it’s time to revisit our mission, and we want to set another equally ambitious goal now...

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2012-03-20

Congratulations to the 28 Nominees for Top FI Mentors of 2011

The Founder Institute is proud to announce the first 28 nominees for the the Top Mentors of 2011. There are 11 awards that will be handed out on April 24th, including Most Locations Mentored, Most Interesting Company and Highest Rated in the Americas.

Drumroll for the nominees, please...

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2011-05-28

Dispel the Hype: There is no Peak Age for Entrepreneurship

It does not take but one minute to look around the world and prove any thesis of a peak tech founder age incorrect. There are countless entrepreneurs over the age of 30, including Reid Hoffman (age 35 in 2002), Evan Williams of Twitter (age 35 in 2007), Mark Pincus of Zynga (age 41 in 2007), Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post (age 54 in 2005), among many others.

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2011-02-10

What is the Bonus Pool?

Here is an answer that I recently gave to a question about the Bonus Pool. It is not uncommon for applicants to misunderstand the Bonus Pool and therefore look at the Pool like a cost, rather than an innovative benefit. 

Ultimately, the 3.5% and the Bonus Pool are a benefit that is unique to the Founder Institute. Instead of selling equity for a few thousand dollars, you are personally participating in the long-term success of your peers. You get upside once reserved for savvy investors.  I hope that the answer is helpful. 

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2010-08-29

Inside FI: 10 Steps to a Startup Launch by @adeoressi

Launching a startup takes a lot of hard work, and you do not know if the idea is going to be successful until it is often too late. The Institute tries to help Founders refine and test their idea before spending months or even years pursuing something that will fail.

In the following 30 minute video, ten quick steps are discussed to take an idea that you like and launch it for less than $2,000. 

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2010-08-27

Mentor Video: Research Your Startup

The following is one of my talks for the Founder Institute on the benefits and tactics of research for your startup.  Founders have a tendency to fall in love with their own idea before they have completed necessary research to validate that the idea is legitimate.

In the talk below, I provide an overview of how the character of different markets affects the reality of operation. Then, the talk covers how good research helps a founder understand both the journey and the destination.

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2010-08-19

Adeo Ressi on Globalizing Silicon Valley

The Founder Institute helps launch hundreds of companies worldwide by building local startup communities where promising founders, experienced CEOs, and top-tier service providers work together in an innovative and collaborative environment. The idea is simple - take the best practices and culture of the startup scene from Silicon Valley - and globalize it. 

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2010-03-06

The Benefits of Graduating

Graduating from the Founder Institute is challenging. A Founder needs to develop an engaging idea for a technology company, plan out the business, work on an offering and incorporate a company, all within a four month timeframe. For the Graduates, there are multiple rewards. Here are ten, ordered from tangible to intangible.

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-11-20

Welcome to the Founder Institute (Video)

The following video is of a talk that explains the Founder Institute to 85 interested applicants in Seattle on Monday, November 2nd, 2009. The philiosophy, the vision, and the economics are all described in a well produced video, as well as the answer to some common questions.

If you are thinking to apply, this is worthwhile to watch. Enjoy!

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-08-24

New Plain Preferred Term Sheet

TheFunded and the Founder Institute have just released a new "Plain Preferred" term sheet with the support of the blogosphere, including top-rated venture capitalist, Fred Wilson.Chris Dixon posted about an ideal term sheet for first round funding, which started an blogosphere discussion about terms. Fred Wilson came o... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-05-28

The State of Entrepreneurship

An article by Tim Berry came out in Entrepreneur.com that outlines my views on the state of entrepreneurship: “Compared to when I started my first company, in 1994, things for the entrepreneur founders have gotten exponentially worse. There’s steadily more regulation, less liquidity, more difficult labor situations;... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-04-23

Class F has Arrived!

The Institute has created startup agreements for any company to use, giving founders unprecedented levels of control and protections. Since the internet bubble burst, a number of enhanced protective provisions have been introduced into preferred stock. As an example, "participating preferred" has become commonplace since the las... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-04-22

Introducing Class F… Almost

Next week, the Institute is announcing the most Founder-friendly incorporation agreements available alongside a new class of founder stock, F Class. The Institute used these very documents to incorporate itself, and we hope to set a new standard that favors the entrepreneur, versus favoring the investor. Already, Founder-friend... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-04-22

How are we different?

The Institute is designed from the ground up to be something new. We don’t try to make ‘below market’ investments, like Y Combinator or TechStars. We’re not charging hundreds of dollars in fees to show up to one session, like the Entrepreneur Academy of the Keiretsu Forum. Building a company is rewarding ... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-04-22

Institute Economics

Our vision is to help Founders form great companies. It’s a predatory world for startups - everyone is trying to make a buck off the back of the Founder, and we’re here to help. The Institute will do things differently. We look out for the Founders, and we fight to protect their interests. Our Founder-centric worldv... (more available)

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Posted by Adeo Ressi on 2009-04-22

Hello World

TheFunded Founder Institute (FFI or the Institute) helps founders launch innovative companies by providing training, services, and company-building assignments - such as incorporating the business, filing provision patents, and setting up books and records. The Institute offers a four month program, called a Semester, hosted ini... (more available)

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